61 Years

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I have been told, fairly reliably, that today is a watershed day for industrial relations in New Zealand.

It is 61 years since a ship berthed at Fergusson Wharf has been unloaded by 100% non-union labour.

Garry Parsloe skited from his hotel room in Sydney that not a single ship would berth at Ports of Auckland while the strike was on and this morning Maersk Aberdeen sailed in as dawn broke and is now currently alongside and working at the terminal.  Worse for Garry Parsloe is the last port of call for Maersk Aberdeen was Melbourne.

While the Union members wait outside in the cold, and after threats have been made to shipping companies, as well as to non-union labour, things are happening inside the Port. The Port is operating.

For the first time in 61 years the Ports of Auckland are being successfully operated with non-union labour. This is a great demonstration from the world’s largest container ship operator that they are determined to achieve greater productivity at Ports of Auckland.

That they have berthed a vessel in Auckland during the MUNZ action shows their determination to support Ports of Auckland during the strike. I hope all the other shipping lines are as supportive.


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  • Scanner

     What a wonderful and special day, truly the beginning of a new era, this should at the very least be the justification for a public holiday.

    Fuck the wharf rats, fuck the MUNZ, and last but not least a big fuck you to Gary Parsehole.

  • LesleyNZ

    Wonder if Garry Parsloe travelled business class across the Tasman – like Helen Kelly and the other Unionists did when they flew to Fiji recently – and then flew out business class a couple of hours later after being banned from entering Fiji. (Haven’t heard them deny this report so would be interesting to know if this is true). Good to hear that the Ports of Auckland are operating.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In 1951 the ship[s were lined up in the stream and out in the Gulf and the ships were unloaded by service men and seagulls.

    Now we will see the end of the MUNZ as we know it and the union movememnt as well.

    I wonder how many members the Labour Party has excepting affiliates????

  • Hakim of phut

    And when the ship leaves the ‘non union’ labour will go home  and wait by the phone  to see when they are needed next. 

    6 hrs today, maybe 6 hrs on friday starting at 8pm or whenever the ship berths and then sit at home over the weekend to see if the phone might ring

    • Grandstream

      Are you really as thick as you make out ? You know this is not true –  You are repeating the lies of the union – just fuck off and give Gary Parsnip a big kiss and cuddle !

    • In Vino Veritas

      And all that time, the picketers will not be called and will not be working (and I use that term loosely, since they only do 28 hours of work on average). Who’s better off Hak? Oh, and if they agreed to the POAL offer, they’d get 160 hrs minimum per month, and 2050 hours minimum per annum. So dont bleat about casualisation.

      ……….whats that chopping noise? is that the sound of your argument being lopped from under you Hak?

      • Bunswalla

        Actually IVV, it’s worse than that. For every 40 hours they get paid, they do only 26 hours work, not 28!

    • Doug_S

      I have been told the more you do that Hakim the more likely you are to go blind

    •  Or in the meantime they could go and find more suitable full time work to fit their life style and the port would find no qualified casual labour available next time they ring……

      • Jack

        I think you’ll find Neil, that the public are knocking down POA’s door who have more than adequate skills to step into these roles.  This is a global economic climate based on employment survival.  People will happily cross a picket line if it means the mortgage is paid, food is put on the table and the kids have clothes to wear to school.  Did the last election tell you nothing?  People are bored with politics and more than that, they are bored with Labour who are fully supported by Unions in general.  They are switching voters off! 

    • @BoJangles

      Lucky them…..

    • Richard B.

      Why would that be HoP?
      I know, existing port workers can’t read so they don’t understand the shipping time table they will get a month in advance.
      It all comes clear to me now, that’s also why they can only vote by show of hands and not have a secret ballot.
      Thanks Handfull Of Phoo, you have made things much clearer for me.

      • Hakim of phut

        a month in advance ?
        Just like the buses , a timetable  ??
        More like  arrive 4am or 4pm

      • ConwayCaptain


        These ships have a reserve of speed and can make up time if needed, and it is a good reserve of speed I can asure you.  With these ships doing slow speed voyages now they have plenty in reserve.

