A simple morality tale, Ctd

Gordon Campbell is not happy with Trevor Mallard, nor with Labour. He is especially harsh about Labour’s prospects:

Yesterday, as the story finally ran its course, the end game was just as instructive. During Question Time in Parliament, the National Party treated Mallard’s discomfort merely as a joke. No surprise there. Mallard’s own closing gambit though, was interesting. Did he pay the kids back the excess he’d charged them? No. Instead, he offered to buy back the tickets. You can almost hear Mallard and his dickhead advisers working this one out. ‘Look, they paid you the price, Trev. They can obviously afford it. The only reason they’re pissed off is because you’re an MP. So screw them. Offer to buy back the tickets. It’s a win/win. If they refuse, you keep the money. If they use the tickets and go to Homegrown it shows everyone they were willing to pay the price…And if they accept the buyback – which they won’t – at least the little bastards won’t get to go to Homegrown.” Dismayingly, RNZ carried a sound clip of David Shearer saying that this offer from Mallard was the only right thing to do.

Well, it wasn’t. There was always another option. As the students involved told the NZ Herald, Mallard should donate the profits he made to charity. He still should. Yet clearly, Mallard and the Labour leadership have learned nothing from this grubby little saga. Maybe the electorate has, though. Because any young voter has been given a very simple political lesson in terms that they can readily understand, Namely, that if you want to change the government, vote for the Greens. Because Labour are a party who’ll screw you over ticket prices for any music gig, any chance they get.


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  • Kthxbai

    “Dismayingly, RNZ carried a sound clip of David Shearer saying that this offer from Mallard was the only right thing to do.”

    Unfortunately, Shearer just seems not very bright.

  • dad4justice

    Mallard is your typical Homegrown socialist politician. For
    decades now I have painfully watched our elected members of parliament run
    rampant with other people’s money. Not so clever Trevor is your typical
    socialist tougher who is stupid, greedy and totally devoid of any morals. It’s
    little wonder most sane people view politicians as on the same depraved levels
    as paedophiles. It’s way past time to weed these filthy parasitic scumbags from
    the kiwi political landscape. They are worthless and expensive nitwits .Come on
    Trev do us all a favour resign and go join a boxing club so you bang your
    moronic head against a concrete wall. Mallard you make me sick you low down

  • ConwayCaptain

    Dont any of these idiots use the DomPost Test.

    What would it look like in the Dominion Post tomorrow.

    This man is an embarrassment.  Shadow Leader of the House no less.  If you are a Leader you are meant to lead “by example”. If this is the “example” the “Leader” is setting then no wonder politicians are held in such low regard.

    I am surprised that the Govt is not having an outright attack on Mallard and why hasnt Lockwood done anytrhing???

    • dad4justice

      Parasitic socialist pollies don’t attack each other over greed issues Conway Captain.

      Once a trougher always a trougher eh mr speaker you weak gutted sick joke.

    • I think they should always apply the Whale Test….what would this look like on Whaleoil’s blog…it will be a whole lot worse than anything the Dompost could do.

  • First time caller

    Looking at the age of the kids at that concert, if Mallard was to attend he would have been the sad old uncle. Either that or he never had any intention of going and was only ever going to sell the tickets for a sad quick buck

    • Pukakidon

       First time…..   You have hit the nail on the head, he is well versed in getting in early to obtain tickets that appeal to the 18 – 25 year olds.   He knows they will pay anything to be there with thier peers.     He has been doing this for a long time.    Notice it is always the 7s which in most part is for skimperly clad sexually active young girls and boys or young peoples concerts.  He is either a dirty old man or a shrewd businessman using scalping as a means to fund his cycling.   The only thing the pumpkin has to say is buy back the tickets is the only right thing to do when you get caught.  He himself  is well versed in feeding at the UN trough, now it is at the NZ peoples trough.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Maybe he does like hanging around young boys. If Whale had been a bit younger he may have slowed down during the bike race and let him catch up. To be fair I don’t know David Shearer, but he must despair at what he has to work with.

  • Whafe

    I am fully not at all surprised my Mallards little game, it stuns me to the core that this can happen and these clown pants stay in our government. They should have their assess kicked to touch…

    I agree whole heartedly with dad4justice…