What is going on with the Christchurch City Council? Ctd

One councillor has taken a stand against Tony Marryatt and called for him to be sacked.

In a statement to The Press, Carter said it was time for the Government to step in and appoint a commissioner willing to engage with the full council and the wider community in an open and transparent manner.

Others are a bit ambivalent, but highly pissed off that the “Communications Review” costing ratepayers $80,000 was decided without the input of the communications committee.

Johanson chairs the council’s communications committee and he was only informed of the review 20 minutes before a statement was sent to the media late on Friday afternoon.

The mayor defends the CEO – after allegedly threatening to resign if the CEO was not reappointed.

A review by councillors and staff on Marryatt’s performance had produced the best marks he had seen in 20 years of being involved in local government, Parker said.

Though having managed to piss off the left wing with the rise in rents for social housing, and the right wing with the Henderson deal and the uneconomic central city rebuild plans the CEO is not exactly well liked in the community. Perhaps some of his review should have included “stakeholder relationships” as the tipline has yet to find a stakeholder that has anything good to say about Tony Marryatt.


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  • James Murdoch

    Anyone who is willing to take a $68,000 pay rise in some of the hardest times this country has faced in a long time is obviously mentally ill and should be taken out the back and shot a good example why we are the fourth most corrupt country in the OECD

    • MrV

      4th most corrupt, really?

  • Scanner

    Great the answer is in Flowershow Bobs own words, sack the town clerk and he will follow, two birds – one stone, this will be the only time the long suffering ratepayers get value for money from Marryratt.
    If he is so fucking good corporate NZ will be beating a path to his door – Yeah Right

  • RAS

    Funny that.. it is rather more than “people” – it’s residents ratepayers, business people, council staff and now councillors demanding Marryatt’s sacking. Carter has put his own neck on the line just imagine how he will received at the next council meeting – as their daily bread is about to disappear…

  • Paulus

    Playing right into Lianne Dalziel’s hands for her election?? to mayoralty.

    • Alex

      Tim Carter is the son of Phillip Carter, and nephew of Hon. David Carter.  Knowing that families’ ethics, who knows what is going on.  This is the essence of the problem: the CCC is closed club run by cliques engaged in constant power struggles.  The losers are the ratepayers yet again .

      • Gazzaw

        Nothing’s changed in generations then Alex.

  • To Alex

    Hey Alex what’s your problem, Tim Carter is being judged on
    his own performance and actions – regardless of who his father and uncle
    are.  They should be rightly mighty proud
    of him, I certainly am, he has stepped up regardless of the opposition, he has
    stated his position when all others have remained silent – we should applaud
    this young man for courage and integrity!

    • Alex

      The problem is we just don’t know what’s going on.  The problem is why does Carter suddenly have a problem, when a few weeks ago he didn’t Marryatt was selected, despite the huge groundswell of opposition from the ratepayers.  He might well have good motives, but (as I know from personally experience), anyone not in the inner circle of power in CHC is left none the wiser about what is going on.  That’s what my problem is.  Open the stable doors and clean the lot of them out is the best prescription.  

      • ChrisP

        uhm….Carter opposed Marryatt’s re-selection and has constantly tried to get answers about his non-ability to manage his staff. Also there is the conflict of interest Marryatt has with his directorship at Civic Assurance. Carter also opposed his pay rise and “bonus”.

        His opposition to Marryatt is not new, its almost ancient.

      • Alex

        @ab36fcebff2479724fb9a81d7ed68529:disqus yes he voted against (my wording wasn’t terribly felicitous admittedly) but Carter is only now publicly articulating the reasons for his opposition.  I find it incredibly frustrating when I read back in September that some councillors had opposed the selection, and the only said in the papers about the reasons was Johanson saying that he wasn’t going to say why, only to say that his voting said it all.   Surely these concerns were not new.   I’m sorry I seem a bit grumpy but, despite owning a property down there and paying rates on it, I seem to find myself on the outer. I talk to family and friends who live there, and they just shrug their shoulders — they haven’t a clue what’s going on and just have ceased caring.  That said, better late than never when it comes to Carter; but the whole CCC seems hugely dysfunctional and I think all councillors have to accept responsibility for it dragging on this long.    

    • Alex

      And just re the family connection, I’m sorry but I love CHC to bits, but the dynastic-ethos that runs through the city, whether it be in the CCC, local committees and the professions, just makes my blood boil — it’s a blight on the city. 

      • Gazzaw

        You should know Alex that it counts for f**k all if you didn’t arrive on the First Four.

    • Thorn

      Thanks Mum, tell that nasty man to stop teasing me. 

  • Just Right

    Give big Gezzer another couple of months and he will replace the lot of them

  • dad4justice

    Same old shit from CCC, decade after decade.

    What a sad story.

  • Southshore

    And the real gem – the Mayor begging the councillors to rise above the petty nastiness – anyone would think he as talking to pre-schoolers – well maybe he is!