And the union bullying continues

The Maritime Union has professed innocence at bullying ship owners yet today they are full of bravado in wondering how exactly 6 ships are sailing elsewhere:

Although shipping giant Maersk hopes to berth a vessel in Auckland, and have it worked by non-striking port staff, the Maritime Union says it will believe that when it happens.

Sounds very much like a threat to me:

Mr Gibson said Ports of Auckland was urgently considering whether it could sue the union for damages.

He said it had been told by the shipping company Pacific International Lines of being threatened by a Maritime Union official from a conference in Australia with a “black ban”, a claim denied by union president Garry Parsloe.

“I am the spokesman for the Maritime Union of New Zealand and I never said it and never instructed anybody to say it,” he said.

“International unions talk to international shipping companies every day – they are entitled to do that – nobody can stop them and if that results in ships not coming to Auckland, I can’t do anything about that.”

Really? Of course it wasn’t you Garry, just it wasn’t you who put racist notes under the doors of staff members, or it wasn’t you who urinated on barbecues, or it wasn’t you who ran a sexist shop with just two females workers out of a work force of over 300. OIt never is you is it Garry Parsloe…it is never the union is it?.

So how exactly did those shipping companies get it into their heads that their ship would be blacklisted. Of course you threatened them.

All Garry Parsloe is succeeding in doing while he ruins a strike from his hotel in Sydney is ensuring that the locker room chatter before the strike began will come true and all his union members will be out of jobs. I wonder how that reconciles with his stated aim of protecting members?


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  • BJ

    He is protecting no ones job but his own – that is his motivation first and foremost. 
    Where do union members think their dues are spent other than to management of their own organization. He has to keep the numbers up or his lifestyle is in for a change. People that really care about others plight are not manipulative, downright dishonest and in it for personal gain.

  • Hoha

    He still gets paid no matter what happens. If he is a worker at POAL and is made redundant he still is the president of the union and he will get paid from them, wont he. So why should he give a damn about who keeps their jobs and who is made redundant he still comes out a winner.

  • rouppe

    I did see a news item last night on this where TV1 phoned the ships captain who said that the word “blacklist” was never used.

    • joe bloggs

      synonyms for blacklist:

      banish, bar, blackball, boycott, debar, exclude, expel, hit list, ostracize, preclude, proscribe, put on hit list, reject, repudiate, snub, thumbs down, vote against

      if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…

    • Callum

      Quote from Garry Parsloe –

      “Mr Parsloe later called back to the Herald to say a ship due to arrive
      in Auckland last night and be unloaded by non-union labour was no longer
      heading here.

      He said Mr Gibson would not see another ship in the port “unless he
      behaves himself” and abandoned plans to contract out the jobs of his
      unionised workers.”
      So how can he make a statement like that unless the union has directed ships not to stop at the port? Why would a shipping company listen to a union without any coercion?

    • Biker

       This is from Newztalk ZB:

      Mr Parsloe says he met with overseas unions yesterday but didn’t have anything to do with any threats.

      “There was no deal done yesterday other than pledge of support, that was
      all that was done. And normally unions, I know how they operate, they
      don’t run round and say we’re going to blacklist this. That terminology
      is just something that’s not used,” he told Newstalk ZB’s Sean Plunket.

      Mr Parsloe says he never talked about blacklisting but admits anything is possible with the international unions.

      But Port CEO Tony Gibson says that denial is disgraceful.

      He’s adamant the black list threat came in a phone call from a New Zealand union official, though not Mr Parsloe.

      “He rang a representative from Pacific International Lines who we’ve
      spoken to, who we’ve met with, who we’ve also had confirmed last night
      when we rang their Singapore head office that this had happened.”

      Parsley is trying to be like Salazar Slytherin from Harry Potter and practicing his own version of Parseltongue – Parsloetongue

      • SalaciousTCrumb

        Which unions did he meet with in Sydney? Prostitutes Collective, Pimps Council or the John Ibrahim Trust?

      • Biker

         To carry on the comparison with Harry Potter….

