Unfortunate Ad placement

From the NZ Herald website:


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  • billhicks

    While watching the 4.30 news on channel ONE I was amazed that sum of the protesters spoke with overseas accents.What are they doing in this country,obviously not working probably collecting dole.Not only evict them DEPORT them…………..

  • ConwayCaptain


    T’other day I went to the supermarket here in a small town in the S Waikato and was accosted btv2 peole from Greenpeace.  One was a Yank and one an Indian and they were collecting signatures against drilling off E Cape.

    Theyb got a 15″ broadside about drilling and Global warming and couldnt giove me an answeer.

    iT is like all these Israelis trying to sell perfume etc in the Mall

  • bb

    your full of good humour today w.o. – did you get some last night?

    • Well yes I did, twice.

      • Spanishbride

        liar…………… it was in the morning.