What on earth is going on in with the Christchurch City Council?

For the last few weeks the tipline has been running hot with all sorts of stories about stuff the Christchurch City Council has done that has really pissed off the people of Christchurch. I?ve been working my way through the rumours and the stories and the gossip and have been trying to make decisions about what is true and what is false and what is partially true and partially false.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about this extensively as no one in the mainstream media seems to be taking a global view, just reporting on minor items as if they were the death knell of life as we know it. Calls for independent commissioners are growing and going on what has come through the tipline in the last few weeks this seems to be getting more and more likely.

As always reader feedback is welcome. If you have information that you think needs to see the light of day either email the tipline or post in the comments.