A Day of Shame

This is what Google News has listed for “Trevor Mallard scalping

Trevor Mallard’s tidy Trade Me ticket profit
New Zealand Herald – ‎3 hours ago‎

By APNZ staff The students who bought tickets to Wellington’s Homegrown music festival from Labour MP Trevor Mallard for an inflated price have turned down his offer to buy them back. Mr Mallard came under fire today after he made a profit by 

Mallard’s tickets: it’s not a good look
Stuff.co.nz (blog) – ‎8 hours ago‎

Many of us have been in the situation where we buy tickets for something, and then can’t attend. Once upon a time you’d give the tickets away to friends. Since the popularisation of the Internet, there has been an alternative.

Mallard defends ticket ‘scalping’
TVNZ – ‎9 hours ago‎

Labour MP Trevor Mallard is defending selling four tickets to a popular music festival on Trade Me. Mallard, who was responsible for introducing anti-scalping laws in time for the Rugby World Cup when Labour was in power, has faced questions after he 

MP accused of ticket scalping
TVNZ – ‎17 hours ago

Nick Potts, Laura Signal and Stuart Garner bought tickets for this weekend’s Homegrown event from Trevor Mallard and paid a lot more than face value. There is nothing illegal in on-selling tickets. – Source: Fairfax Labour MP Trevor Mallard has been 

Red-faced MP tries to give back cash
MSN NZ News – ‎2 hours ago‎

After being scorned by government MPs, Labour’s Trevor Mallard is trying to refund the money he made by selling tickets to a sold-out local music festival for nearly double their face value. The Hutt South MP sold four tickets to the Homegrown festival 

Mallard fronts on profiting from ticket scalping
3News NZ – ‎2 hours ago‎

Should the Labour Party MP have sold his concert tickets on TradeMe at a fairly tidy profit? The tickets were for Homegrown, a New Zealand music festival on the Wellington waterfront featuring everyone from Shihad to Che Fu, Fat Freddy’s Drop to 

Shearer says ticket sale was unwise
Radio New Zealand – ‎3 hours ago

Labour Party leader David Shearer says his MP Trevor Mallard was unwise to sell tickets for a music festival for more than their original value. Mr Mallard is under fire for the Trademe sale after he sponsored legislation outlawing ticket scalping in 

Mallard breaking his own scalping laws
3News NZ – ‎4 hours ago

By Tova O’Brien Labour MP Trevor Mallard found his credibility up for sale on TradeMe today until the website’s administrator stepped in to withdraw the listing. While the listing was a joke it was not the only one at Mr Mallard’s expense.

Mallard gets ribbing over ticket ‘scalping’
The Dominion Post – ‎7 hours ago‎

PRICEY EVENT: Nick Potts, Laura Signal and Stuart Garner bought tickets for this weekend’s Homegrown event from Trevor Mallard and paid a lot more than face value. There is nothing illegal in on-selling tickets. Embarrassed over an alleged case of 

Mallard offers refund after scalping claims
Otago Daily Times – ‎7 hours ago‎

Labour MP Trevor Mallard has offered to buy back tickets to Wellington’s Homegrown music festival after being criticised for making a profit from his online auction sale. Tickets for the sold-out event on Saturday originally sold for $95 each, 


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  • Pete George

    Scalper sucks, can’t duck plucking.

  • Open season on Mallard….

    • Troy

      Always water off a duck’s back when it comes to Mallard.  Even had the audacity to sit in the debating chamber Thursday and laugh all about it – yup, we pay this guy and all he can be is a goat’s cock.

  • ConwayCaptain

    As i have posted before this man should be made to resign.  They are all laughing on the Labour benches, Ha Ha Trevors been caught out.

    It is no laughing matter, we have a v senior MP and ex Minister of the Crown, behaving in this scurrilous way.  HE MUST BE REMOVED.

    • Gazzaw

      Your call David Shearer.

  • Brian Smaller

    If it has not been said already Whale, perhaps Mallard needs a new nickname. How about Injun Trev, because he is a Scalper.

  • MarcWills

    I see this as a test of David Shearer’s leadership – the fact that he appears to be silent so far about his senior MP’s behaviour and how it reflects on his Party does not bode well for the future of Labour. When will they ever learn? Do they not see that Mallard’s behaviour is exactly the reason why they will remain in opposition and have no credibility with the electorate.
    At the least I would expect disciplinary action to include further demotion in seniority for this sort of activity, and a final warning about not bringing the Party into disrepute in the future.

    • Pete George

      Shearer hasn’t been silent:

      Labour Party leader David Shearer says his MP Trevor Mallard was
      unwise to sell tickets for a music festival for more than their
      original value.


      After he recovers from that bollocking Mallard will be a changed MP.

      • Agent BallSack

        What does the duck have to do to get his goose cooked? Is it just me that he reminds me of a young Winston?

      • Rockyr

        You mean leopards can change their spots Pete.

  • dutyfree

    Mallard is a dick, scalping is generally bad, but assuming he made the purchase with his own money I don’t really care whether he sold the tickets or not.  This is a political game and he was stupid for doing it, but it is actually free enterprise, he took the risk with his own money we assume and looks like he made some money, its called capitalism.  If he had sold them at a loss would you all be pissing on him and insisting the purchasers made up the difference?  He transacted at the market price, next thing you will all be arguing that we should only be allowed to sell our own possessions at cost price or less.

    • Callum

       No one really cares that he made money, the key point is the hypocrisy of it. Oh, and breaching the ticketek terms but that is only a civil matter.

      • Troy

        … and, given that he pushed for the law changes about such matters.  Inside the debating chamber the word hypocrisy cannot be used – if I lived in Wellington I’d paint a banner with the word hypocrite and wrap it around his electorate office.

      • Agent BallSack

        Hmmm hypocrisy can’t be used in Parliament – Lucky! How about: filthy, two faced, scheming, cheating arsehole? I think that’s still allowed.

    • timboh

      @DF you may not be aware of the whole story. He has 6 trades in his feedback. sets of tickets to Homegrown for the past 2 years, Wellington Sevens and International Hockey. THis from a man who said selling tickets for more than face value is scalping when he was the architect of a law that prohibited this behavior from major events. It really doesn’t matter that these events were not in that category. It’s is plain and simple hypocrisy and unbelievably stupid for a person in his position. Of course his record of slandering people using parliamentary privilege is yet another facet to his repulsive nature.

    • Pete George

      It may be a form of capitalism, but it’s simply profiteering, making money for doing bugger all, 1% sort of capitalism.

      I don’t know if Trevor has any experience with productive capitalism, you know, actually earning money.

      • Money for doing bugger-all would be the summary of Mr Mallard’s entire career. Unless cycling counts as doing something productive, of course…

  • Charles Wells

    Does anyone believe he actually paid for the tickets in the first place?

    • Gazzaw

      It seems that only Mallard is 100% sure on that point Charles.