You want to play like that, then how about a referendum on Maori seats?

The Maori party is playing like they are important over the government’s mixed ownership model:

The Maori Party is considering breaking from the National-led Government over asset sales.

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says the party will consider walking out of its relationship with the National Party if a Treaty clause is not extended to those state owned enterprises tagged for partial sale.

Ms Turia said today that the issue was similar to the foreshore and seabed issue for Maori.

“If it comes down to the wire, the Maori Party will have to consider its position with the Government.”

Yep and if it comes down to the wire the Government would have to consider a referendum on the continuation of race based seats in parliament.

It isn’t like Maori aren’t already selling land when it suits them.


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  • Luke

    If the Maori Party do go ahead with this, it will be the single greatest thing to happen to NZ politics.

    • History of Violence

      It sure will, roll out the referendum and make Maori and Mana disappear, I agree 100%

  • Thorn

    Tariana, please take yourself, Pem and Pita and f*ck-off.

    • Troy

      Yup, they are about as insignificant as Hone Fuckawira and Winnie.  Let them dry up in opposition and be forgotten – yup real good tactics from the co-leaders, what a pack of goat’s cocks.

  • Super Guest

    This is business, nothing more. Why the Treaty should be considered at all is beyond me.

  • Kosh103

    Heres hoping the Maori party do leave the Govt. Anything that reduces Nationals margin is a very good thing.

    • Thorn


    • Anonymous

      I thought you were a Nat supporter Kosh? You seem to spend a lot of time on a somewhat right wing blog site.

      • Anonymous

        I think he feels the need to come here and try and educate all of us evil right-wing National supporters. 

      • Euan Rt

        I see school is out Kosh.

      • Super Guest

        I’m starting to think he’s a bot Whale’s installed just to troll us all.

      • James Gray

        Yeah, that new strawbot…

      • Kosh103

        I find it more entertaining to be on right wing sites. What is the point arguing your POV with people who have the same POV?

      • Guest

        Not the only site kosh103 frequents it seems.

      • Kosh103

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        Oh and, Im assuming you are straight (although you were on a gay porn site, so perhaps not) are you going to tell us you dont look at, or have never looked at porn?

      • Guest

        Actually was interested in who this Kosh103 was considering he treats everyone as inferior and uneducated so I googled you name.

        I have little concern which team you bat for honey, although I would consider a school teacher would be abit more circumspect as to which gay site he trolls for jollies.

        Gay “boys” tube is not a good look in any mans language. Certainly not a teachers.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO –  oh guest you 2 faced moron. Only a tightly wound fucktard would see a gay man enjoying sex as “not a good look”.

        Grow up you sad small minded fool. If you have any REAL point to make about this thread, please do so. Otherwise do not bother me with your pathetic attempts at threatening.

      • Guest

        Can’t see where I am threatening you at all Kosh103. Please do not get all hysterical on me. I am merely pointing out that trolling on a site titled gay “boys” not men is rather naive for a professional educator.

        Just saying

      • Peter Wilson

         at guest

        how do you find those gay sites anyway….I wouldn’t even know where to look (not that I’d want to) 

      • Kosh103

        Guest, there is no reason for you to even bring it up, unless you were trying some slimey little trick. It wont work. So as I said, dont even try it becuase you just look like a fucktard.

        And if I want to look at gay porn websites I will, and will not seek your approval for it.

        Now unless you have something relevant to add, why dont you take your pathetic childish threats and games somewhere else.

      • Agent BallSack

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      • Guest

        Please show me where I have threatened you Kosh103. You seem to be getting your panties in a twist over nothing.

      • Kosh103

        Oh please Guest. There is no reason to state the name of a porn site except in a  pathetic attempt to make a person run away, or “shame” them into inaction. That is a theatening action. All be it a childish and pathetic attempt.

        Guess what – Im not going to run away in shame or deny that I love looking at hot sexy guys.

        So what is your next plan of attack, now that this one has failed?

      • EX Navy Greg

        Whatever floats yer boat Kosh, I tend to support you on this one.

        Not my thing, but not my business either.

