Vado a bordo, cazzo!

Vado a bordo, cazzo is what the Captain of the crippled cruise liner Costa Concordia told…in english that means “Get back on board, for f**k’s sake!”.

It has come to symbolise the entire disaster – the furious command barked down a phone line by a Coast Guard official to the captain of the Costa Concordia to get back on the ship and take command of the mass evacuation.

“Get back on board, for —-’s sake,” screamed the official, Gregorio De Falco – a phrase that has now gone viral among Italians on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

The original Italian – “Vado a bordo, cazzo” – has even been printed on T-shirts, after millions of Italians listened to the audio recordings of the increasingly frantic entreaties given by Mr De Falco to the captain as the ship ran aground on the island of Giglio on Friday night. The apparently negligent and irresponsible behaviour of Capt Francesco Schettino – who is said to have sailed so close to the island in order to give a ‘salute’ to an old friend and as a favour for a member of his crew – has prompted intense soul-searching in Italy.

The top twitter trend in Italy is now #vadaabordocazzo.

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  • ConwayCaptain


    Shittino was in the lifeboat with his 2 i/c and 3rd Mate

    • Anonymous

      They all “slipped” together!

  • Don

    Heard the ‘full’ audio on TV3 last night.

    You didn’t need to speak Italian to know he was getting an arse-reaming.  Coward.

  • Kthxbai

    It’s more like “Get on board, prick!”  but with ‘cazzo’ being rather more vulgar and contemptuous than the word prick would suggest. 

    • Anonymous

      Vulgar? Naaah!! Just salty mate, just salty!

  • ConwayCaptain

    This has sent shock waves through the cruise industry as the vessel was meant to stay reasonably upright.

    The Chairman of RINA ( the Itallian version of Lloyds Register of Shipping) has resigned.

    I think everyone will be looking at their Safety organisation and looking at the designs of these vessels

    Have we got too clever for ourselves building these bigger and ever biger constructions.

    The new airbus 380, these mega bridges etc that they have built in China, Mega ships that to my nmind are flirting with disaster..

  • Dr Wang

    I’ve never felt comfortable driving/riding in Alfa Romeos either…!

    • Anonymous

      Nothing wrong with Alpha Romeos as long as you do not ride them at high speed into the closest rock…and leave the scene of the accident!

  • ConwayCaptain

    Capt doesnt have to go down with his ship but must be the last or nearly last off.

    Capt Ian North was the last off the Atlantic Conveyor during the Falklands War.  Unfortunately the stern of the ship came down on him and he was drowned.

    Cmdr Alan West C/O of HMS Ardent and later 1 S/L and CNS was last off as were the Capts of Antelope, Coventry, Sheffield and RFA Sir Galahad. Read the book by Alan Hart Dyke onm the subject and also Sandy Woodwards 100 days.

    It was drummed into you at Cadet School and during your career that Rank has its Privileges but also its Responsibilities and that is the care of the people under your command or care takes precedence .  The British Cavalry have a dictum ” Your horses first, then your weapons, then your men and YOU Come along way last.”

    I used to tell my cadets that Command 101 is basically “Look after your troops and your troops look after you” and Lead from the front.

  • poorman

    Latest excuse – ‘I tripped and fell into life raft….”

  • Angry Croc

    All in the best traditions of Italian naval heroes.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Angry Croc

      Some v brave Italian officres took their “pigs” which the British adopted and called them Chariots, into alexandria harbour and sank 2 x British Battleships.

    • Anonymous

      Actually the Italian navy had some very brave characters in WWII. In an action that Churchil acknowledged as “An extraordinary example of courage and geniality” their naval commandos, approaching targets in mini subs and attaching mines to the hulls, sunk two British battleships (Valiant and Queen Elizabeths) while in harbour in Nov 1941. Eventually Italy joined the allies and two of those same commandos were decorated in 1945  for other heroic actions against the Geramns by the same British admiral who had previously been the captain of the Valiant. 

      Obviously the Cruise Captain would not have been invited to be among them

      • ConwayCaptain

        I know someone who was Navigator on the SSN Valiant.  They were in an Italian port and had a cocktail party on board.  Then one of the guests ” I sank the previous Valiant”.

        It was one of the Italian divers!!!

  • Angry Croc

    And in Gibraltar as well Capt. Sir, but they were the fighting navy not the cargo shifters.

  • Angry Croc

    I seem to remember a member of our Merchant Service who managed to sink a Russian cruise-ship.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Yes and as I have said elsewhere why was the report embargoed for 50 yrs by R Prebble??? 

      Why was the person doing the report the best man at Jamiesons wedding???

  • Gazzaw

    I know that it’s a small point but I can’t resist having another poke at TV ONE News the other night when one of the breathless blonde bimbettes announced that this was the biggest cruise ship disaster since the Titanic. Who dreamt that up? Firstly Titanic was not a cruise ship, she was a passenger liner and there have been dozens of tragedies involving passenger liners since 1912 even if you exclude WW1 & WW2 when Lusitania, Athenia & Wilhelm Gustloff  immediately come to mind. 135 died on the cruise ship Morro Castle in 1934.

    It’s just slackarse sensationalist reporting with very little research done.  

    • Ratchet

      I was left speechless when I heard Entertainment Tonight saying the incident was reminiscent of the movie Titanic, and played lots of scenes from the movie….. It was like the Titanic was a fictional event, not a tragedy where more than 1500 people DIED.

      • Gazzaw

        Just brainless trivialising. They don’t give a fuck as long as the advertising dollars keep rolling in.  In all likelihood the fuckwit ‘reporting’ on Entertainment Tonight thought that Titanic was a fictional event.  

  • Journi52

    Cazzo really means “(you) prick”. Or “dick” if you prefer.

  • zapp brannigan

    Ciro Ambrosio: Captain, may I have a word with you? 
    Captain Francesco Shittino: No. 
    Ciro Ambrosio: It’s an emergency, sir. 
    Captain Francesco Shittino: Come back when it’s a catastrophe. 
    [a huge rumbling is heard] 
    Captain Francesco Shittino: Oh, very well. 

    Captain Francesco Shittino: Don’t blame yourself, Ciro. We were doomed from the start. I guess all that remains now is for the captain to go down with the ship. 
    Ciro Ambrosio: That’s surprisingly noble of you, sir. 
    Captain Francesco Shittino: No, it’s noble of you, Ciro. As of now, you’re in command. Congratulations, Captain. 
    [Shittino runs off] 

  • keith

    The caption was told “vada a bordo” not “vado a bordo”.  “vado a bordo” means “I’m going on board” which obviously makes no sense sense he was telling the captain what to do and in no position to go on board himself.

  • keith

    oops… i meant “sense since” :-)

  • ConwayCaptain

    When I was at Conway the Capt Superintendents son was a Lieutenant on HMS Centaur.  They spent Christmas 1964 picking up bodies from the Greek cruise vessel Lakonia.

    The loss of the CC is the biggest hull claim for a pax vessel.