A Grand Coalition?

After just two days in the parliament this new year Labour is signaling a truce of sorts. Winston Peters is overshadowing David Shearer, on almost every issue, and is now the de facto Leader of the Opposition

Actually they appear to be calling time on having to deal with Winston Peters and the Greens instead describing what sounds awfully like a grand coalition proposition.

Rather than delve into the debate, I wanted to raise whether there was an opportunity for a culture shift in the way opposition parties attacked the Government on specific BIG ISSUES like Asset Sales, like Growing Inequality, Like Children Living in Poverty. Some may consider this a broad coalition of the opposition, and to be frank post-election it will be an organic exercise.

Could it be an opportunity for doing things differently in opposition in an MMP environment – your thoughts?

So she is proposing a Grand Coalition of Opposition parties not one with National. The problem is the hotch potch of pinko parties have seen the net result of co-habitation with Labour – ruin.

Nanaia Mahuta is touted as a future leader of Labour, she must have had authorisation from the leadership to fly such a kite on Red Alert.

I like the idea of their Grand Coalition, but i would like to see Labour’s leadership offer the idea up formerly but also have the leadership up for contest between Shearer, Peters and Norman/Turei. They could tour the nation building broad consensus for their Grand Coalition then have a vote for who should be the leadership team.



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  • Apolonia

    Co-co-co leaders anyone?

  • Euan Rt

    The grand coalition of opposition? I thought we used to just call that the ‘opposition’.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Grand Coalition? yeah. Go for it, fight you bastards, see who has the biggest balls.
    Just don’t stop fighting and we will all be happy

  • Anonymous

    If winny manages to stay out of trouble and be more media friendly he’ll leave Shearer out in the political wilderness. I’m starting to think even Goff has more balls than Shearer, and I never pictured myself making that comparison with Goff against ANYONE.

  • Anonymous

    “Growing inequality.”  “Children living in poverty”.
    They’re **bollocks** issues. Whine, whine, whine.
    “Inequality” will ALWAYS be around. Children living in poverty – yeah, 99% of which is the result of TOO MUCH BREEDING, lousy budgeting and lifestyle choices. Spending on booze, smokes and Sky TV.
    Voters are sick to the back teeth of this kind of negativity. If the lefties this think’ll be a vote-grabber for them, then I say **go for it.** 

  • Anonymous Economist

    And where’s the only real opposition – ACT – when you need it

    The treasury BIM – you know, the one that said “New Zealand’s long-standing large net external liability position (as reflected by our international investment position) was at a level in 2008 that was comparable with many of the countries that have since suffered severe economic crises, as markets came to doubt their ongoing solvency  and of course it has got seriously worse since then

    also said abolishing the minimum wage – especially the increases in the minimum wage – was essential to making NZ competitive!   What’s Key done?  Ignored that as well!

  • Colin

    The last grand coalition we had was the right wing Reform/Liberal coalition. Gordon Coates lead this rag-tag tory mob to oblivion letting Micky Savage in the door. Once the Liberal/Reform coalition died, suffered rigor moris and the early stages of decomposition, the few Tories who still posessed a functioning brain rallied what troops they had and formed the New Zealand National Party. It took a few years for the new party to get the gumption to stand up and be counted, however, it became a force to be reckoned with. It is in power today….
    History can tell us what can happen in the future, whether you like the outcome or not.
    We havnt had a TRUE communist party with any teeth…. yet!

  • Peter Wilson

    Obviously Labour MP’s are under instruction to be helpful, co-operative, and be nice guys. Sorry, National did that, and won power. It won’t work again for a while, they’ll just be invisible. And opposition parties surely work together already, on issues of common interest.


    Winnie is just the Pied piper,and the rats do follow.

  • jay cee

    coalition with labour will lead to ruin? possibly, but then how many members in the house does act have now?