A quiet slap for Winston Peters

One of those issues that will fly under the radar today is the quiet slapping that Tariana Turia gave to Winston Peters.

In the House defending the grandstanding from Winston on Whanau Ora – she reminded Kiwis about Ka Awatea.

Don’t know what it is?

Winston was sacked by Jim Bolger because of his antics over it.

Who was responsible for this new approach to Maori development?

The pensioner of St Mary’s Bay.

It would be oppressive and culturally offensive to hold out the taxpayer’s cheque book and say, either you conform or we don’t deal with you

Yet another of Winston’s ever flexible positions.


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  • Grandstream

    Good old Tari – she still has some fight left in her !

    What a wonderfully delivered bitch-slap for the OAP !

  • Vlad

    She has integrity and a real care for people.  Winston now finds himself (or inserts himself) into bed with Michael Fay over the Crafar Farms sale.  After vilfying Fay to create the foundation of his earlier career.  It is reasonable to change your mind over time having heard better information, but his swaps of direction are fundamental, manipulative and ugly. 

    • Hakim of phut

      Where has he got into bed with Fay ?
       Fay is just the public face of a consortium who will split the farms  ( 10-12) up amongst different buyers.Peters is not pushing for Fay in particular to get the farms , just  so they dont go to a foreign construction business.Even the Court says its a dodgy deal- is the judge “in bed with Fay”The court  has agreed with what Peters  ( and Labour etc ) was saying

      • Vlad

        Starting to getting crowded in Winston’s sleeping bag H of P.   If you haven’t changed spots I am sure you would have been as anti-Fay as Winston was in the day.   But no doubt you will use whatever argument screws the scrum, as usual for your kin.

  • Scanner

     A maori boy asks his dad, “Dad, what’s democracy?”
    “Well, son, that’s when whites work and we get all the benefits from
    “But dad, aren’t the white people pissed off about it?”
    “Sure they are, but that’s called ‘racism'”

    • Troy

      Yup and i’m sure twitty Hone would agree with every word of course.

  • Apolonia

    Where’s the money Winston?

  • Cactus Kate

    Turia read her speech in Parliament today because the poor old Maori Party didn’t know about the change in Standing Orders last year so now you cannot do it. She protested and was reminded by the one who cannot be named, that her colleague Mr Flavell was on the committee. I fear more incompetency on the horizon.

  • Greg M

    For some unknown reason I have always quite liked Aunty Tari.
    She seems to talk some common sense, err a bit like Peter Dunne , who err.. has a similar hairstyle.
    Are these two related, perchance ?
    Or do I need to take a pill ?