Maryatt: “Walk into my Office”

Tony Maryatt has said all it needs is for one of his staff or a majority of councillors to oppose him and he says that he will go

Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Marryatt says he will leave his job if he loses the support of the council.

Marryatt said he could negotiate a “walkout” if the majority of the council wanted him gone.

However, he believed it was not feasible.

“But there are some that would like it to happen,” he said during an interview with Newstalk ZB this morning.

He said it was a crucial time for the council as the Crown observer was going to make suggestions about more effective operations in the future.

Marryatt wanted to see whether the council was going to work together with him, or whether he should leave.

The staff “just have to walk into my office” to tell me, he said.

Rattle ya dags then and get on with it…hopefully he will take Bob with him.


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  • Lindsay Addie

    Marryatt has two words in mind, constructive dismissal.

    • Guest

      I’ve got two words for him – Goodbye Tony!

  • Gravedodger

     Unable to listen to the segment but a mate suggested Maryatt was part of a concerted campaign by the local Labour party to attack Bob as the beginning of the next Mayoral campaign.
    The impression gained was that Marryatt is mearly the meat in the sandwich. A theory that fits with my impression of much of the rubbish being presented as debate.

    Just witness who are leading the campaign and their motivations and that includes Elder of Solid Energy.

  • Roscoe

    These may
    turn out to be famous last words… if there is someone at the council willing
    and courageous enough to walk into his office and say “yes, I think you
    should go Mr Marryatt” someone had better record it this could be hero
    making stuff!!   Marryatt thinks that he
    is indispensable (TVNZ story) and has offered to negotiate a walkout which is
    quite threatening – remember he already has the $34,000 that he has not

  • bb

    well that sorts it out. im off to get a job at ccc and will be the first to march into his office. will be fun to say the least.