Missing in action, Ctd

Len Brown was unavailable because he was too busy holidaying to respond to the Ports crisis, but not too busy to appear in a self-promoting fluff piece in the Herald.

It seems that Len Brown doesn’t really have his priorities on being the Mayor for All of Auckland like he promised.

He’d prefer to talk about his favourite books and movies rather than working to get the Port back to work.


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  • Kiwikea

    The key is the Herald considers him a “celebrity” …

  • ConwayCaptain


    1 Lacadaisacal management and board have allowed this to happen and have given in to the union over many years.

    2 The new MD of POAL wants to change all this as he can see that the whole place needs to be more efficient.  The Maritime Union dont like this and are striking to protect their cushy liufestyle.

    On 100K pa and with 5 weeks leave + only working 26 hrs pw.this means that they are paid 100K divided by 47 divided by 26 or $81.83 per hr + S Corss and other perks.

    I was mate of a box boat running to the US in the early 80’s and the wharfies there were then on US$100k pa but they worked like hell.

  • Davidw99

    Is it the sign of a mentally healthy person that they have watched Schindler’s List more than 20 times and continues to find it exhausting? 

    Perhaps he is hoping that one day he will see a different outcome. 

    • Anonymous

      More than 20 times?

      Is this the face of a rat…..?

  • Aginnz

    Len has absolutely no interest in the POAL dispute. When I asked him on FB when he was going to get involved, his reply was:
     ‘Thanks for your thoughts, Andrew. My position on this is quite clear. The parties need to get back around the table and negotiate seriously.’
    Quite clearly he is not the least bit bothered about the $1.4bn loss to the port, and also the loss of profits back to the council.

  • Scanner

    It’s actually Lens second most favorite book, his other favorite book hasn’t been the same since they took his crayons off him.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I wonder if a serious journalist/reporter/repeater could inadvertantly leave a recording device near Uncle Len, and then release the contents to WhaleOil.
    Come on you Waiheke people, this is going to hit you hard in the pocket soon

  • Mully

    In Len’s defense, (and I wont do that often), that fluff piece would have been done ages ago for Harald to use as filler somewhere.

    Doesn’t detract from his general incompetence though. And ambivalence…

  • Michael

    The reason Len can write columns for the Herald while on holiday must be that he didn’t write it – some PR flunky did.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Union is saying that the strikes are not about pay but job security.

    Strange way of going about it

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. Encouraging customers to take their business elsewhere. *That’ll* give them “job security” – not.

      • Bunswalla

        Striking for job security is a bit like fucking for virginity