A little bit sick in my mouth #NFWAB

I read with mild interest, mainly because I wanted to see if Charlotte Dawson would stick in her skinny bony elbow into the fat guts of Pork Chop, the article on the wide bodied one.

Charlotte didn’t disappoint, she has a pit of evil and a memory that shows that forgiveness will be a long time coming for “The Chop”.

I noted a comment though by Bridget Saunders where she says:

“It was a pretty hideous thing to do to anybody. Rachel went hard but she’s still got a beating heart, there’s still a woman in there with feelings.”

After I swallowed down the sick, I thought what a two faced bitch..I spent days on end helping her with her “battles” with the Glucina family. For  Bridget to now claim this was hideous is hypocrisy of Trevor Mallard proportions. Here is an email she sent to me and others about RGTP:

From: Bridget Saunders
Subject: RGTP
Sent: Oct 18, 2010 08:13

Baby I need some Drewpork -help and the above can provide it..I emailed Cam re a coffee but have not heard back…
is he still involved?

I never was involved, but clearly Bridget Saunders, who now says she thought it was hideous, had her finger rather close to the pulse and knew precisely who was involved. The Herald on Sunday rang me on Friday desperate for their last minute story to get statement about my alleged involvement with RGTP. They read out the line they were going to use (it was never published) and asked me if I was the mastermind behind the Facebook page. My reply to them was official and on the record….”No, I wasn’t involved, but I wish I was”.

I have a blog, why would I need to skulk anonymously behiond a Facebook page, do you think I’m scared of Pork Chop…pfffft

What me me most sick in my mouth and took lots of gasping and deep swallows to clear my throat was the thought of Duncan Garner at the Chops birthday paying homage to the great beast in the forlorn hope that she doesn’t delve further into his nicknames or the fact he has four children to three different women…or is that the other way round…that we know and he is still in his 30s. Everyone else named as guests of the Chop for her birthday seemed to have one common trait, they all had a lot to lose and even more to hide.

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  • I always thought it was Jonathan Marshall who was behind the RGTP. It was someone who was very sympathetic to the hurt feelings of Charlotte Dawson.

    Anyway – A bit rich of Rachel to to be playing the – poor me, i have feelings too – card. SPY was pretty nasty and we all get what we give in this world.

    • Nope it wasn’t Jonathan Marshall.

  • Hakim of phut

    Love this part –
    “Glucina won’t talk about her relationship with John Key, instead smiling coyly. Neither will the PM talk. His press secretary instead saying “we decline to be involved in this” in response to questions including whether Key regularly texts asking for the names in the scandalous Guess Who, Don’t Sue column

    Surely not that Key , the affable friendly – NOT.

    Jane you little beauty, you made my day

    • Bunswalla

      What a naive little schoolboy you are. Here’s how even someone as thick as you can achieve exactly the same effect:

      1. Smile coyly at a reporter and say something like “I can’t confirm that John Key rings me every day to discuss my political views”
      2. Tell the reporter to contact John Key’s press secretary to ask some searching questions about why the most popular PM in New Zealand’s history takes advice from an illiterate oik.
      3. PM’s office states “we decline to be involved in this”

      Got it yet?

      • Hakim of phut

        Dahling ….thats was the beauty of it all…. you dont ask a question unless  you allready know the answer to it. 

  • For those of us behind (sorry!!) in this
    name game – who is pork chop? the photo looks like the derriere of a certain Minister for Social Development and of Youth Affairs……I’ve been unfortunate enough to have been bumped by it….

    • Pork Chop is Rachel Glucina’s nickname.

      It is also her derriere that is in the photo which i imagine would be slightly less intimidating than Paula Bennett’s!

    • Jman

       Rachel Glucina. For some reason Whale hates her. I think she wrote about him or his dad once. Can’t remember.

      • Hate is a strong emotion reserved solely for Winston Peters. Loathing however works as an adjective.

  • jay cee

    read the piece in the sun/hherald and realised she was at primary school with my daughters,
    small world huh? rang john key to confirm this,just kidding, name dropping is such fun!