A Maori Policy Unit in MFaT?

Murray McCully has sensibly decided to shit-can the Maori Policy Unit at MFaT.

The Maori Policy Unit would be cut under the proposals.

You actually have to wonder why that was even a department at MFaT in the first place….was it to liase with other foreign Maori populations in…oh I don’t know..Taiwan? Slovakia? What about the ancient and noble Finnish Lapland Maori who tamed reindeer?


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  • Euan Rt

    oh I don’t know whale, they apparently have a flag planted in antarctica now ;-)

  • MThin

  • Jimmie

    Probably the foreign Maori population in Brisse would be my guess

  • johnjack

    I hope that these are the bunch we send overseas to howl for supposedly important occasions.


    First NZ,now the World.Wonder what clause that comes under in the treaty.

  • Rockyr

    Under an earlier regime a haka party had to be present whenever an event occurred at an overseas embassy.

  • tas

    Is there any area of government policy that Maori don’t feel entitled to have a special influence on?

  • Guestosterone

    friends from zimbabwe recently had to perform a haka as part of their citizenship bullshit

    • Gazzaw

      Fucken hell. How embarassing. What cringeworthy official made them do that?

  • Gazzaw

    The MPU would have been there for essential functions such as ensuring that the repatriation operation of dried heads from France was accompanied by sufficient numbers of gravytrainers.  A bit of a bugger about the Brits not allowing the waaka on the Thames as part of HM’s Diamond Jubilee, they’ll have to think of another way to get to the Olympics.

  • thor42

    Good job, seeing these gravy-train passengers booted out the door.

  • jay cee

    lets not forget “toe rag” henare who took an entourage of some 20 odd (pun intended) rellies to london to pick up some pickled heads a few years ago,on the pretext that only maori could do the job