A Jafatax for funding Maori?

The Maori Statutory Board at Auckland Council only want $295 million over ten years.

A Maori board is considering judicial action unless Auckland Council commits more money to Maori development.

The Independent Maori Statutory Board said the council’s 10-year draft budget provided less than a third of the $295 million needed to improve the position of Maori, Radio New Zealand reported.

The sum was needed to cover work and spending over the next 10 years to help with Maori facilities, significant land and sites, strengthening the culture and environmental work, the board argued.

The budget goes to a key committee today.

Len is promoting a massive grab bag of Jafataxes for his pet projects, I’m sure he’s happy with another Jafatax for Iwi and Urban Maori to get the almost $300 million they need for development.

Perhaps someone should ask him if he:

a) supports an increase in funding for Maori development as the Maori Statutory Board requests
b) would support another Jafatax to help fund it.

Len Brown could have avoided all this by agreeing to a referendum on Maori representation…he could still have such a referendum at the next local body election. Let the people decide…it’s called democracy.


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  • Hakim of phut

    The MAC (  with their own funding) was of course passed into law by  Hide and the national party government.
    Local Government ( Auckland Council ) Act 2009
    S88 Auckland Council’s duties to board(1) The Auckland Council must—(a) provide the board with the information that the board needs to identify business of the Council that relates to the board’s purpose:(b) consult the board on matters affecting mana whenua groups and mataawaka of Tamaki Makaurau:(c) take into account the board’s advice on ensuring that the input of mana whenua groups and mataawaka of Tamaki Makaurau is reflected in the Council’s strategies, policies, and plans:(d) take into account the board’s advice on other matters:(e) make an agreement under clause 20 of Schedule 2 every year to provide the board with the funding it needs to carry out its purpose:(f) work with the board on the design and execution of documents and processes that relate to seeking the input of mana whenua groups and mataawaka of Tamaki Makaurau.Provide board with funding !!

  • Doug_S

    Tell them their deamin!

  • Alloytoo

    Simple amendment under urgency to redact (e) from the act.

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    Since when is it the role of local council to be involved in any ethnic groups development?
    The point Cam raises is valid; what would the voters think of yet more frivilous expenditure by council? I can’t see any benefits in this for the ratepayers at all.  

    • Hakim of phut

      National Govt  wrote it into Supercity legislation
      (e) make an agreement under clause 20 of Schedule 2 every year to provide the board with the funding it needs to carry out its purpose: 

      Complain to your local National MP, the law was opposed by labour

  • Thorn

    Funding the Maori Statutory Board is like Superman funding Kryptonite.

  • toby_toby

    Just what the hell is the board spending all this money on?

  • Allan

    More bullshit from a bunch of useless bludgers wanting money for nothing.  The whole board should be scrapped immediately and the money saved put into more worthwhile projects like funding Auckland’s infrastructure projects.  At least then we would get something for the rates that we pay.

    • Hakim of phut

      You would have to get National govt to repeal the law they passed when Hide was the Local government minister. 

      • Brian

        Hakim you Muppet, the newly elected Auckland city council determined how the board was going to function and it’s scope, not as your bias implies central government.

      • Hakim of phut

        There was  whole sections written  into the supercity legislation by  Hide ( with the Maori Party boot up his backside.)
        Hide  put too much detail  in not the councilThats exactly the problem,  the council has its hands tied, 

      • Hakim of phut

        Brian  look at the legislation I quoted :
        Its starts out : Councils duties to board  and then gives 5 subsections.
        And then there are a few other clauses with subsections