Why can’t Labour say gay adoption, Ctd

During the election the Labour party announced their supposed gay friendly policies but couldn’t quite bring themselves to actually say the words gay adoption or gay marriage anywhere in their manifesto.

David Cameron has managed to bring the Conservative party in the UK to the point where it is likely it will be them and not Labour that legalises gay marriage.

In Australia though child care organisers are now turning to the gay community as foster parents:

Like many couples, Brett Albury and Brett McKinnon reached the stage in their relationship where they wanted children. ”We have nieces and godchildren, we really love children,” said Mr McKinnon, ”but obviously we weren’t in a position to have children of our own.”

They had been together seven years, and shared a mortgage and a business, when they saw a recruitment advertisement for foster carers. It declared carers could be ”single or in a relationship; gay or straight …”

”We went straight away to the information evening,” said Mr McKinnon, 46.

The Benevolent Society, which had placed the advertisement, has recruited foster carers from the gay community for three years. It will ratchet up its efforts during the Mardi Gras festival that begins next month.

There will be advertisements in the Sydney Star Observer, the newspaper for the gay community, and an information stall at the Mardi Gras Fair Day presided over by gay and lesbian foster carers. As well, a grant from the Aurora Group, a gay charity, will enable the society to hold extra recruitment evenings.

Although the society is a relative newcomer in foster care, almost 25 per cent of its 112 foster carers identify as being gay.

The chief executive officer, Anne Hollonds, said the organisation did not have a religious affiliation that might be a barrier to such recruitment. ”This is about kids,” she said. ”We’re there for the kids. It’s not that easy to find foster carers, and we’re an organisation that searches for the best carers.”

NSW has suffered a chronic shortage of foster carers. An 87 per cent surge in the number of children in care between 2002 and 2010 – from 9273 to 17,400 – has put huge pressure on the system. Older carers are retiring, and working women and their partners have proved less willing to take over the role.

But it is not out of desperation that agencies have suddenly turned to the gay community. Barnardos, one of the biggest agencies, has had an open-door policy to gay carers for more than 25 years. Recently it facilitated adoptions by two gay foster-care couples after the state legalised same-sex adoptions in September 2010.

I think it is high time that we all grew up over gay adoption and gay marriage.

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  • Andrei

    No such thing as “Gay Marriage”.  It is just the usual lefty trick of changing the meaning of words – in this case the intention being to render the word “marriage” meaningless.

  • Urban Redneck

    Andrei is spot on. Gay activists have been exceedingly cunning in the way they have framed the debate so that the very word “marriage” carries with it the same emotional loadings as a heterosexual relationship and thus have created another false image with which to fool the public, 99% who are not gay and not privy to the darker side of gay relationships.

    But what is a gay relationship really like? When gays talk about committed relationships, what do they really mean, and are gay relationships a suitable environment for bringing up children?

    The vanguard of the gay propaganda movement Kirk & Madsen wrote “gay men aren’t very good at having and holding lovers, gay men tire of their partners sexually more rapidly than straight men” or “the average gay male seeks novelty in partners, rather than practices and becomes massively promiscuous: but eventually all bodies become boring, and only new practices will thrill”

    And from a 2006 GayNZ article “Friendship and dating may be the norm for some users of dating websites but for gay men, hooking up for sex is clearly prevalent, as just a couple of minutes trawling through the dating websites will reveal” In the same article they reported that 83% of gay men they surveyed were prepared to have sex without condoms with strangers. In other words, as even gay websites are forced to concede, the primal drive for gay men is trawling for sex, anonymous sex, George Michael-style. Random irresponsible, meaningless sex.

    Therefore, I find it highly doubtful male homosexuals are all that interested in adoption overall, it wouldn’t suit the lifestyle. For lesbians, it’s a bit different, one “partner” can simply get pregnant, either by lying and taking one for the team or getting hold of a turkey baster filled with seminal fluid – which is better as at least one of the “partners” is biologically attached to the offspring.

  • Kosh103

    Sigh – the ignorance of the straights.

    • Kosh your penchant for generalisation is fucking annoying. Just as you say “the Right” you are now saying “the straights” and using it all encompassing.

