Whales beached at Papamoa

Cool looking whales…but dead on Papamoa Beach. Possibly Gray’s Beaked Whales.

Department of Conservation workers and Project Jonah were called to Papamoa Beach East in Tauranga this morning where four whales, believed to have been Beaked whales, had stranded themselves ashore.

By the time crews had arrived the whales had already died, prompting a necropsy to determine as much information about the whales and why they had stranded.

The procedure should also establish if the deaths were at all related to Rena oil contamination.

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  • Johnboy

    Maybe they had a Filipino Whale navigating?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, given the sentiment (or lack thereof) towards the big cats of Zion Wildlife Park, Im inclined to say ” A good whale is a dead whale” (no pun intended).

  • Frederico

    WTF…when you think you’ve seen all the creatures god ever created, up washes some crazy looking beast not even Weta workshops could have gotten away with…never knew they existed!

  • ConwayCaptain

    Why do people have ton rush down and save them???  They have been beaching themeselves for millenia

    • Anonymous

      Yep, nature doing what nature does (unless of course it was related to the Rena).

    • Who says they want to be saved.

  • Lofty

    I just noticed that my rhubarb is not ripening as it should this year, and the climate in Tauranga has had a noticable change since that bloody Rena grounded on Astrolabe.

    It is said that the fish feeding on the spilt milk powder are growing extra “you know whats”.

    Plus the stars are due to fall from the heavens……it is all down to that bloody Rena.

  • Lofty

    Get the child MP on the case to bring the govt to account.

    If only there was a windmill placed on the reef in the 1st 15 months of the dirty Nats reign, this reef would have stuck out like dogs knackers and the whole Tory caused catastrophy would never have occured.

    FFS if the Govt had only made prostitution legal those dirty wee ship girls from Napier would not have been the distraction for the captain and crew, and this sordid grounding would not have occured..oops hang on it was the guiding and beneveolent shining light of the left that made it legal (sorry)..anyway it was the lack of  response in the 1st 15 seconds of the catasrophy that is the cause of those poor wee whales croaking it.

    Oh and don’t you honkies even think about touching those dead fish!!! oh no.. those are the customary property of tangata whenua., and they will pull the teeth.

  • Paulus

    Understand that DOC have confirmed their death’s had nothing to do with RENA, or oil of any sort.

    • Crakajak

      Don’t believe what you read on the net or papers as it sounds like DOC is being a bit PC here, one of the whales had plastic pellets in it’s gut, the other 3 had empty stomachs. Ask yourself.