What Blair said

There is a great deal of lefty wailing about some soldier pissing on the corpses of dead Taliban. Blair Mulholland says what I am thinking.

These are soldiers!  They are supposed to kill our enemies.  What earthly difference does it make if they humiliate the corpse?  The corpse is no longer bothered by the offence.  Besides which, these are Taliban, they are vile sacks of shit who stone women for exposing their ankles and trying to get an education.  And they harboured Osama Bin Laden after 9/11 and refused to give him up.  If I had the opportunity, I would piss on a Taliban corpse as well.

Arapeta Awatere – the great Colonel of the Maori Battalion, once pissed on Hitler’s rug, and nobody complained.  If we are going to show no respect for these scumbags while they are living, why do their bodies suddenly become sacred in death?

The US Government and the US Army hierarchy should ask themselves when they became such pussies that they are so afraid of a bunch of pissing cocks.  These soldiers don’t deserve a court martial, they deserve a beer.


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  • Steve and Monique

    .Taliban toilet,blow off the lid,and take a piss.Comes complete with towel to wipe hands.

  • Symgardiner

    Perhaps the bigger issue is what this type of action says about those Marines (rather than issues of the dignity of the deceased). 

  • Charles2336

    This is nothing new in battle, but what is new is that it is videotaped and foolishly shared with the world.

    Everyone of these soldiers will have blood on their hands if just one American is kidnapped, injured, beheaded or killed by a Taliban supporter as an act of revenge.

    How stupid the US soldiers are to endanger their fellow Americans in this way.

    • Thorn

      Agree. The operational logic is to do nothing, intentional or unintentional, that may be used by the enemy against you. Leave it to the specialists to undermine enemy morale.

      Disagree that these US soldiers will have blood on their hands. Undisciplined yes, but they face an enemy who behave very much like the Imperial Japanese Army in WW2.

    • Paul Rain

      Bullshit. The Taliban will do shit like that anyway.
      The fact that they’d never done anything but be friendly to him didn’t stop the Warlord Muhammed killing a bunch of Jews, and it has never stopped his followers from killing anyone else who doesn’t follow their particular strain of the cult.

  • Joes


    Cam what would you be saying if someone was pissing on the body of Tim O’Donnell?

    • They would have done much worse than that, remember Somalia,

      • Honcho

        Or closer to home, Private Leonard Manning, desecrated by indonesian backed rebels in Timor Leste

  • Arnold

    you really think that us marine bodies or captured marines are treated with respect….get real, we dont hear or see headlines condemning the actions of the taliban, iraqi terrorists, somali gangs when they abuse the marines…..it is war, these dead taliban could have been real scumbags….so you dipshits who are wringing your hands while sitting at home in your coimfortable surroundings while these marines and our own guys are out there facing these scumbags, pull your heads in and think how lucky we are.

    As for the comment about the late Tim O’Donnell – are we not lucky the scum that killed him did not get his body….they would have done worse than piss on it.

  • EX Navy Greg

    It’s a war zone , shit happens. The only person who needs a tune up is the tosser who posted it on the internet

  • Jaffa

    If you piss on a living person, what happens, legally?
     Bugger all.

    If you kill them, what happens legally?
     20 yrs in jail.

    Some people have their morals a bit mixed up.

    Soldiers have to hate their current enemy, otherwise they would be psychopaths.

    Piss on them!

  • George

    Perhaps a look at the habits of the Yusoufzai [a vicious tribe in the Khyber area] would be in order. Captured opponents are staked out in the sun and tribal women piss in heir mouths till drowning occurs.  Nice folks, just misunderstood.

    • ConwayCaptain

      As Kipling said If your are injured on Afghanistans plain blow out your brains and go to your Gawd like a soldier.

  • Peter Wilson

    If nothing else, the furore over this episode indicates that the apologists for the Taleban and the like are admitting that we are the superior culture and should be setting some example.