      • Roger

         Pfft – up your meds and stop the one handed typing. The you’d know the difference between 4am and 4pm. And, BTW no buses at 4am. That is generally a good clue as to which part of the diurnal cycle you are in.

    • ConwayCaptain


      You talk a load of codswallop.  These ships run to a timetable =+/- a few hrs.  The labour will know when the next ship is due and will be told by their employer.  These ships have their berths booked weeks in advance.

      They have a window of opportunity and if they miss this then they drop down the queue.  A vessel leaving Akl for say Hamburg/Rotterdam/Felixstowe will have her canal passage booked and her berths booked at these ports before she leaves Akl.

      • Hakim of phut

        I thought you knew better than that CC. Airlines  have schedules too and they break them all the time. Shipping is the same,  a third may be delayed by a day or so.
        And why would the poirt want casual labour, unless they want to call them up when needed 

      • Chrish4

        And THAT is the exact reason the Rena hit the reef – trying to cut the corner to get docked in time and unloaded first, as their productivity/pay is all around being on schedule!

      • Roger

         Pfft, if one is late there’ll be another to unload. If you want a cargo cult go to PNG.


      Just maybe the non-union guys should take the offer on the table.160hrs a month,which I believe equates to a 40hr week.Sounds good to me,where can I sign up.Will be better pay rate then I am getting now for sure.And I dont want to sign up for any union.

    • Hoha

      Hakim the information you are receiving is entirely wrong. Ive read each parties proposals from Oct To Dec and not once has there been mention of casualisation of the work force from POAL all casualisation talk has come from the union, I am able to read these as my partner works for the ports and brings home all up dates on the strike.
      These union workers would be garanteed a minimum of 40 hrs per work whether they work it or not. ( note the word minimum ).They already wait for phone calls just in case any OT comes up.
      Oh sorry there was 1 point made about casual workers, all casuals to be made permanent as to the wishes of not only union members but non union members as well.
      This strike is going to cost many jobs both for union and non workers at the ports just because a few of them want their redundancies. 


        Good to see,facts are are hard to argue with.Hakim,take notice.Thanks for your info Hoha.

    • Chrish4

      Don’t they have mobiles?? (You would think on $90K they would all have iPhones!!)

      Then they can wait in the pub playing the pokies! (Or Angry Birds)…

    • Roger

      Pfft it’s just the Unionists – waiting, waiting, waiting. Their call won’t come. They are now actually ROOTED. Ignorant as you appear Pfft modern shipping practice is to publish their schedules months in advance – and stick to them weather permitting. There is no-one waiting on the dock each day, staring wistfully at the horizon waiting for their boat to come in. Everyone has phones, cell, satellite whatever. The bullshit about no work life balance is just that; bullshit. MUNZ and its acolytes will have cracked the work life balance though once the dust settles – NO WORK to interfere with their life.

  • Agent BallSack

    Good on Maersk & POAL. Now that 1% of the ships this week are unloaded by non-unionised labour, MUNZ are 100% fucked. To paraphrase a favourite quote of the left.

    • Gazzaw

      Good to see that Maersk & POAL took on board Parsloe’s threat to have them blacklisted worldwide.

      Goodnight Garry. Don’t forget to turn the light out as you leave the MUNZ office.


    Shows what they think of union claims to blacklist,or whatever the bullshit word they used to try and scare off the shipping companies.The port will carry on,and just maybe they should lockout the union workers,or should that be blacklist them.Good luck with your next job applications eh.

  • Wychbych

    The bosses are trying to make all the workers redundant, then re-hire them on new contracts, part-time and casual contracts, is that right?

    ‘Redundant’ means ‘no longer needed’, ‘superfluous’, ‘unnecessary’. That is, that position no longer exists, because it is not needed. Tell the bosses that, eh? It’s sneaky, underhanded tactics to try to get workers fired then re-hired under lesser conditions. Go, National.


      Read Hoha comment above.

