Well done unions

Well done to the Maritime Union for handing over business from Auckland to Napier and boy aren’t the Hawkes Bay locals happy about it all too.


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  • Gazzaw

    None of this will affect Parsloe or MUNZ. Less members in Auckland = more members in Tauranga & Napier.

    Is central government really worried either? As long as NZ retains one port as the national hub with the necessary rail/road infrastructure for access then it doesn’t matter where it is within reason. The question marks for Napier would be distance from markets, instability of the Mangaweka Gorge and earthquake risk.

    This is an Auckland issue that needs to be resolved by Auckland. 

    Time to step up Mayor Brown and oh it’s so great to be able to remind you now that the elections are NEXT year.

  • Allan

    Roll on next years local body election.  Clown Brown has to be got rid of before he does irreparable damage to Auckland’s economy.  He has absolutely no business acumen whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      Allan, this port saga etc has done pretty much irreparable damage already.

      Am stunned to the max that local government of which is the owner more or less of the Port as not stepped into resolve this…

  • Kiwidon

    Komrade Brown’s union masters have really cracked the whip! 
    Bring on the asset sales I say!

    • Troy

      Yep time is due – anything to get the pack of union wankers out of the picture – what a bunch of losers they are.

  • Anonymous

    Could someone please give Len a hand next time he wants to slap himself around?

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  • Bobo the idiot

    I say good on Len Brown and his band of Union muppets, Toghether they have spread the economic growth to the rest of the country, e.g. south of the Bombays.    He is turning the Super city into the Stupid City and is doing wonders for the rest of the country, keep it up Auckland!!!!!.

  • Anonymous

    Very telling this comment from the union boss (made in the Herald)…

    “He said, however, Fonterra’s cargo was likely to be handled by union members wherever it left the country… That’s good news for Hawke’s Bay and for our members at the Port of Napier.”

    So if you were paying your union dues in Auckland how would you feel knowing your boss didn’t really give a shit if you lost your job because someone else would pick it up? Time to rethink the union me thinks.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Agreed Hagues, he also doesn’t explain why about 40% of POAL staff are not union members.