      • Agent BallSack

        Kosh can be hetero metro, gay or whatever as far as I a concerned too, gay is legal and I would care less if its between consenting adults – just as if I chose to visit prostitutes would be my concern, no one elses ~ Kosh ignore it, you’re being Trolled.

      • Kosh103

        I know I should ignore the stupid arse little troll – but the idea that he/she thought they could shame me into inaction by stating I am a member of a gay porn site – kinda backfired on the idiot.

        Fun to see he/she has gone very very quiet all of a sudden too. ;0)

      • Agent BallSack

        Kosh, for what its worth I am sorry some vindictive prick outed you. I was having fun determining whether you were M or F….now thats fucked up my fun somewhat because I now think you’re not my son’s married teacher ;)

      • Kosh103

        I thought everyone knew I was gay.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Tend to agree Ballsack, I had picked Kosh as a 40-50 yo,overweight, iwi member of the female species. Totally ruined my fun.
        My music teacher in 1980, my 6th form year, was a gay man, who was, and still is, a good bastard, I am still in regular contact with him and his partner 30 years later.

      • Kosh103

        Did either of you think to just ask? It is not like I am shy.

      • Agent BallSack

        Now to the serious business…who the fuck is ‘Guest Outter’? Obviously a blogsite owner  that you’ve visited soon after visiting whatever website was listed…check your history, there are probably only a couple that fit the bill. 

      • Agent BallSack

        To tell the truth, sexuality is not a big decider in my opinions of people and I only ever use gay derisively to insult heteros. I never had an idea, and the post below I misdirected was supposed to be here – I guess I missed that lesson ;)

      • EX Navy Greg

        Kosh I never asked because it’s none of my business, I don’t care what anyone’s personal preferences are, and it’s more fun cutting your leftard opinion to shreds without getting personal.heh!

      • Agent BallSack

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      • Agent BallSack

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      • Kosh103

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      • EX Navy Greg

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      • Guest

        What nonsense. I stand by my comment that “Gay “boys” tube is not a good look in any mans language. Certainly not a teachers.” Just as I would say the same of a male teacher frequenting a site titled young

        They do not title these sites boys or girls because they feature consenting adults.

        This is not a sexuality issue and I do not accept the gay card you pulled kosh103 to avoid moral accountability. If you believe it’s acceptable for a role model teacher of any gender or persuasion to place himself in that position it is gullible and naive.

        Rather ironic that Darren Hughes was crucified for his penchant for young boys whereas we claim it’s none of our business for others.

        As for outting kosh103, I would suggest that considering kosh103 uses the same username and is not secretive and that his browsing history is openly on the net there is nothing to out.

        Anyway Kosh103, if I have caused you distress I appologise, however I stand by my earlier comments. Being It is none of my business what your sexual persuasion is, however I considering your holier than thou comments that I have read concerning parenting I find your viewing content as a teacher questionable.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Guest, I don’t agree dude
          A persons “preferences” can easily be kept separate from their professional life.
        While I disagree with Kosh on about 95% of his comments , his professional opinion is valued by myself, because it gives me an insight to the inside of the staffroom.
        I have no problem with teachers watching porn sites. When they get a curly question from a 12 year old, they will have an informed opinion to base a reply upon.

        There has been several threads on here before about gay parenting, and as much as Kosh pisses me off with his lefty shit, his commitment to children can’t be faulted and I respect that.

        With respect , the points you have raised ,valid, but no longer relevant in 2012.

      • Agent BallSack

        I was 90% sure you were male Kosh. You swear like one. Although that’s not saying much in NZ. Anyway enough cuddling you’re still a leftard :)

      • Kosh103

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    • Super Guest

      And yet your precious ousted overlords still won’t have shits show of cobbling together a government. Sorry, Kosh, you’re still going to have to work for the next three years, and your union buddies can’t help.

      • Kosh103

        I only have to work 3 more years?? What if I want to work for longer? Oh and if you think National will “bust the unions” you have another thing coming.

      • Hakimofphut

        Dont want to be a government, just to make Key look weak and incompetent

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – oh ben dont bother. Guest has already been shown up for trying slimey tricks. Best not to try and copy him/her. Come up with your own ideas rather than filtting after someone else.

    • Guest

      Peter. Dunno perhaps by an inbuilt gaydar.

