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A man who threw a wobbly because the minimum wage staff at Wendy’s stuffed up his order says he isn’t violent:

An Auckland man arrested after he flew into a rage when staff got his order wrong, says the incident has not put him off one of his favourite takeaways.

David Ilolahia, 35, of Blockhouse Bay, was charged with threatening behaviour, assaulting police, disorderly behaviour and resisting police following the incident at Wendy’s in Lynfield on Friday.

He described the incident as a “communication breakdown kind of thing” that escalated out of control.

The furniture removal worker, who said he was not an aggressive person, said yesterday he was ashamed for abusing staff and police but said the officer who arrested him was unnecessarily aggressive.

“He did fly into an aggressive rage. He didn’t give me a chance to comply,” he said.

The regular Wendy’s customer said the incident would not stop him from returning to Wendy’s, although not to the Lynfield store.

“It hasn’t changed my taste or appetite, but I’m banned from that store.”

Yes you are. Flying into a rage at a store worker isn’t the behaviour of a normal person. Getting arrested and charged for disorderly conduct over a stupid greasy burger just shows how dumb you are.

About 10.30am on Friday he placed an order at the drivethrough for a Baconator with no bacon, a fish burger, and a Triple Combo.

However, when he picked up his order from the staff member, believed to be a trainee, it was wrong: “They gave me Big Classic, the Baconator was correct and the fish (burger) was chicken”.

When he went inside to complain to the manager, “she blew me off”, he said.

Ilolahia admitted he quickly lost his temper.

“They weren’t polite words. I called her a homosexual and the b-word and a f****** a*******. I had to shout at her, I was that angry.”

Staff at the Lynfield store locked themselves in the office to escape the burger-lover’s rampage, as he continued shouting and pushed over a screen and a till on the counter.

A police officer attempted to restrain the man and emptied a can of pepper spray into eyes, but it had little effect.

” I could still see – I think he was shocked.”

Ilolahia was arrested and a scuffle took place inside the store as the policeman tried to handcuff him, he said.

“He batoned me – he gave me a whack straight across the top of my head, then a second one.

The struggle lasted 10 minutes and spilled out to the restaurant carpark, where other officers eventually restrained and arrested him.

Ordering a “Baconator” without bacon just shows you are a cock. Pepper spray having no effect and a 10 minute scuffle with Police…I’m thinking that he was loaded on Vitamin P.

All this faux contrition is simply to avoid the consequences of your actions…loser.


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  • Jimmie

    Its not uncommon for some folk (often of a large or spaced out variety) not to feel the effect of pepper spray. However I am sure Mr Ilolahia would have cooperated quite nicely if a Taser had been shot into his hairy ass – wouldn’t have been hard to miss thats for sure.

    • The Gantt Guy

      A taser or a chunk of 0.38 calibre lead!

  • Gazzaw

    Stick the fucker in the slammer for as long as possible & if by chance he isn’t a NZ national or is here illegally deport him at the end of his sentence. Society has to start making a few examples FFS.

    • BERT

      best hope he’s got to avoid any of this then,  is to appear on the ‘judge jocelyn’ show……

  • Mickrodge

    “Ordering a “Baconator” without bacon just shows you are a cock”


  • Anonymous

    What an ape, and who orders a Baconater without bacon?

    This guy was obviously as high as a kite.

  • Brett Dale

    It would appear this jerk, is now blaming the police, saying they were heavy handed with him, I’m kinda guessing people will support him. I think he also has a facebook page.

    • Hollyfield

      He’s also blaming the person he was angry with for his behaviour, as though he has no control over his own behaviour, it’s her fault – “I had to shout at her, I was that angry.”

  • Unknown

    I do think that the Police need to take some responsibility for him being struck in the head twice.  The copper should have only need one good swing to drop him and clearly questions should be raised about either the coppers training, physical capabilities or equipment.

    In this particular case I suspect that the fault is most likely due to the equipment and the departments move away from the Aluminium PR24 and classic Wooden Batons and replacing them with the fold out version that while are easier when getting in/out of cars are dreadful in highly violent situations like this.

    • Pauleastbay

      And you have batoned how many people Unknown?

      How is its the polices responsibility you drop kick?

      I’ve batoned lots and when you do get a one shot drop you do worry that he wont wake up again, its not TV .

    • Honcho

      If this mungrel was hit with a telescopic baton (ASP, NZ military police issue), then he would without a doubt have been hospitalised with a cracked skull.

  • Dr Wang

    “Staff at the Lynfield store locked themselves in the office to escape the burger-lover’s rampage, as he continued shouting and pushed over a screen and a till on the counter”

    …and this is before the “unnecessarily aggressive” cops arrived. Just sounds to me like another wannabe “gangsta” who can’t handle his alcohol and/or drugs.

  • Kiwidon

    A Tazer should have been employed – again & again & as many times as it takes……..!

  • two rounds, double tap, at the target in front…………….

  • Lofty

    This guy is a tosser who got what he deserved.

    As for the cops..well done.

    I have never batoned a person in my life, and I am sure that it is difficult to use enough force to subdue the idiot without killing him. I can see why 2 whacks were required.

    • Thorn

      Wooden batons work better than the plastic shit.

  • Exclamation Mark

    “When he went inside to complain to the manager, “she blew me off”, he said.”

    I would have thought that would have more than made up for the mistake, there’s just no pleasing some people.

    • big mac

      as i’ve always said – wendys sucks!

      • bb

        he is mud in all burger joints now – spitting in the combo is what he will get when he orders his chicken burger without chicken.

  • Agent BallSack

    Wonder if he gets that angry he has to shout at his wife and kids too?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    How come he does not have name suppression? Something is wrong

  • Alex

    What got me about the article was the self-indulgence and utter lack of balance: it just a self serving exercise trying to blame everyone but himself.  The journalist is just the willing tool of this exercise.  Was there any attempt to ask the shop staff about whether they thought he was violent, or about what they suffered?  What about the asking the Police, who had to risk his safety with this guy?  Seriously, I despair about what this country is becoming: white men say something stupid, they are treated like the Satan, hounded by the media and forced to resign; a brown man gets sympathetic media coverage, allowed to suggest the Police were wrong and that he wasn’t to blame..

  • A-random-reader

    Somebody should sign him for the All Blacks.

    He has potential.

  • Steve and Monique

    what the hell are Wendys putting in the burgers

    • Anonymous

      not enough tranquilizer apparently.

  • bb

    you know i rarely say this but bit fat burger-loser deserved it! dirty crack head, cooked up to the eye balls i bet. may be he is still awake after 3 days?

  • Don

    Munchies anyone?

  • Argon