      I am straight and yet I support both causes…so how does that now fit into your generalisation. If you had said Sigh…the ignorance of intolerance that would have been far more accurate.

      Try and improve your commenting, it is past annoyance levels with me now. There are no other warnings.

      • Kosh103

        You knew who I was refering to so dont pretend otherwise. You are not that stupid.

  • EX Navy Greg

    I go back to previous comments on here. At least with gay marriage and /or adoption the child is WANTED. I am 100% in support of gay couples fostering and it needs to start happening more.

  • SMcC

    All children have a right to a mother and a father. The rights of the child outweigh those of the same sex couple.

    • Andrei

      That’s the point of marriage is it not?

      To continue as a species we need to have children and monogamous marriage freely entered into by both parties (one of each sex which is a prerequisite to conceiving a child whether we like it or not)  is the most humane way of achieving this and making it happen.

      Personally I think Marriage as we know it is a GOD given thing since I know from history and  other places in the world today the other ways a society can go about producing new generations are not so benevolent and are often particularly hard on women.

      I think messing around with it in the name of “progress” is a very dangerous thing.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the point of marriage is it not?

        No it is not, show us where in the marriage contract it is written that it is compulsory to give birth to children.The marriage contract is nothing more than recognising a  legal status.
        How does the marriage of a same sex couple infringe on your rights or the rights of any children they may have?
        Unfortunately your religious bigotry has given you a very blinkered view on a personal issue that really does not concern you or I  or anyone else .

      • Kosh103

        Bullshit. You clearly have little to no knowedge of what marriage was or is. Or the fact that is has changed over the centuries. Also what about those couples who cannot have kids? Should they not have gotten married because they cant continue the species?

    • Kosh103

      Really? You are going to play that game? Shall we look at the level of child abuse in this country and who does it to the kids? In MOST cases it is either the mother or father and they are hetrosexual. If you want to look at what is best for kids that stats would seem to say having hetrosexual parents is dangerous for kids.

      Yes that is an overstatment, however DO NOT play the “rights” card when the level of child abuse and who is doing it in NZ is as it stands right now.

    • Troy

      yeah and which mothers and fathers go do a training course on how to be effective parents?  Likely none so your argument is less than cogent. Perhaps the rights of a child are to be treated with respect, love and support and to provide them with what’s required until they are of age – plenty of so-called “mothers” and “fathers” fall well short of those particular responsibilities.  Think about it.

  • Groans

    This blogs support for ‘gay’ marriage and adoption is the reason it can never be truly right-wing.  Can anyone name me a society in history that didn’t fade away after embracing these type of sick concepts.

    • Agent BallSack


    • Kosh103

      Ahhhhhhh isnt thinly hidden homophobia fun.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Not that I personally encourage it, but the whole underpinning philosophy of modern Western Civilization was dreamt up by dudes in togas sitting on their arse in Athens buggering young boys while their slaves did all the work.  So I wouldn’t knock it too hard, Groans.

    • Willsomers101

      Rome was a military dictatorship, so I cant see any philosophy there. Its closest  modern relation would be the3rd Reich ( Rome being the 1st reich).

  • Anonymous

    Each to their own hey… 

    Key point in this whole thread is Ex Navy Greg’s comment, @ least these couples the child is WANTED….

  • Alex

    Created for god for the procreation of children, blah bah blah.  I challenge Andrei and his kindred souls to swear on the Holy Bible that they have (assuming they have ever been near a woman) never engaged in “unnatural sex acts” with women, by that I mean sex acts that are not intended to result in conception.  I also challenge you to swear that you haven’t had homosexual thoughts and haven’t looked at pornography (be it straight, bi or gay).  I also want you to swear that you follow Jesus’ injunction about casting the first stone.

    • They couldn’t – get caught out lying straight and off to Hell they go.
      Meh Andrei and their ilk and their oh what ever they call it bore me utterly shitless – and that is coming from a “Practising Christian” 

      Hey shall I crank out the Kosh 103 Bullshit speech and change the name – because (and here goes selling my soul to Stalin twice over) kosh said something I would be inclined to agree on… (his last two comments, not the first two) and those other I mention at the top of the comment would suit the speech fine…

    • Kosh103

      Good luck with that. They have shouted their homophobic remarks and run away. As people like them always do.