Always fight back

There is an argument espoused by panty-waists that if attacked you should not fight back, instead call for help…that is bullshit advice. Always fight back:

“One of the guys grabbed me around the waist and pushed me against the pole. I kind of pushed him away, but he came back again.

“He grabbed me again and pushed me back towards the pole trying to kiss me. I punched him in the face and ran back home and called police. If anything it’s a warning to young girls: Don’t go out alone in the dark at all.”

This girl ok because she fought back. Note she didn’t use a girly slap either, it was a punch in the face.

Oh and one other thing:


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  • Pharmachick

    My take on any of these situations is: 

    “when you stop fighting, you start dying”.  And to that courageous 18 year old lady: if you’re reading this…. well done sweetheart! There are a huge number of us sitting here applauding you and your actions. We’re sending you and your family best wishes for feeling safe, and hoping they catch the scum that did this to you.                     

  • Anonymous

    Could not agree more! This pacifist “do what they tell you” advice is simply a public invitation to societies scum to commit crime. They know that the chances of any resistance is slim. It has been shown over and over again in the US that when gun laws are relaxed and more people arm themselves, crime goes down. Not rocket science. I am not a youngster anymore, but I can guarantee that anyone who threatens me, my family or my posessions, is in for a fight!

  • Kosh103

    No 5 yr old was killed because they found their fathers belt buckle.

    • starboard

      WTF ? What does that mean idiot.

      • Kosh103

        My my such a rude and nasty reply.

        Try again.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Explain your comment

      • Kosh103

        I will assume you are asking as opposed to demanding a reply. It can be so hard to judge a persons tone online. I would hate to think you were  so rude and arrogant to just snap a demand and expect an answer.

    • Mully

       Oh, I get it. You’re referencing children dying by playing with a gun (commenting on the picture, rather than the actual story).
      Is that it?

      • Kosh103

        The idea that the mighty gun will save a person is disgusting when you ignore (as many gun nutters do) the harm that they cause as well.

      • Anonymous

        guns don’t cause harm kosh, people do. Guns don’t run out and kill by themselves.

      • If guns kill people then spoons made Rosie O’Donnell a fat bitch, and pencils make spelling mistakes.

      • Kosh103

        Really Trav??? Your going to pull out that trite and worthless statement??

      • Anonymous

        Nothing worthless about it. Unlike your response. Whatever the fuck “trite” is, it is not.

        It’s just a common sense statement, which is understandable why someone on the left like you can’t grasp it.

        Tighter gun laws means diddley squat, obvious in the increasing stats of police shootings, and hoards of weapons found in high profile drug busts.

        Registered licence holders? no I don’t think so kosh.

        Even the latest law change affecting air rifles will do bugger all.

    • In that case kosh the parents assisted in killing their own child by not securing the firearm, by not educating their child not to touch guns in the same way they don’t put their hand on an element on the stove of pull the kettle off the bench ont themselves.

      But since you raised dead 5 year olds, the most likely cause of death of a 5 year old Maori child in new Zealand is their step-father….

      • Kosh103

        Correct, those parents are helping to kill thier own kids. It is all well and good to shout the benfits of owning a gun, but how about not pretending the dangers dont exsist.

        Yes, it is disgusting that NZ stat, but I would have at a very good guess that if our gun laws were as twitsted and pathetic as the USAs are, we would see a LOT more gun deaths in NZ.

        Good tight gun control is not a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not always that simple.  A person can fight back and the attacker will become even more violent.  In some cases you can only fight for so long before the situation is such that compliance is the better option.  I’m not saying don’t fight back… do for as long as you can, but if the time comes to stop fighting to save your life then you need to stop.

    • Pharmachick


      Keep fighting.

      Dying fighting is better than dying passive.

      At least you have a chance if you go down swinging.

  • It’s like the proverb:
    Sticks and sones will break my bones, if you come any closer I’ll break your face. 

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I hope she gave him a fucking good knuckle sandwich.

    nek minnit she’s down at the cop shop charged with assaut on a try hard gangster.
    (well it could/may happen)

  • Mully

    Any daughter I have will be trained to go for the eyes and the nuts of any prick who tries to attack her. No ifs, buts or maybes.

    • And keep gouging until he unconscious then give him a good kick in the nads and ribs for good measure.

      There is not such thing as a fair fight.