And Voila it’s back!

Yesterday I blogged about Raymond Huo’s ill advised post at Red Alert….someone suddenly deleted it. Silly. Don’t they know the power of the Whale and my army.

Nothing is ever deleted permanently from the internet.

As a public service here is Raymond Huo’s post, please feel free to comment about it….don’t forget that Raymond forgot to add these comments from the report he linked to:

“Mr de Bres said that one of the organisations that has strongly focused on Asian recruitment over a recent years is the New Zealand Police. ‘That meant they were able to deal effectively with Asian communities after the Canterbury earthquake, as well as being accessible to Asian communities elsewhere. All public agencies should be doing the same.”

Raymond Huo’s nasty little smear against the Police has well and truly backfired.


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  • Grandstream

    Well done Raymond.  Cant blame him for tryign to create another gravy train/grienvance industry as maori like Hone continue to perpetuate !

  • joe bloggs

    No news here – move on … this is simply the emetic Left playing at historical revisionism yet again.
    It’s distortion and censorship and another “testimony to the openness and commitment to discussion the site has” as that 3rd-rate flea lawyer from the western suburbs would have us believe.

  • Anonymous

    why do people find it so difficult to comply with police requests?

  • UAVMan

    world revolves around me syndrome

    • kevin

       and potential ‘compensation’. Try a biting-cop trick in China… bound to be a real issue then (for the biter).

  • George

    pity you don’t have the comments on it as well.

  • Petal


    Sounds asianish.

    • Richard B. (formally poorman)


  • deadstiff

    How the Police have changed (sorry for the long rant) 

    In 2005 when our Asian student was physically attacked in the street the Police wouldn’t even send a police officer round to take a statement as and I quote “If you don’t know who did it we can’t help”. No victim support, no sympathy, no nothing.
    In 2007 we had an Asian student staying with us whole while walking home had eggs thrown at her from a moving car and was verbally abused. The Police / operator at the call centre said (even though we had a good description of the offenders and car) that they could do nothing without a car rego which she didn’t get, also “as the eggs didn’t actually hit her” there was little they could do.However, in 2011 an Asian friend of ours only got ‘verbally’ abused. We didn’t phone the police as it was trivial  but told one of these new lefty “report it and we will get some trade unionist race relations commissioner round to help give you a big hug and tell you how much we love you and want your vote” group. Suddenly it was like major PC brigade, we had scores of Police (they even have a special policeman (albeit a fat white guy nearing retirement) for this sort of stuff now), victim support contacted us and the like. The Police have gone from being totally incompetent to totally over the top. With this new climate there is no possible way the Police would have been publicly brutal to this Chinese woman in Hamilton – they would have been too scared.

  • jay cee

    of course the old bad asian driver cult had nothing to do with the fact that their facial features made them readily identifiable eh? just like the fact that they’re usually physically smaller makes
    them an easy target for big heroes in fast cars to yell abuse at them and intimidate them on the street.