A good idea

Barry O’Farrell is coming up with loads of good ideas, like this one to stop wildcat strikes:

UNIONS calling ”wildcat” strikes face crippling fines of up to $220,000 a day under an exponential increase in penalties for unauthorised industrial action proposed by the Premier, Barry O’Farrell.

The new fines are an 11-fold increase in the penalties for contravening dispute orders of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

They would rise from $10,000 for each day of a first offence to $110,000. The new penalty for a repeat offence rises to $220,000.

Under the changes, the day of action organised by the NSW Teachers Federation last September would have attracted a fine of $220,000 instead of $20,000.

Barry O’Farrell is quickly becoming?the?Chris Christie and Scott Walker of Australia. He is also adopting something I discussed earlier in the year, the removal of monopoly unions through worker choice:

Mr O’Farrell also announced proposed changes to the Industrial Relations Act to allow an employee to choose which union they join. Under the present system, groups of workers in a particular job can be restricted to coverage by a specific union.

This should be deployed in New?Zealand?particularly int he Education sector where union monopolies exist.

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