Two Utes and a Union Office

via the tipline

Two non-gay utes, in the wild, off-road no less, outside a strangely closed Maritime Union office in Tauranga. Fossy’s gay ute would have struggled with that off-road action.


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  • Willsomers101

    Lets hope they couldnt find a space in the marina car park so had to go ‘on the grass’.

    I wonder if the wharfies could claim use of their work vehicles for private  purposes like the pollies do. The Mount isnt exactly in the heart of Napier and Rotorua electorates is it.

  • pdm

    Fossy probably had his Ute at Aramoana Beach in Central Hawkes Bay over the weekend. Some unsealed roads to be navigated out there so I doubt he took the Beamer.

  • Richard McGrath

    That blue ute on the left (? a Mitsubishi) is, in my view, hideous. Someone has been wielding the ugly stick in their design department.

    • Paul Rain

      No shit. Up the behind of another piss weak tinitruck with transparent indicator lamps.

      Why would any man drive a minitruck made since ’95? Neither of the vehicles here are exactly 70 series Land Cruisers.

  • Sooty

    Up to their axles in mud, I see. I bet this is the most they will see of the dirt.