Why are Boarders being fined?

I am as confused about the fines as the Judge is. Why on earth would be be fining skate boarders or those unfortunates who need to stay in boarding arrangements?


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  • Rockfield

    Typical of the shite journalism of today ….. Proof reading – wasszat ??


    • Gazzaw

      Isn’t all the sub-editing work handled in Australia now? I am certain that the Herald made their subbies redundant here so it is logical that Fairfax would do the same. Not saying though for a minute that the grammar and spelling would be any better if the proofing was done in NZ. You only have to listen to TV One newsreaders and check the sub-titling to comprehend the level of illiteracy that exists in NZ.

  • Guest

    ZB’s 7.00am newsreader informs us the wreckage of the balloon is being taken to a lab-brat-tree (laboratory). 

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I think this is poor journalism. If you read the article, the judge is inferring that the offender should have been caught at the border before leaving and made to pay their fines. I think the Judge is concerned that the offender was not prevented from leaving the country in the first place. I do not think the judge is confused here, it is the journalist.

    To edit, I see the journalist is having a bob each way in spelling “border”

    • Bunswalla

      Grizz, the judge is implying it – you may be inferring it.

  • adybombs

    Further down the story I see the guy got 60 hours added to his community service for his $1626 in fines, effectively an hourly rate of $27.10 after tax, not quite POAL money but not far from it. I got $80 worth of parking tickets last week, can anyone tell me how to arrange to do three hours community service to pay these off, the pay rate at community service is better than my day job.  

  • Phar Lap

    At least he came back to face the music,full marks to him.Now how about the phantom daddies who scarper off overseas and never come back.Which means the NZ taxpayer picks up the bill,through child support etc,etc. Would be great to see the authorities at the exit counter holding that lot accountable for child support debits,rather than a few measly dollars for traffic fines,taken off soft targets.The big money is in “NO PAY CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT PARENTS.Stop the crooks leaving at the border.

  • Charles2336

    In March/April the Ministry of Justice will be releasing unpaid fines information to credit agencies like Baycorp/Veda and these fines will have what is called “super priority”, meaning they get paid first, before any other outstanding debt.

    There has not be a lot of publicity about this, but it sure will put a spanner in the works for those who don’t pay their fines or reparations.

    For instance, a store is unlikely to extend credit to someone with unpaid fines as
    the shop will be in a queue, behind the Ministry of Justice, when
    trying to extract payment, so the risk may be to high for a shop when
    deciding whether to give credit or finance to such people

    Similarly, a landlord doing a credit check on a would-be tenant who discovers they owe money to the Courts is hardly likely to rent their property to that sort of person.