    • Doug_S

      There are few ways of ridding yourself of dead wood. The good news is all those new hires will be subject to the 90 day law. Work hard, do your job and you will stay on…fuck around all day intimidating non union members and leaning on shovels will ensure you will not be around on he 91st day…GO POAL get rid of the dead wood any way you can!!

    • Callum

      No they are moving to a contract labour basis for the port where external companies supply the labour on an as needed basis. The port workers will then need to apply for jobs with the contractor not the port. This has become a necessary business decision due the additional costs and risks involved with employing staff directly (significantly added to by the union strike action).

    • Captain Sweatpants

      Oh dear Wychbych, you are proving to be as popular as Phut.  Totally agree with Callum.  You also fail to see the win/win situation here for the union members.  They get a fat redundancy lets say on a Friday and start as an employee with a contracting out company on the Saturday (should they apply for a position).  As stated above, new contracting companies will require skilled labour.  The issue here is whether the union members will apply for jobs quickly with these contracting companies, because they will be looking to recruit employees for their companies now.  Should a current union stevedore fail to act on that, then he may not have the opportunity later.  He therefore will be the master of his own destruction.  What I can’t believe is that the very first offer by the company to the union was a rollover of the current terms and conditions that the staff have now.  What the company wanted was the opportunity to invest time talking to their staff on where efficiencies could be made.  Garry Parsloe in all his wisdom decided to put in a strike notice because he did not like the company to work constructively with his members (even though after a year if things were unresolved there was the option to renegotiate).  Now after losing shipping services and continuous and pointless strike action, they cry foul because all they wanted was the same terms and conditions that they always had in the first place.  If you think that the Company has sneaky underhanded tactics, then you must accept that MUNZ too have their failings which is sheer stupidity considering the first offer put on the table was what they were after all along. 

  • Exclamation Mark

    You should have heard the gales of laughter coming from our smoko room when I read the letter from John Minto in the Herald today claiming that the public are supporting the union’s port strike.

    I honestly wonder if he managed to type that with a straight face or if he is truly deluded enough to beleive it.


      DELUDED for sure,has been for years

    • Hakim of phut

      You would be surprised . Mana Party got more votes than ACT in the last election


        What the fuck has that got to do with Above post.Always trying to side track.Go and annoy your village you idiot.

      • SJ00

        Yip and ACT are part of the government and able to help the country, and Mana are sitting on the sidelines crying about ‘poverty’ and able to do anything to help. So whats your point?

      • SJ00

        Sorry Mana are not able to do anything to help sitting on the sidelines.

      • In Vino Veritas

        It should come as no surprise to you Hakim that there are 23,000 odd raving, mouth foaming lunatics in NZ that have an axe to grind? Marxists, Trotskyists, Vegetarianists, climate alarmists and, Maori autonomists, just to name a few.
        You may also recall that John Minto 30 years ago, claimed most NZ’ers didnt want the Springbok tour to go ahead. That too, was a fantasy in his place that echoes.

      • Doug_S

        You mean, half of northland were dumb enough to vote for Hone..The fact that he go so many votes speak volumes about the mental capacity of the demographic that voted for him.

      • Roger

         Pfft, that’s what happens when you vote more than once.

  • Anonymouscoward

    Maersk will want to maintain a token presence at Auckland so it can continue to play Tauranga and Auckand of against each other to get lower port charges.

    Will the the benefits of lower port labour costs be enjoyed by Aucklanders or fat cats in Copenhagen?

    • Roger

      That’s a very good point. While I agree completely with the action being taken by PoAL, the reality is it will be a continuance of the race to the bottom. Maersk aided and abetted by their mates Fonterra. However, once step at a time.

  • Bunswalla

    Go back to the original reason for the industrial action, which has now spiralled out of control and will (please please please) end up costing all MUNZ “workers” at POAL their jobs. The original reason for strike action was that MUNZ members objected to the fact that POAL were paying non-union members the same rates as MUNZ members.