    • Symgardiner

      Exactly. This is a battle of culture. The problem is we lose when we react on the opposition’s terms. This is why the whole homeland security over reaction is a lose. And this is why behaving like this is a loss.
      Its important in any battle to impose your own values and mode on the battle rather than solely reacting and degenerating to fighting like your opponent.

      • Dion

        Indeed.  This isn’t about respect for the dead – it’s about the fact that losing the moral high ground in the eyes of the world is a very bad thing.  
        That’s why these guys need to be made accountable.

  • In any war there are two wars going on. The ordinary war where you are killing each other and the propaganda war. 

    Some wars have larger propaganda components than others. This war requires the hearts and minds of the people to win. If the locals see this then they will be less co-operative etc. This is kind of important when they know where the road side bombs are or worse may decide to take up arms against you. 

    This is not country X versus Y, this is an insurgency these are won by politics along with good fighting. During the troubles in Northern Ireland any time the IRA did a major atrocity the British Intelligence services would be on the look out for locals who wanted to provide information. 

    If we had the USA here in NZ we would want them on their best behaviour.

    We must not degenerate to the level of our opponents. This is a major issue and needs to be dealt with. It is short sighted to simply say that there is no problem.

    • MrV

  • Anonymous

    In another forum, I made a comparison between this and the Pakistani people praising the killer of Salman Taseer.
    Taseer was the governor of Punjab and he spoke out against the Pakistan blasphemy law. Killed by his bodyguard, IIRC.
    That behaviour was **truly** shameful behaviour.
    Taseer had the courage to speak up against that stupid law, and he was killed, and the people praised his cowardly killer.
    The Pakistanis are so f**ked-up and so brainwashed that they don’t recognise shameful behaviour when they see it.  

  • Gazzaw

    If anyone ever feels a twinge of conscience about the abuse of Taliban prisoners or dead just recall a mental picture of the occupants of the Twin Towers jumping to their deaths.
    Nuff said.

  • George
    • Arnold

      my points exactly…well said piece from someone who has been there

  • starboard

    Fuck ’em . I would of dropped a grogan on the filthy slime. Muwhahahahaha!!

  • EX Navy Greg

    Very interesting comments, I will give you some background. The RNZN has also had around 30 personnel on 6 month rotations for several years. Mostly electronic weapon specialists ( me ) or comms and logistic staff. I have been there twice, the country is a shithole. It is very easy to take hard decisions and do things you wouldn’t do at home when you have brainwashed fuckwits from the ages 12 -92 taking a shot at you 2-3 times a week, in my experience.
    I thank god I never dropped one but I sure as hell loosened the bricks next to some tossers head on several occasions.
    Had I have dropped one , I would probably have pissed on it too, then gut the bludger with a spade to make sure of it.
    War zones are not like Blackadder, phoning the German’s to ask permission to move the drinks cabinet 6 inches closer to Berlin, Old saying but it’s true, War is hell.

  • Super Guest

    Who cares what happens to Talibans (if that’s even the right plural, which I doubt)? It’s like Nazis or Commies. These are vicious people who will do everything the can to undermine “evil” ideas such as equality for women, democracy, freedom and the right to worship whatever the hell you want. Takes a complete pansy who feel any sympathy for them.

    • Agent BallSack

      Pretty sure plural tor Taliban is Talchuk….prounounced ‘Tail-Chook’

      • EX Navy Greg

        Hehehe! Noo! Taliban means ” students” it’s plural already.

      • Agent BallSack

        ….special students who ride the short bomb bus?

  • Ploughman

    The West has lost the battle for Afghanistan, just as so many invaders have done before.    It  has lost because it tried to impose cultural ideas and behaviours that are not welcome in the country.  Not everyone likes Coke, nor the mercantile mania that the West is caught in currently.   
    One should always treat your enemies with respect, even in death.  Sure they were trying to kill you, just as you were trying to kill them.  But they were fighting invaders for a greater cause. And those marines were trying to kill them, and succeeded.  What would your reaction have been if the Taliban pissed on dead marines?  Afghanistan was a battle for hearts and minds and these marines made sure the American-lead forces have lost it.