      • Ben E. Basha

        I agree guest, a male teacher viewing boys on porn sites is very inappropriate.

    • Agent BallSack

      I must have missed that lesson LOL

  • Jam_Sammie

    Here we go….Waitangi Day just around the corner and there has to be controversy AGAIN!! I’m getting sick and tired of this shit every year. The treaty is nothing to celebrate for Maori or the rest of us. Call it New Zealand day and be done with it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but I dont want to hear you talk about being a republic otherwise there would be no grounds for claims…. hey wait a minute…

    • Agreed – and move it to the 26th of September – Dominion Day. Waitangi day is not worthy of celebration under any name.

      • Tony

        we do need a winter holiday……………….

  • Anonymous

    I think this is the Maori Party enacting a plan that was put in place a long time ago. They knew that National were going to win and gain a mandate for asset sales so why, during an election year, would they upset the apple cart and go against that? They would have known that they can always fall back on the Treaty to either steam roll or blockade any piece of legislation they like. In this case, they are using the Treaty to blockade. 

    My question is: is this a bluff from the Maori Party? How will they react if National don’t play ball? Stuck in the limbo of minority opposition for the next three years isn’t exactly going to build them a platform for the next election when their two leaders retire. 

    • Jam_Sammie

      It’s precisely what I said above Sarrs…What better time to provoke controversy than Waitangi Day. What better forum do they have? They have no voice in government so why not stir the pot and get some of Hones’ relatives to start a brawl on Monday. It is no coincidence they have started on with this now because divisiveness is one of the few tools they have left.

      It’s a pretty poor show in my book. I “did” have some respect for both Pita and Tariana.

      • Anonymous

        I hope National play hard ball and challenge them to walk the talk. I guess then we’ll see what Sharples and Turia are made of. Although I suspect that an allowance for the Treaty will be made to save everyone’s faces – Maori Party get to prove they aren’t National’s lap dog and National get to prove they have a degree of flexibility. The announcement about the agreement will be made at Waitangi on Monday to provide maximum publicity. 

  • Dutyfree

    So let me see if I can lay this out.  Maori are part of NZ, the Govt is the Govt of NZ.  If they sell and asset or increase a benefit or reduce a tax, all of NZ have the same opportunity.  So if the Govt sell part of an SOE, Maori benefit like everybody else in proportion, or suffer.  But they need some extra protection to acheive….what exactly?  Oh, of course a preferential position at the table.  A handout, a couple of discounted shares and a few directors seats please, oink oink.  No, no it is all about principles, oh look a taniwha just flew by my window!

  • Agent BallSack

    Its to be expected after all, Maori Party want their votes back.

  • Orange

    Referendum time, sweet!

    • Woohoo, more campaigning! I look forward to donating to the Abolition movement.

  • Phar Lap

    What did the Nation expect,Maori integrity? they seem to have jumped the gun and turned viral,i suppose it is just par for the course.What ever was the nation thinking, that Maori could deliver harmony and cooperation for the good ship NZ.Seems they are quite happy to send the country onto a financial reef, and mirror the Rena.

  • Angry Croc

    There were not many hydro dams  around before the Pakeha built them ( with some Maori labour ).

  • Gazzaw

    This could be an easy fix for the government if it so chooses. Just up the koha JK, this is what it’s all about – dosh for the ‘suits’ who infest the Koru Lounge in Auckland of a Monday morning. Dutyfree has it all sussed out (go back four posts). Mighty River Power is the first up & guess where the vast majority of their power generation is? You’ve got it – the Waikato dams and the Central Plateau geothermal sites. Tainui could do very nicely.

    Great timing too – Waitangi Day next week.

  • Anonymous

    Fortunately, the Nats still have a 1-vote majority even if the Maori Party fuck off (which I hope they do).
    Bunch of hypocritical savages. It’s BULLSHIT, saying that asset sales are against the Treaty. Ngai Tahu were perfectly happy to flog off land to overseas buyers. 
    Bastards. Get rid of the Maori seats NOW. That’ll teach the pricks.

    • Kosh103

      LMAO –  ohh dear, a lover scorned.

