Who can tax the sunrise?

“The Government Can” by Tim Hawkins.


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  • Kosh103

    Ahhh yes, not an overly truthful little bit of propaganda, but still good for the weak of mind.

    • TCrwdb

      Fuck off troll

      • Kosh103

        Truth hurts does it?

    • Richard McGrath

      “Not overly truthful”, kosh103? Here’s what the song said: Free college (university) – not so long ago the taxpayer had to fund tuition fees for university students. Free energy – many people get electricity costs refunded through WINZ. Take your money (by force) and give it to some other guy – the very essence of taxation.  

      Tax the trees (carbon taxes if trees chopped down); collect business fees (corporate tax); healthcare, climate change (ETS), pollution currently funded through taxation; bailouts (huge payouts to banks that should have been allowed to fail); fictitious economics (the game is finally up for the Keynesians); govt fails in so many ways then the politicians give each other a raise (so true).

      Not overly truthful? I think it is fairly accurate.

      As for “the government takes everything we make” – if you accept any taxation, then you accept 100% taxation if the government wants to lift taxation to that level.  

  • EX Navy Greg

    Kosh , instead of your boring as batshit trolling, how about you answer questions people are asking of you ?

    • Kosh103

      When asked questions I do answer. However as you can see above I am generally not asked questions. Just given right wing abuse.

      But thats ok. It only goes to prove I was right in the first place.

      • TCrwdb

        No, you’re just a troll

      • Bafacu

        Interestingly you have NEVER answered one of the questions I have asked of you with any SPECIFICS – all you have ever answered with is trite comments with generalisations again.

  • Kosh103

    Ahhh the right, lies come to them as easy as breathing.

    • Want me to give you your Nominated Awards and the Difference between Bullshit and Bullshit speech again?

      • Kosh103

        Do you really think I will care if you do?

  • Kosh, cant be bothered with you. Unlike you spinning the bullshit that you do (the unproductive version) I am busy researching (being productive) into an enquiry for the Port of Auckland. The enquiry on best ownership model for the Port and best site for the port to be at as a benefit to Auckland and New Zealand. 

    • Kosh103

      The only bullshit that is being spun is by the right. The truth hurts, so just suck it up and deal with it.

      • Since when am I The Right? And yes the truth does Hurt, the truth you could never handle in propelling Auckland forward

      • Kosh103

        @ ben, now now, dont go getting a big head. The right is not just one person. There are many many misguided fools who make up the right.

  • Oh and if you didnt care whether or not I gave your awards and the Bullshit speech again you would of not mentioned it as I would of either forgotten or found something more amusing. But as you mentioned it I shall go dig it up for you and pass it to you – AGAIN

    • Kosh103

      LMOA – I love how the right think everyone is intrested in what they think. Post away buddy boy. Hell odds are I wont even see it, let alone read it.

      • So when is Social Liberal part of the Right? when a Social Liberal realises the fellow lefties are beyond more buggered than the Rena is right now and goes and checks out the otherside. Enter one National Party where the grass has been greener since joining in 2003 (despite that wee winter in 2002). Tell you what, breakfast with Bill English was novel and an insight at a Party Conference a couple of years ago.