A bucket list for food?

The health nazis have published a list of foods we are supposed to blacklist…I’m treating it as a bucket list just to spite them.

Taking the boy to school this morning he listened as Mike Hosking reeled off some of the evil foods. He turned to me and said “Dad, I reckon you could make an epic meal by combining a whole lot of those”.

I asked how so and he said “Well they mentioned cream, doughnuts and jam, that’s 3 in one right there with a jam and cream filled donut.”


Right, time to tick off some of the list off to Takanini for lunch today.

Has a notorious foot-long cheeseburger that has twice as many calories as KFC’s Double Down

Photos later.


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  • Alloytoo

    I for one have never eaten Ice-cream for it’s nutritional value.

    This however should be a warning:


  • jabba

    I posted on my FB page yesterday an article from the Daily Mail about a bloke who is following the sort of diet his Grandparents ate ,, his health has picked up .. a long story but interesting

    • Sarrs

      Post here please? That sounds interesting!

      • Grok

        Its called Paleo, or Primal or Ancestral health. Google it. It’s awesome.

  • SJ00

    Cameron, I think this needs to be on your bucket list as well!
    (watch the fat count in the bottom right hand corner!)

  • Blokeintakapuna

    haha – in all seriousness – if anyone wants a great diet to follow – especially blokes, try the Dukan Diet. High protein, little or no carbs, and a bit of low fat dairy. Professor Dukan is (supposedly) the world expert on treating morbidly obese people, so he knows what he’s talking about – and with a bit of exercise and sticking to these principals – easily dropped 17kg in 3 month’s.

    It’s online and free, easy to follow and sound nutritional advise. Cheers!

  • John Q Public

    I’ve had Carl’s Jr burgers here, and they are fantastic. Like how Wendy’s used to be before they went shit.

  • middleagedwhiteguy
  • thor42

    I too am fed up with the food nazis whining that “we shouldn’t eat this, we shouldn’t eat that…..” 
    I’m a very big fan of curries and I have a small amount of alcohol (mostly liqueur in my coffee and a bit of Amarula liqueur as well). I reckon those things on their own would damned near cancel out anything else that I eat that would be frowned on by the food nazis.   

  • Hagues

    Bucketlist? Shoot I’ve done them all already.

  • jay cee

    i’m on the sea food diet- “see food,eat it”  more to the point if you have a active life style then you can be a little more generous with your portions than if you are sedentary. sorry but most of the so called black list are my favourites and i aint giving them up.