    • Agent BallSack

      I’m with Kosh. That’s 2 seats the Greens and She Who Must Not Be Named For Fear Of Another Term don’t have.

  • Michael

    On the issue of Asset Sales, I don’t see this is as Treaty issue. Unless someone can explain how the rights of Maori are being changed in a way that is different to non-Maori. I do understand the need to protect assets under claim in the Treaty process, and this can be managed in the law better than Geoffrey Palmer inserting a general clause (which he called “Window Dressing”) about the Act not being contrary to the principles of the Treaty. And then cocking up the court case.

    Having the Maori Seats is double representation.  If you are on the Maori Roll your Maori MP does all the representation related to Maori. Then the local electorate MP deals with issues related to the area. 
    To me all MPs should represent everyone equally, regardless of race.

    • Peter Wilson

      It’s easily a treaty issue, in terms of the way it is understood by politician and the power brokers. The defining article in the treaty guaranteed a treaty partnership…that’s right, partnerships are supposed to be equal…ergo, your partner should be properly consulted in ALL decisions.

      • Phronesis

        Yeah it’s called an election. Plenty of maori voted for National and asset sales. The losers can fuck off.

      • tas

        There is nothing about partnership in the treaty. It just says the crown runs the country now, but guarantees property rights and equal legal rights to Maori. Yes, it cedes sovereignty to the crown, not some partnership, just the crown. Go read it if you don’t believe me:

  • kevin

    I think the word is   i r r i t a t i n g 

  • a premature-election…?



    • Scanner

      Sorry Phool that was election not ejaculation

    • Boss Hogg

      Got any advertisers for you web site yet?

      I wonder why that would be………..

      • Scanner

        Because he’s a dole bludging, dope smoking wart on the arse of humanity.

    • Alex Taylor-Innes

      You really have to question his lack of creative thinking…. He posts drive-by-pot-shot comments full of derision and then puts a link to his site…..hoping to get more traffic. Pathetic.

    • Gazzaw

      Expand your answer please Phil.

      • Kimbo

        …are you mad!

      • Gazzaw

        No Kimbo, just keen to try & analyse the thought processes of the deranged.

    • Jester

      Don’t start getting too excited monkey boy. Even in the unlikely event that your wildest dreams came to fruition, the chances of the cocksmokers from the left cobbling together a viable option is zero.

      Jester (

    • Mike

      Don’t you hate bloggers that comment on other blogs and put a link to their own blog in the comment? I make a point of not clicking their link.

      • Tom

        Me thinks the jester was a’jesting. That useless parasite phool, however…. I think the glassy eyes give it away.

  • oh so sad

    non-maori involvement in Waitangi Day………we pay for it

  • here you are gazzaw..

    ..that expansion you asked for..



  • it is the list of reasons why tau henare should bring down this govt..

    ..and force another election…


  • i just watched the news on maori tv..

    ..if you listened carefully.. could hear the sound of marching-iwi…


    • Boss Hogg

      Phil, I did mean New Zealand in my question.

  • Boss Hogg

    Phil,  Can you please advise whether or not you are a beneficiary of the New Zeland Welfare system?

    If so, also please advise the type(s) of benefit(s) you recieve and the duration of these reciepts to date. 

    I am just curious as I live in a country with no welfare benefits being available to anyone.  And guess what?  There is no poverty.  That must be confusing for you.

  • you live in a fascist state..


    ..and you give me yr real name..

    ..and stop snivelling behind a fake-name…

    ..and i told you..

    ..i’m not going to wrestle with pigs.. hoggs have no show…

    ..but how about that upcoming massive march on

    ..and it won’t be just iwi-opposition to this economic madness..’ll be the rest of us as well..

    ..that smirk is about to be wiped off keys’ face..

    ..and the year has hardly kicked off..! someone pass the popcorn..

    ..this is gonna be fun..


    • Jester

      You marching on parliament! What a bloody joke. Chances of you dragging your lazy bludging ass out of bed to do any physical activity is laughable.

      Jester (

    • Boss Hogg

      Phil, Singapore is not a fascist country.  I have been called “Boss Hogg” by people I have worked with since about 1995 – just a bit of fun.

