And dirty and smelly

The poor things of the Occupy London movement are “exhausted and jaded“:

The protestors camped in front of St Paul’s cathedral have issued a plea for more members as cold weather and an influx of addicts leaves demonstrators “exhausted and jaded”.

…“It’s been tough. Lots of people are exhausted. Problems have not been dealt with because we haven’t had the energy and we thought we’d be evicted this week. We need actual, physical, on-the-ground support,” the message said.

“We need people to help in info [sic], in the kitchen, to do the recycling, to welcome and chat with members of the public, to clean the site, to host or book or attend workshops and other events, to help with ‘tranquillity’ (aka security)… even just to hang out and inhabit the place and re-inspire those who after 3 months camping in the cold are a little jaded.

It adds: “Caution: Don’t come if you’re feeling tired or fragile. It really is tough. People always ask about the cold, but the cold is the least of it. We have people with alcohol and drug addiction issues, we have people with mental health problems and very challenging behaviour.

“As time goes on we have more and more of these people and fewer peaceful activists. If you can help with these issues you’re particularly needed. But don’t expect this to be like any work in these areas that you’ve ever done before!”



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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – kinda like what will happen with the Labour Party – they’ll implode upon themselves in a festering, seething cess pit of fetid, corruption, backstabbing, lies, deceit and betrayal… and then it only gets better for NZ

    • “…..festering, seething cess pit of fetid, corruption, backstabbing, lies, deceit and betrayal”.   Damn – for a minute there I thought you were describing Parliament – you mean only Labour do this?

  • Rich Prick

    So the only people who “identify” with the squatters are alcohol and drug addicts and mental health patients.  Good.  Although, not that I fucking care.

    • jay cee

      you should care (fucking or otherwise) after all its your taxes and yours alone that are paying  for these fellow countrymen. or so most ofl the bleats  here would have one believe.

  • Agent BallSack

    Exactly what happened in Wellington, the real occupy protesters left as soon as the homeless and indigent arrived.

  • interesting..the mindless sneering from the right..of occupy.. aren’t not even smelling the coffee..

    ..the coffee is about to burn/boil-over..

    ..have you not noticed that the obama campaign is occupy writ-large…?

    ..and his campaign..which he will win..

    ..will be a total fillup for the next election campaign here…

    ..labour may not realise it yet…

    ..burt this will be the blueprint for them to reinvent themselves/do the same thing here..

    ..but..sneer on..!

    ..but watch out that pendulum dosen’t smack you on the head.. it returns from neo-lib-land..

    [email protected]

    • Agent BallSack

      You’re right, we can draw parallels. Except its that Labour are just as unelectable as the Republicans are, not the shining left leading us to the nirvana that you dream of.

      •  i agree that the neo-lib-lite version of labour offered at the last still’unelectable’..

        ..i am talking about a re-focussed labour…

        ..with a ‘plan’..

        ..’cos..y’know..yr neo-lib mode is totally

        ..and don’t take my word for it..

        ..the other day i linked to a fascinating article by theodore dalrymple..

        ..(one of ‘yours’..i believe..)

        ..where he linked the ‘fact’ he called it..that ‘capitalism and socialism are both in tatters’…

        ..back to the writings/politics of charles dickens..’s a ripper-read…

        ..and maybe if you don’t yet realise you are on the road to nowhere..

        ..maybe you need to get dalrymple to signpost it for ya..

        [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        Where is this New Labour coming from Phil? In the last election Labour had a chance to cut out the dead wood but chopped the heads off the saplings instead, keeping the nasty rotten roots. While people like Fenton, Mallard even Silent T kept their positions simply by dint of being nasty and union affiliated. Who in the Labour party can lead Labour to victory? People voted with their feet and turned away from Labour in droves, but Labour persists in it’s own version of insanity, of repeating the same things, yet expecting a different outcome.

    • Peter Wilson

      Except most voters here dont’ even know republicans are right and democrats left. Those that do will never change their vote anyway.

      • jay cee

        pretty much sums the entrenched attitudes here in this blog ,eh?

    • Anonymous

      Phil, You have’t answered my question.  What are they protesting about? My not smelling the coffee?  (Have you tried elderflower drinks; much nicer and much better for you).
      Regarding asset and land sales and mining permits and such naughty things of the right, Labour sold many, many more than National has.  And the biggest land sale was Ngai Tahu’s sale of forestry to overseas interests!  Why aren’t you jumping up and down about all that Phil?  Does the H…..t word apply?
      Let’s go back to economic fundamentals.  An asset is property that makes you money.  A liability is something that makes you a loss.  Much of what we own as a country are liabilities, such as the railways.  You may justify continuing with such liabilities on social grounds, though even that is not “fair” in your terms.   Why should a farmer in Southland pay much of the fare of a rich Queen Street tycoon, or beneficiary, riding on the loop? 
      Currently our state owned assets, such as schools, require considerable investment capital.  Where are they going to get the money, Phil – borrow?  No way.  I don’t like the idea of selling assets but I can’t see any other way. Please tell us, your admiring fans, what your brilliant solution is.
      Incidentally, I don’t consider myself right-wing.  I want a better life for all, not just a particular sector of society.  I consider myself to be a progressive economic realist.

  • Anonymous

    Poor wee things.  Life’s tough even when you are a lazy bastard not contributing anything to society.
    The Occupy protesters are still here in Christchurch.  They resemble the Labour Party: disorganised, small, pointless, noisy, and slowly eroding away as reality hits.

    •  paro..the occupiers were the paul reveres of the 99$ revolution..

      ..their job was to awake the slumbering.. make us all think..

      ..and going on just obamas’ campaign-speech..

      ..they have been successful in that ole..

      ..almost beyond some of their wildest dreams..

      ..(the funny thing is..i don’t think a lot of them realise that yet..)

      [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        Phil.  What were they protesting about?  What are we supposed to awaken to?  CEO’s pay?  The rich getting richer? The price of milk?  The threat of more stringent overseeing of benefits so that some poor folk may have to work instead of ripping off hard working tax payers who would like to hang onto their own money for a change? The nastiness of the international capital system in calling imprudent countries like Greece to account?  The lack of something worth watching on Tele?


    • “..and slowly eroding away as reality hits…”

      isn’t that support for key/nact you are talking about..?

      ..and i see there is a backbench rebellion of sorts..

      ..against key guaranteeing no third term for key/nact.. selling the assets..

      ..a policy which makes neither political nor economic-sense..

      [email protected]

  • Rich Prick

    Yeah Phillip, they got me thinking alright, about investing in Taser manufacturing.

    •  aah..!..looking ahead to that inevitable neo-lib

      ..there is another way..y’know…

      ..but if you insist..can i suggest you invest in ‘private-security’ of all forms.. could also invest in a recycling-plant.. supply you with the broken glass to embed into the tops of yr walls…’s a jungle out there..didn’tyaknow…?

      [email protected]


        Have to agree,place is full of monkies.Cheers S


    Find broken glass a litle old fashioned.Electric fences far more modern,and can connect to alarm system as well.Private security doing well in this country already,given the locals like to burgle/steal/etc,and protest for long periods.A good growth industry,that will only get better.Keep up the good work.