A good start

About 50 back-end bureaucrats bro-racrats are to be cut loose in a shake up at Te Puni Kokiri:

Redundancies at Te Puni Kokiri have been slammed by Mana MP Hone Harawira.

Staff at the ministry, which advises the Government on Maori issues and development, are believed to have been told that about 50 of their number will lose their jobs.

Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples this afternoon confirmed  Te Puni Kokiri staff had been briefed by its chief executive on “efficiency” measures today.

“How the Ministry manages their fiscal pressures and efficiency dividend is of course an operational matter for management. I expect to be consulted on the chief executive’s proposals for how Te Puni Kokiri continues to deliver the most effective services to the public, within the budget they have been allocated,” he said.

Fifty is a good start. Perhaps Tony Ryall could have a word with Pita Sharples and explain how he must try harder.


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  • Dr Wang

    They are probably effectively only “part-time” workers anyway.

    I worked on a private project for a senior TPK executive (not the top dog in his office, but within top 4 or 5) last year. Almost all of our meetings were held in the TPK boardroom (some lasting several hours), TPK “hospitality” was generously splashed around, all photocopying/secretarial services etc generously provided by TPK…etc.

    All of this went on totally openly in front of all other staff, so it was obviously acceptable behaviour in that office. If my experience was typical of all TPK workplaces they could probably drop 50% of their staff with little or no change to productivity.

  • Anonymous

    So did Hone give any reason why the cutbacks are bad? Or did he just “slam” them?

    • Agent BallSack

      White Mother Fuckers took his kids jobs?

    • Grandstream

      cut-back are bad because without cushy Govt paying jobs, the  brain washed maori youth will only ever be able to earn the dole. The dole does not allow for significant donations to teh Mana party !

  • Gazzaw

    Might be able to get a seat in the Auckland Koru Club lounge now on a Monday morning!

    Interesting that a Ngapuhi elder gave TPK to total thumbs down when talking to Hosking this morning. He commented on the total lack of effort in employment issues.

  • Dr Wang, out of true curiosity, what do TPK actually do? What outputs would I be aware of?

    • Dr Wang

      Mark – I was working with the TPK staffer on his personal/private project, so can’t say what TPK does to be honest. But to describe the apparent level of activity in the place as “laid-back” or “cruisy” would almost be an understatement! Then again, I only went there on 5 or 6 occasions – there may have been furious bursts of activity at other times…(cough, cough)…

  • AnonWgtn

    Did I not see that TPK (permanent staff) had the highest average salaries of all Government Departments.
    Of course you do not see the (Whanau) Consultants incomes and perks in the figures.

    When I worked very close by they appeared to have the highest number of Taxi chits I ever saw.

  • Roketrod

    TPK = Ministry of Maori Development.  “Maori Development” – now there’s a great oxymoron!


    Was a waste of time.Need to put the broom to a few more of these get rich schemes that have been set up to help Maori.Only the ones running it help themselves, and get rich.As for Hone,well fuck off for starters.

  • Bunswalla

    TPK was told (like every other Govt Dept) that they had to make cost savings – in their case $5m a year. Given that they’re sacking 50 of these bludgers, it’s clear they all receive on average $100k a year. For what?