A long drop off a short rope

Some people need a long drop off a short rope:

An 33-year-old man continued a relationship with a teenage girl, despite being charged with having under-age sex with her.

Craig Richard Philpot, unemployed, was also getting texts from another 15-year-old girl until his 14-year-old girlfriend told her to stop.

Philpot will stay in custody for his Christchurch District Court sentencing on June 22, after admitting four charges at a court sitting inside the men’s prison today.

He admitted two charges of grooming and meeting under-age girls, and two charges of having sex with a girl aged under 16.

Some have been laid as representative charges, indicating the offences occurred repeatedly.

He will also be sentenced on a drink-driving charge he has admitted.

He faces being given a first-strike warning at his sentencing under the Government’s tougher sentencing regime for repeat serious offenders.

Labour would have people like this on the streets as they oppose the three strikes legislation.

UPDATE: Here is another deserving of the long drop.


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  • Cam, hate to say to it but that is too easy. I was thinking something more of a deterrent, some thing like “preventing” a repeat incident that serves as a reminder as well as ultimate torment

  • seriously

    If some of the claims of Ian Wishart / Investigate are correct Labour don’t just want/have them on the street

    • Mcv

      This sort of turd would be the sort that Kosh & Labour would happily have as a teacher !

    • Hakim of phut

      National too wants him back on the street.
      This offence doesnt qualify for any ‘three strikes’ for violent offenders or even indecent  assault.

  • Agent BallSack

    Recidivist Pedo. Hopefully he wont survive the sentence.

  • Notrotsky

    Should be terminated mulched and then fed to the chooks.

    • Notrotsky

      Fuck I’ve just read the link and feel sick. The girls’ parents must seriously consider putting a contract out on this piece of shit.

      • Guest

        ah yes parents not very happy!

  • Apolonia

    Didn’t Phil Goff want to lower the age of consent?

    • jay cee

      no the police suggested it. labour was looking at allowing 14 year olds to be able to have sex with boys no older than 16.in other words allowing randy little school kids free rein. something i was against i might add.
      as for the low life mentioned above in the original post a preventative custody order would be a good idea. 

  • Agent BallSack

    He’s lucky he’s only getting 4 charges. What about stupefying with the intent of rape or indecent assault?

  • Doug_S

    That’s how easy it can happen dad’s. Watch your girls like a hawk…keep an eye on their lives. They are so easily infiltrated by these vile excuses for human beings. I would risk a prison sentence to protect my girls I have no qualms with issuing some roadside justice if needed.

    • Greg M

       Very good comment Doug. I have told my daughter (15) about my efforts to impress the godesses from Dio or epsom girls when I was young and had a life.
      It is always met with the replies: 1: what was she thinking! 2:If you said that today you’de be locked up ya perv! 3: eww!
      It is up to us dad’s to be the role model, not some shitbag loser predator. Talk to your girls men.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      With you on that Doug – we might be a small country but there are plenty of remote areas….

  • Gazzaw

    Another case for the judges to make a mockery of. Prediction?  Four years, out in 18 months in the cushy unit for rock spiders.

    Have to feel a tad sorry for Philpot though that he isn’t an entertainer or footy player otherwise he would have had automatic name suppression.    

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    There has to be a paradigm shift in the way we deal with these offenders. They cannot be “rehabilitated”, they perpetuate incredible caranage on the most vulnerable members of society and thats not to mention the lasting effects on all those secondary victims such as family members, law enforcement & social services who have to investigate and pick up the pieces.

    They just arent worth the consideration society gives them. Their sole focus is acting out their sick and overpowering urges.