      Your repsonse was very predictable, I just had a quick look at some postings from you back in 2005.  You seemed to make a lot more sense back then.  You openly talked about your past and reasons for some of your life choices while being a devoted dad, etc.

      I fully respect that and good on you.

      Your postings here over the last few days seem to be more random, I hope you have not returned to any of those old ways – Truly.

      • nah..!..still just smoke pot..

        ..and ‘the boy’ just got kickarse ncea results…

        ..and a very cool kitten decided to adopt us..

        .in it’s own little way..’s all good..


  • Anonymous

    Any march on Parliament by the eternally-receiving-benefits crowd will backfire wonderfully. It’ll make the government’s poll ratings go up by 10% or so.
    Most people have had a gutsful of the lazy, feral underclass who constantly moan that they’re “entitled to this, entitled to that….”. So, if they want to get Minto, Bradford and a few more losers to march, then go for it.
    More entertainment for us.   

    • Thorn

      Pem Bird says nothing on the subject of Maori infanticide, but slithers into action if he sees an opportunity to graft an easy $. Its the modern equivalent of selling heads and eating one’s own daughters.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Phool is a drug addicted shithead, take no notice.
    Seems like he got hold of a container load of full stops to use in 2012.
    He feeds dogs veges ffs, strange man is this non working Philip Ure

    • and one of those dogs is now 13 yrs old..

      ..and has lived on a vegan diet all that time..

      ..looks/moves/has the energies of a three yr old…

      ..i use her to mess with vets’-heads..

      ..vets..and dumb/unaware carnivores..


  • fair enough whale..

    yr blog.. ‘free speech’ here..

    ..i thought you were a larger man than

    ..not so much a whale..

    ..more a

    ..sorry to spoil yr ys go..!

    ..get back to it..

    ..see ya..!


    • Tom

      “ ‘free speech’ here..”

      No free speech?
      Then how the fuck can I still see your drool on my screen?

      Bugger off back to your own planet

    • Anonymous


      ….if you have any respect for yourself…….

      …..then capitalize your own name….

      ….and while you’re at it…

      …learn to type….

      ….because people like you…

      …are just begging to be mocked…

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


    • Wtf are you on about….take a long draw on the reefer and chill fool.

      • i have corrected/updated at whoar and frogblog..


  • kevin

    I’m planning to pop in to the first hui on ‘our’ asset sales. It is in Rotorua 8th Feb 10.00am at the Distinction Hotel (old Sheraton) on Fenton St south. Bound to be a decent morning tea/lunch/arvo tea for our locals…

    • Anonymous

      save me some scones, i hate missing a free feed.


    I get so tired of this race based crap! Noone can ever “claim” this land as their own unless they paid for it. Floating onto land doesn’t make you own it anymore than standing in a garage makes me a car – and wiping out people that were here first definitely doesn’t stand upt! “Finders, Keepers” is not a legal argument. Show me receipts that proves you paid for something, then fine, you can have your money, until then, no ball.

    • Agent BallSack

      When the self appointed ‘guardians’ of ‘Aotearoa’ stop killing their kids and start looking after this country, perhaps they will deserve a ‘role’ in running it. Of course thats a big ‘when and if’. Oh & PS ~ Once you sell something ownership and rights pass on to the buyer, you cannot determine future outcomes unless caveat is employed beforehand. 

    • Peter Wilson

      Get with the program buddy.

      They say victors end up writing the history books, and that’s happened with race politics in NZ. The accepted mainstream political view in NZ is that the treaty IS a partnership, and unless you can change that opinion somehow, we’ve got a partnership with all the ramifications that entails, including good faith consultation.


        Fuck the program.And as far as History is concerned maybe it is time that the treaty should be resigned to that as well.To the victors go the spoils,they say.Pity whoever signed that shitpaper on our behalf,cant be held responsible for the complete nonsense it has become today.


    Am I missing something,figured this was about Saying fuck off Maori party,and all its bullshit.Now it seems it has become a cockfight between Kosh and some other dick,and the fact he is Gay(kosh).Lets get back to Maori party bashing,cause they are bigger dicks then those two.Shit all this gay talk on here has made me use cock,and dick in a sentance.Bugger it.