Typical Pagani spin doctor drivel

Josie Pagani is having a sook about Labour’s fortunes in the Herald. It is a mixture of spin and sly attacks with no evidence in fact masquerading as victimhood:

“Of course there were those who would never vote Labour, like the gang of elderly farmers who heckled me on the main street of Feilding. “Go on, get out of town, you piece of trash. You don’t deserve to drive a Holden.” Nice.”

Yet there is not a word about the proven public attacks on New Zealand heroes like the Mad Butcher by Labour MP Darien Fenton.

Labour lost not just because they were economically illiterate and had confused messages for their base. They lost because they were just plain nasty and more obsessed with smearing opponents than winning. It might have worked under Helen Clark but those times are well and truly past and the electorate simply doesn’t like it.


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  • niggly

    I agree that Josie Pagani overlooked the “nasty” aspect of Labour’s campaining (which indeed did turn lots of middle NZ’ers off. After all look at the massive bleed of supporters voting Greens etc).

    Mind you it is also refreshing to see her critique Labour’s (lack of) strategy in terms of what Labour stood for (ie for middle NZ’ers). Mallard must be fuming!

  • I think some parts of what she wrote were accurate, though not particularly news to most of us – Labour was for the Poor, and most people don’t want to be told they’re poor. It is absolutely true that Labour has to get back to supporting workers, instead of beneficiaries, if they plan to get enough votes to form a government again soon. 

    • Guest

      Not true Joel. Poor people are happy to be reminded they are poor as long as its because its someone else’s fault.

      • Cactus Kate

        I opine it’s a mixed bag of confusion.

        People in NZ don’t actually know how poor they are as their “income” is propped up with welfare for families and other handouts.

        When the truck driver said he wasn’t rich or poor, it was merely a sign of NZers longing to be in the middle when they probably are not.

        I call it “selective poverty” or “selective wealth” depending on what’s more advantageous to them at the time.

        Kind of like when parents dole out money to their kids so the kids all pretend to be poorer than they are or when parents give money as an incentive to the successful so the kid pretend to be richer than they are.

  • Euan Rt

    Yes, when I read it this morning, I had to smile that, apart from the rich prick right sentiments she expressed, she could have been suggesting that Labour needs to emulate National. And what is it with the left’s obsession with National supporters being rich pricks? If National got 48% of the vote, does that mean half of the population are rich? National must be doing something very good and yes worth emulating.

  • Angry Croc

    Well you can’t knock Ms Pagani for being the most honest politician in the Labour fold.

    • kayaker

      More like the ‘least dishonest’

  • Dr Wang

    Pagani’s anecdotal accusation of the “gang of elderly farmers” heckling her just does not ring true – so why should we believe the other little vignettes she painted. And therein lies Labour’s problem: after more than a decade of lies, deceit, smearing, character assassinations etc nobody can really be bothered wading through all the crap that Labour generates. Labour’s message was always bitchy and negative, voters have enough to deal with without putting up with even more crap from those who want their vote.

    As much as the lefties deride Key as “smile and wave” it has been far more pleasant and palatable than the toxic negativity of the Labour Party. The last 3 years have been a breath of fresh air after the depressing decade of Clark’s regime – there were never going to be enough fools in NZ to vote for a return to a Labour government.

    • Markm

      Unfortunately Dr Wang you are wrong.
      Their are enough fools in Ne Zealand to vote Labour back in.
      Due to Intergenerational belief in voting yourself rich

      • Anonymous

        I agree. 
        CK did a really good post a few months ago in which she suggested that the only people who should be able to vote are those who are net taxpayers (rather than tax-receivers). That would instantly cut out the beneficiaries voting for more welfare for themselves.

    • Hakim of Phut

      Heard of  Tau Henare ?
      Now which party is he from again.
      Heard of Media Works? 
      Who did they get their special loan from

  • nzd.gbp

    as if a farmer in fielding would say “you piece of trash”. she adopts an american vernacular when she wants to represent kiwi farmers. what a dag.

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    Oh oh. Pass the popcorn time while reading Redblert. MR Josie jumps in to defend the missus

    mike smith says: January 13, 2012 at 11:43 amWell Trev we’ve got “Labour candidate” Josie Pagani in today’s Herald with another dog-whistle on welfare reform – and she wasn’t even elected by the voters of Rangitikei. I agree with Zetetic, this sort of communication is strategic idiocy for Labour at this time – the priorities are all round the wrong way.

    John Pagani says: January 13, 2012 at 10:47 pmBullshit Mike – what was her dog whistle? Repeating what voters actually said?
    And why is “Labour candidate” in sarcasm quotes?