What on earth is going on in with the Christchurch City Council?

For the last few weeks the tipline has been running hot with all sorts of stories about stuff the Christchurch City Council has done that has really pissed off the people of Christchurch. I’ve been working my way through the rumours and the stories and the gossip and have been trying to make decisions about what is true and what is false and what is partially true and partially false.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about this extensively as no one in the mainstream media seems to be taking a global view, just reporting on minor items as if they were the death knell of life as we know it. Calls for independent commissioners are growing and going on what has come through the tipline in the last few weeks this seems to be getting more and more likely.

As always reader feedback is welcome. If you have information that you think needs to see the light of day either email the tipline or post in the comments.


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  • Gazzaw

    Good luck WO. I lived in Ch’ch for a few years and unless there have been major changes the place is a hotbed of parish pump politics & unlike other large NZ cities a definite class structure seems to exist. I do not think that there is any chance of an outsider securing a truly impartial report on the state of play in the CCC.

    • Alex


       Having lived in Christchurch for 25 years I can confidently say that the CCC is run by self perpetuating group, comprising both left and right wing people, who treat the council as their little fiefdom. 

      Positions are held for  decades by the same persons, who  then handpick their successors; the Citizens Action (if it’s still called that) is closed and totally nontransparent cabal; and both left and right councillors/board members think nothing of feathering their own nests and advancing their business interests using ratepayers’ money.     .

       As an ex-Fendalton resident, I yearn for pre council amalgamation days.  Almost all of the good stuff we had — ie the sewage, power and water supplies  that withstood all earthquakes — were developed and paid for by the old Waimari District Council as a result of the huge rates we had to pay. 

      The Peoples’ Republic of Christchurch City Council took us over, required us to pay the same rates and did bugger all.

  • It is mad, they are about to start a $80K study into communications with residents because of the outcry about the Chief executive’s pay rise. 

  • MrV

    My view is there is a lot of noise and bluster, but really hard to get an informed view as every dept. ECQ, CERA, and CCC come under attack.

    Be good if someone can establish some facts, the paper is filled with rumour over some pretty trivial stuff when you consider what has happened. Plenty of vested political interests abound stirring the pot, which is a real shame. Not happy with certain councillors who see to spend more time talking to tha papers than actually doing the job.

    Take todays press for example where councillors are photographed out talking to sex workers under the headline “Sex workers want better amenities”.

    Jesus Christ, is this what is a priority right now? We have a bunch of stupid media repeaters who can’t ask the obvious question why can’t sex workers provide their own f**king workplace amenities like everyone else has to.

  • Anon

    Is CCC like most New Zealand Council’s whereby the Councillors do not have clue as to what the different staff cliques, and their ouside friends, are actually up to, until they are presented with a “fait accompli”.
    I know the City Council in which I live (not Alkd) appear to be kept well into the dark until its all settled – particularly on Maori Affairs (even then they do not understand the details properly as they remain unclear under Waitangi settlements).

  • Interested HR Consultant

    I would really like to see Tony Marryatt’s employment contract and the KPI’s that were supposed to be set to support his salary increase –  has Bob Parker suppressed those also?.

  • Ruthsullir

    What right have the
    Mayor and Town Clerk in Christchurch got to spend $80,000 of ratepayer’s money
    to conduct their own survey on their own pitiful performance and worse give that money to a known council supporter,
    an aged PR hack, not even a qualfied researcher, without any consultation or council voting.  It is just
    more theft, NEPOTISM and deceit fom Parker and Marryatt.  John Kay must step up.

    • Gazzaw

      Why should John Key step up unless it is taxpayers’ funds rather than ratepayers’ funds at risk? This issue is surely over to Ch’ch to sort out.

    • Alex

      I think this is a case of not biting off what you can’t chew.  The ECAN debacle showed just what the leftists will do if the government did such a thing (and remember the noise they made back then was just over some obscure organisation that most didn’t even know existed). 

      The ideal solution should have been to do what Charles II did after the Great Fire of London — appoint a Board of Commissioners, give them broad powers and say “give me a new city within 10 years”. 


  • Intersted HR consultant

    The government must step up to fire the council and force a re-election – actually it is in Nick Smith’s portfolio but so far he has been very tarty about resolving the issues or even responding to queries. The only other is Gerry Brownlee but he is probably too clsoe to it all and he has enough on his plate with the EQ recovery.  Besides ratepayers are taxpayers silly.

    • Gazzaw

      I’m not silly for starters. Just seems to me that parish pump politics should be settled locally not by the PM.

    • Roger

      Wouldn’t bother with an election. Just sack the Council and appoint Commissioners. That’s what happened to Environment Canterbury ( or E Can as it liked to call itself which actually meant No Can) and there has been no looking back since.

  • jay cee

    i  agree with the above that taxpayers and ratepayers are one and the same. good luck WO but i suspect you will only get one sided accounts and or  point scoring  plus duck shoving  

  • Johnny


    What to do ? Just more and more examples of corruption, nepotism, and the old boys network, working as it does within the Christchurch City Council.

    I’d have them all dragged onto the street and flogged. Marryatt first.