A simple morality tale, Ctd

Again from Gordon Campbell in his evisceration of Trevor Mallard’s actions in scalping tickets to some kids:

One could go on. The last Labour government had thrown a lot of resources into supporting the local music industry – remember Helen Clark going to the annual music awards ? – and Mallard now appeared to be cashing in on the enthusiasm this had generated. Not for the first time either. Reportedly, Mallard has sold tickets to Homegrown and the Sevens rugby on Trade Me and Facebook in years past. There was, of course, never anything to stop him – if he had bought those tickets in good faith, with any real intention of attending – from selling them at face value. As someone from Ticketek pointed out, that’s what the tickets have printed on them – that resale at a profit is not permitted.

Leave aside the simple morality for a moment. From the instant this story went viral, any sane politician would have immediately got out their chequebook and given the kids back the balance, or else quickly donated the profit portion to the SPCA or some other charity. And if Mallard was too greedy or stupid to realise that’s what he needed to do, you’d think his party leader would have been on the phone straight away to set him straight. Instead, the story ran for nearly 48 hours, virtually unimpeded.

Of course it is entirely possible that Shearer did get on the phone straight away and Trevor Mallard simply ignored him. I covered this in my Saturday Summary.


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  • Johnboy

    Hey the annual Wainui RSA duck race is coming up, held as usual on the grade 4 rapids behind the clubrooms at Burden Ave.

    If any of youse bro’s is wanting tickets (what have been sold out since march 2011 meet me outside the Duck/GrosslyfatBlackarse electorate office, Hillary Court Naenae at midnight tonight.

    Security will be in action and all cameras will be confiscated!

  • David

    The tickets are obviously paid out of his parliamentary office budget via the taxpayers and rightly he has no interest in some crappy convert so he flogs the tickets off for his own benefit.
    Once maybe, but three years in a row Trev thinks he is onto a nice little earner and is a bit shocked to be caught out.

    • Gazzaw

      David, I think that you have to be able to prove an allegation like that.

  • toby_toby

    Has Mallard quit yet? He’s quit right? Why hasn’t he quit? When will he quit?

    • bhudson

       If he quits he is surely left with no real option but to go back to teaching.

      Do you want him teaching your kids???

      • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

        He could also cosider a job as a ticket agent.

      • toby_toby

        Oh hell no. But he can go get a job where he stands around doing nothing and harms no one. Maybe he can be a parking lot attendant or one of those secruity guards who drive around at night and make sure the doors are locked.

        What he definitely couldn’t do is be one of those guys that paint the lines on the road. He is far too crooked for that.

      • Gazzaw

        Fuck. He’s been there so long he will need a wheelbarrow to cart away his super. He will be troughing off the taxpayer for the rest of his natural life. Doesn’t stop him making a few bucks on the side though.

  • toby_toby

    What about now? Has he quit now?

  • Dad4justice

    Not so clever trevor is a disgusting wimp that needs a good lesson in manners.
    Why do my tax pay scum like this deranged loon?
    No wonder the country is fucking broke!
    Sack em all now!!

  • Troy

    Mallard never wanted Shearer as Leader so maybe this is his way of testing him – seems to be working, Shearer of today, doesn’t seem to be the “worldly” Shearer that we heard of prior to the election… I wonder if he will become a goat’s cock just like the rest of them.