        Voldemort – who spoke parsloetongue – surrounded himself with his thugs like Fenrir Grayback (Dave Phillips), Bellatrix LeStrange (Helen Kelly) and other cronies.  First Moldy Voldy – who had been living in a forest and not seen the light of day for many years – wanted the stone to give himself eternal life so that he could have centuries of blissful control over others and make them do his bidding. During that time he killed off beautiful things like unicorns to live parasitically on their blood.  Nevertheless, an arch enemy came riding into town on his nimbus and whoa he was veribly shaken.  The enemy embodied the voice of the future and though he rallied his gang and got help from other trolls ultimately Moldy had to go head to head with the voice of the future. In a flash of great CGI effects, his trolls fell, his gang failed, his allies died or ran away with their tail between their legs and all that was left was Kelly, I mean Bellatrix who was taken out by a mother protecting her children from thugs.  Dear oh dear.  Moldy did follow through though absolutely certain, in the midst of terrible chaos that he had wreaked upon himself, that he was right.  And whoops!  He wasn’t, and the voice of the future silenced him so he couldn’t harm others anymore. 

      • Biker

        No doubt there would have been a visit to the Prostitutes Collective.  Mr Parsloe is very familiar with them having acted as a regular taxi driver transporting them shipside to service the seamen whenever vessels were in port.

  • Pita

    It seems like a tactic straight out of Helen Kelly’s handbook…the same one she used for the Hobbits…”organize an international blacklist, then negotiate”

    • Vlad

      Then fail spectacularly, bringing the union down with you.


    Dont negotiate with terrorists.Or idiots for that matter.See ya  Parsole.

  • Lunacy08

    I didnt relealise in this day and age it was illegal not to join a union. I thought the port was called ports of auckland not maritime union of new zealand. I hope they all use their jobs. When I do interviews now I may have to ask, did or have you ever worked for the ports of auckland and been with the union……..

    • Jimbob

      Please do!  The Maritime Union have categorically made it clear to those that have left the Union, that they will be blacklisted wherever they go.  It seems rather ironic then that the current members of the Union believe that they are safe from such blacklisting themselves and clearly of employable worth over the ditch.  I would certainly think twice about someone who does not want to take responsibility for their own future, but to put it in the hands of a man who condones racism, bullying and sexism (through the exploitation of women when he used to drive prostitutes down the berthing vessels – obviously another perk of his being the President of the Seamans union)  Yes clearly the man has never shown any value for the dignity of another human being.  I would far prefer to hire a person who has the self esteem and integrity to cross the union line before I would ever consider looking at person who has strong union affiliations.  Those people believe in rights, whereas non union normally prove through action that they are worthy of employment and normally go far within their employment. 

      • Terrafirma

        I work in an industry that interacts with the Ports of Auckland and we have had 3 of their staff come for job interviews recently.  They are unfortunately stained with the stink of this dispute and their chances are slim.  We are trying to move forward and keep the jobs we have as well as grow and taking on a POA worker is now considered a risk.  Two of the 3 that came spent time complaining about managers during their interview and one of them asked not to be interviewed by one of our managers who was not the nationality he preferred to deal with.

      • Jimbob

        Oh dear, clear proof of a racist workforce! And clearly too high a risk for most employers that do not have the money to spend through PG and legal battles. Remember MUNZ members are very very well versed in PG’s and the employment court.  As is evidence of the growing number of court cases MUNZ currently has on the go.

  • thor42

    Can we get Parsloe to head the PPTA or NZEI?
    He’s doing a bloody good job of rooting the place where he is. 

  • Prov

    More video evidence of MUNZ thuggery. These thugs must be stopped. Must be seen to be believed.

    • Frangi

      This is really disturbing.  The stevedores as parents are not protecting their children from the dispute and are instead dragging them through it and making them have to take on the role of defender and protector of their “victimised” parent.  Way too big a burden for those who are so young. It just puts the mans chip on his kids shoulder.  The kids are too young to have had the chance to know there are 2 sides and have not done their own investigation. All they know is that they love their Dad.  So the mind of the Dad is using the heart of the kid to promote his choice to strike over nothing.  They keep saying they just want things to stay the same yet when they were offered that choice by POA they insisted it wasn’t what they wanted and they chose to strike. Now they’re crying poor me and they’re doing it on their kids shoulders.  Alas!!