And they would get a hiding

There appears to be some smart people in Argentina:

Cristina Kirchner has been warned to leave Falkland Islanders to decide their own future as Argentina’s president faced a backlash from a group of the South American country’s leading thinkers.

Last week, Sean Penn, the Hollywood actor, appeared with President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to criticise British actions over the disputed archipelago.

But a group of Argentina’s leading intellectuals, historians, journalists, constitutional experts and politicians have published an open letter calling on their own government to rethink policy towards the islands they call the Malvinas branding it “crazy” and “absurd”.

The 17 signatories accused Mrs Kirchner’s government of “harassing” the Falklands population of 3,000, who overwhelmingly want the islands to remain a British Overseas Territory.

The group said Argentina must respect the islanders’ right to self-determination and give up its policy of trying to force Britain into negotiating sovereignty.

“It is truly absurd and crazy to force a government and sovereignty on people who do not want it,” commented Fernando Iglesias, a former congressman who co-authored the document.

They forgot to add that they will get a severe beating if they try to strong arm the Falkland Islands.


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  • Chiefsfan73

    Question: What business of that F.A.G Sean Penn’s is it anyway.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Apparently it has not appeared in the BA Herald, Le Clarin or the other major Argentinian papers

  • Jman

    I didn’t know much about her politics so I had a look on her wikipedia page. Got to the bit where it mentioned her closest ally as being Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Didn’t need to read anymore.

  • Auto_immune

    Of course they’d get a hiding! Sean Penn is no Chuck Norris.