A film on Marriage Equality

An email yesterday:

Dear Whale Oil Beef Hooked,

My name is Elliot London…  My passion is making gay cinema…

I have been working on a beautiful short film (THE WEDDING DANCE) about Equality in a different perspective. I would be so ever grateful if you would take a look at this 3 minute film and consider posting it when the time is so right to educate one another.

The objective with this project is to raise money for our feature film FRIEND. A film about coming out in 2012. A time now when things are so different with social networking. A time now that a child might not have the correct tools to coupe with humiliation in an instant world.

FRIEND is about giving back. Its a movie about accepting and loving oneself but most of all it is about educating. With the proceeds from this film I am going to be donating the profits to groups that help educate at risk youth… If we can raise $10,000 to make our last film with social networking. Than $250,000 can be done. Please take a look at the campaign we have started. Please share this film…

Thank You
Elliot London


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  • LesleyNZ

    Well if you do not believe there is a God in heaven who created you then of course you accept what message this short film is giving. Sorry – I believe in God who created a man and woman and that a man and woman are meant to be together – not man and man or woman and woman. What I believe, I believe to be right – others believe what I believe to be wrong. These days I know am in the minority and as society moves away from belief in God who created the world and man and woman – away from Judo-Christian ethics then I have become the “odd one out”. So be it. Thought for today – every day we witness a miracle of God’s creation – every time a baby girl or boy is born.   

    • Guestosterone

      i call bullshit

      • grumpy

        I call bullshit to your bullshit…….

    • Groans

      Well said Lesley

    • Sarrs

      Well why don’t you just ignore what other people do and focus on living a sin-free and blameless life yourself. According to your way of thinking, God will punish all the sinners (I’m guessing that includes sinner enablers) so you can just sit back and let everyone else make their own decisions and accept the consequences in due course. 

      • LesleyNZ

        Element of truth in what you say Sarrs but when others begin to force their beliefs onto me I do not have to accept them. Just like you do not have to accept my beliefs and you are demonstrating this in your reply.

      • Sarrs

        I guess we differ on the definition of ‘forcing their beliefs onto me’ – unless people are banging on my door, shouting at me through my windows and accosting me on the streets I don’t see my self as having anyone’s beliefs forced on me. Seeing as how I am yet to experience anything that I believe meets my definitions of being forced on me (that includes religions of all kinds) I’m happy to sit back and let others do as they please. 

      • No one is  forcing you into gay marriage…don’y silly…it isn’t compulsory.

  • Groans

    Am I suppossed to moved by this dribble?

    • Guestosterone

      lesley is only stating her fantastical fairy story world view groans

      no need to be rude

      • Groans

        I’m referring to W/O not Lesley

      • LesleyNZ

        Sad though Guetosterone that we will have to wait until after we die to see who is right – then it is too late.

  • Bunswalla

    Lesley, a few home truths:

    1. There is no God (well, there are literally thousands of gods, but no “magic guy in the sky” that created you, me and everybody).

    2. There is no heaven. Like the rest of the (dozens of different versions of the) bible it is a made-up story to make you put up with the crap known as your life, in the hope that you’ll behave nicely to people in expectation of a big reward later. It’s a con Lesley. By all means behave nicely to people but do it because you want to, not because you think a supreme being wants you to, and certainly not to buy a ticket to the magic kingdom of heaven.

    3. The good news it: there’s no hell either. So cheer up – the only (personal) consequences of your behaviour are what takes place on this earth and during your lifetime. After that – nothing.

    4. People are pretty much going to do what they want to do, regardless of you or me. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, I see no harm in gays, lesbians, hermaphrodites and even stick insects getting married if it makes them happy.


    • Groans

      You say there’s no God. To state that means you would have to know everything. Are you suffering from the same smugness as the Leftwing?

      • Guestosterone

        hello kettle pot calling

        and homosexuality is real, groans there are plenty of ways you can go and find p(r)oof

        god on the other hand is definitely a bit harder, if you have some ideas let us know

      • Bunswalla

        Why do you surmise that it means I have to know everything? Your logic is way off – it simply requires that I know that there’s no god, which I do. You know it too, you just choose not to believe it. Unless you have some evidence or proof, which you don’t. I know that too, because there isn’t any.

