A simple morality tale

Gordon Campbell asks a very interesting question about Trevor Mallard:

As a simple morality tale this one was hard to beat. Here was a veteran MP earning about $170,000 a year (plus perks) selling tickets at above cost price to a group of teenage students who dearly wanted to hear their favourite bands. Leave aside that this same MP had spearheaded the legislation that criminalised ticket scalping at other events. Leave aside that Mallard reportedly used his parliamentary email and electorate office to conduct this transaction for his personal profit, thus making the taxpayer – who helps to fund these facilities – something of an accomplice in this shabby little scam. Wasn’t Pansy Wong’s parliamentary career brought to an end amid a swirl of allegations that she’d mixed up her parliamentary and personal business? What’s the difference in this case, exactly?


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  • Stuarts Burgers

    I know Pansy was Chinese . We can not have the Chinese buying Farms from from foreign owned Banks but we can let White Middle Aged Guys do so. So for  Trevor, who is white male and middle aged,  it is ok. 

    • Hakim of phut

      The Chinese construction billionaire is welcome to move here… and then buy all the farms he likes,  just like most of the other foreigners who buy farms.
      But I bet the Swiss, US , or Lichtenstein embassies didnt call on the OIO  to  check on ‘progress’ like the Chinese Ambassador  did or have the government behind the scenes organise Landcorp etc to make it all happen