    The spuriousness of this petty attitude is exceeded only by their complete lack of intelligence and knowledge of the law. An employer is entitled to pay whatever they choose to whomever they wish (providing it’s within the terms of the ERA). But noooh, the small-minded MUNZ members wanted to ensure they got better pay and benefits as a reward for their ability to organise themselves into a union and bargain collectively.

    And now look where it’s got them – locked out of their own workplace while their leaders are on the piss down the Cross, still being paid and issuing illegal (and now, thankfully, ignored) threats to POAL and the shipping companies.

    • Hoha

      Yes and if anyone has kept up with this you will see that they have changed the reasons for striking 6 times now I think it is. All in an effort to get public support well that what I believe

      • FartingRob

        Yes and see the  original MUNZ demands when they went to the negotiations table at the beginning of this fiasco.  They were wanting 30 days paid sick leave a year when the rest of the country gets 5. Not to mention all the other dribble that came out.  It bores me to think of it.  There’s all this talk of 1% of the people owning all the wealth and here we have the union demanding what 99% of the workers in the country don’t get.  Favouritism of the selected few – isn’t this what Unions are against?

        MUNZ = Mediocre underdeveloped nutter zealots

  • peterwn

    They either will not dare to threaten Maersk with blacklisting, or Maersk will tell them where to stick it. Maersk is too big to blacklist. I think Mearsk would like to run the auckland port 9it runs some other ports overseas) and the union is giving Maersk a strong helping hand with this.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Maersk run the port at what waqs Port Swettenham/Klang and they have something like 20% share of the wrodls container shipping.  They would be the biggest charterer I would think and always have a stream of ship on the stocks.

      • Gazzaw

        I did some work up at Klang with Star Cruises a few years back CC. Maersk have a big presence there.  As you would know the majority of the large ports in Asia are financed and/or operated by port companies & shipping lines & MUNZ would not concern them in the slightest. That’s if they have even heard of MUNZ.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In the scheme of things internationally POAL and PoT are MINNOWS and as for the MUNZ then Maersk could stand on them and not feel a thing.  If MUNZ decided to try and blackball Naersk internationally Maersk would have more high powered lawyers on the case faster than Parsloe could fart.

    As for Poal and Pot if they were put up for sale, Maersk, Dubai Ports (ex P&O Ports) Hutchinsons etc could buy them using the tea money lying around.

    20 years ago I was in Long Beach and we coukd count twice as many container cranes there then than you would find in POAL and POT NOW.

    • Doug_S

      You don’t know a Cpt Morley do you?

    • Jester

      Parsloe: “Hello Maersk, Gary Parsloe here, you’ve been warned!”

      Maersk: ” Gary who???”

      Parsloe: “Parsloe, Gary Parsloe. I’m the big cheese of MUNZ!” and I’m warning you!”

      Maersk: “MUNZ???”

      Parsloe: Maritime Union in New Zealand!”

      Maersk: “Where???”

      Parsloe: Grrr….Don’t worry about it! Just be warned OK!”

      Maersk: “Ummm. Ok?”


      Maersk #2: “Who was that?”

      Maersk: “Dunno….just some drunk warning me about cheese”

      • Agent BallSack

        Thats going to have me chuckling all the way home. Nice one, Jester.

  • Doug_S

    I have to say CC..Am not totally comfortable about the arrangement of the acronyms. Would be better around the other way…not a criticism but would not be surprised if some brainless lefty started using it to their advantage..Either way..Nice one Captain…love your posts!

    • jay cee

      no, we leave the ad hominum to you right wingers

  • kayaker

    With my newly redundant job status, every time I drive past those placard waving guys (unisex), I look straight ahead and say loudly – “losers, you’re lucky to have a job!” 

    • Grizz30

      Why not knock on the door of POAL. Those waving the placards might be doing you a favour by vacating their posts.

  • thor42

    Bloody good stuff! A great day indeed, seeing a ship unloaded by 100% DEDICATED, hardworking non-union labour.  
    Long may it continue! 
    MUNZ are history. They’re dead in the water.