    • Scott90

      a rather compelling post, but ultimately holds as much water as the post you are railing against.
      By your own admissions there is no proof regarding God (existing or not that would mean), therefore your own logic would dictate that your belief system of “knowing there is no God” is also fallible.
      But if you do happen to have concrete proof that God does not exist, and not just some esoteric internet posts by humanists or atheists, we’d all really appreciate you sharing as it will clear up one of the largest debates of all time.

      • Bunswalla

        Scott, a rather dim-witted riposte, exactly what I expected from you. Yet it is no less disingenuous for all that, notwithstanding the esoteric if circular argument ignoring the futlity of attempting to prove a negative. Yet the inability to disprove a negative is neither a proof for a positive. Indeed, the only proof for a positive is what we in the learned world call “proof positive”. So why not cut to the chase and provide proof – if that is the purpose of your otherwise meaningless piece of pedantry – of this god of which you speak so interminably in your “blog”?

  • Dr Wang

    Well that’s 3.5 minutes of my life wasted watching a piece of total dross – my bad!

  • Vlad

    I draw the line at stick insects

  • kris k

    Homosexual ‘marriage’ is a complete misnomer; an artificial construct which attempts to ‘normalise’ what is a sexual deviant practice, not to mention against both nature and God.

    I think Western society is about due another “Sodom & Gomorrah” moment.

    • Guestosterone

      that was christchurch surely

    • What a load of rubbish….and surely that is for God to determine not you.

      • kris k

        God has determined it – I’m just the messenger.

      • Oh righto…I’m sure the bible warns us of self proclaimed messengers from god…or are you in fact an angel?

      • kris k

        Actually the Bible instead condemns those who rejected individuals God sent as His messengers to warn them of His coming judgement[s] due to their unrepentant and sin-blackened hearts. If you were to read the Bible you would realise this truth.

        Of the many things God’s word condemns there is nothing more clear than His condemnation of those who practice homosexuality.

      • Agent BallSack

        I prefer to believe in Unicorns. And pots of gold at the end of rainbows.

      • Richard B. (formally poorman)

        I’m with you there Special AgentBallSack.

        Where and when do us Unicorn belivers meet?

      • Agent BallSack

        @ Richard B…The Daktory of course. Friday nights, 7.30 ;)

  • Andrei

    Well that is just putrid and it stinks even before it gets to the lie where he introduces his “parents”.

    See somewhere there is a woman that would be  a human being with womb, ovaries and breasts who carried the Groom in her  womb for nine months and the presumably suckled said groom at her breast for some time.

    And the idea of marriage is to bond the real parents, ie a man and a woman together in order to conceive and raise him.

    This is not hard – it is elementary and saccharine sweet sickly propaganda (to the point of being vomit inducing)  trying to say otherwise is not going to change this

    • Kthxbai

      Oh dear Andrei, I smell fundamentalism – all that fevered talk of wombs, ovaries, breasts, suckling, breasts, wombs, breasts… in a religious context.

      You do know that women like to be regarded as people, not just a collection of bits, don’t you?

      • Guestosterone

        andrei doesn’t appear to know any women

  • Richard B. (formally poorman)

    I think the thing we are all missig here is this:

    How many of us have ever received an email with the first line “My passion is making gay cinema”.

    Now thats precise and to the point.
    Mr Whale, you get the best stuff via the tip line………

    • Agent BallSack

      Normally those don’t make it through the spam filter..Unless you’re with Telecom and its a work email.

  • Hokitika

    I read today that a recent study shows that West Coast
    people are the happiest in the country (the least happy are from Marlborough).
    It really is time some of you poor hard-assed people lightened up. Gay marriage
    makes no difference to anyone else. Where there is love and joy; there is love
    and joy. The marriages that do make a difference to us (i.e. society) are those
    that are loveless, brutal, subjugating women, knocking the children about,
    unsupportive and so on. Anything that occurs in the nation’s bedrooms makes no
    difference where there is joy.

    • Pharmachick

      +1 Hokotika

  • Bunswalla

    He was right though – that was a really gay movie

  • jay cee

    an in laws niece is getting married this friday 24th to her lady partner. may i take this opportunity to publicly  wish them every happiness in their lives together. 

    • Guestosterone


  • Montys mum

    And I suppose they will have a family?

  • Elliotlondonfilm

    Thank You So Much… I am so proud to come from a New Zealand born family:)
    Elliot London