Another popular move from Crusher

It looks like Crusher may move on the Race Relations Conciliator position:

Moves are afoot to abolish the title of race relations commissioner, which minority groups and critics say could downgrade the position’s importance.

An amendment to the Human Rights Act introduced to Parliament late last year would abolish the title, although the duties would still be done by a human rights commissioner.

The race relations commissioner has been part of the Human Rights Commission since 2002. Current Commissioner Joris de Bres, whose term ends in September, says he will oppose the change when submissions are called for.

“I advised the minister at the time that I felt it would reduce the visibility of the office and also reduce its independence.”

At present, he said, the commissioner acted jointly with, but was not subject to, the chief human rights commissioner’s direction. “And that is specifically changed in the amendment.”

He believed the change would be seen by many minority communities “as a downgrading of the position”.

Whining to the Minister will be a waste of time. She brooks no nonsense with namby-pamby liberalism.

Most New Zealanders would be hard pressed to give a single reason to retain the office.


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  • kevin

    Get the job done and save bucks as well… seems too easy.

  • Blair Mulholland

    We should abolish all the commissioners.  I’ve never understood why we waste millions of dollars paying bureaucrats to take political positions against the democratic will of the people.

  • thor42

    Excellent idea! I only hope that she follws through and actually does it. 

  • Thorn

    Under Joris de Bres and his predecessor Gregory Fortuin, race relations in NZ have worsened. It was widely thought that Labour had learned its lesson from one-eyed Fortuin but clearly this was not the case. 

  • Hakim of phut

    Has to get it through parliament…. good luck with that

    • Guest

      Luckily Act, UF and National have a mandate then isn’t it phutwit

      • Hakim of phut

        They need UF or the Maori party to get 61 votes  Cant see them touching this with a 10 ft pole. 
        Bye bye mandate as 60 votes gets you nothing unless Peters comes on board ?

      • Euan Rt

        sounds like the sort of thing winnie might support.

      • Guest

        Agree Euan. Peters would be all over this. And Dunne knows the rules this year so I guess if it has wings it will fly.

        Never mind Phut, I know it’s tough in the land of “can’ts” but you have 3 years to adapt.

  • Apolonia

    We have a race relations commissioner who is a racist, and a chirdren’s commissioner who wants more welfare dependency

  • Exclamation Mark

    “Most New Zealanders would be hard pressed to give a single reason to retain the office.”

    Indeed.  Most New Zealanders would be hard pressed to give a fuck when it goes too.

  • David

    Give crusher women’s affairs and maybe she could dispose of that waste of money too.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I won’t just ‘like’ that I will agree. Womens Affairs is sexist.
      Just ask any feminist

  • Lindsay Addie

    What I want to know is how long has this left wing turkey been in that job and how much money has been wasted to keep paying him a salary?

  • jay cee

    given that the role of race relations commissioner seems to be little more than saying “tut-tut that wasn’t nice” i cant see much need for the office either

  • de Bres is a waste of space as he sees only one point of view

  • Rockyr

    All the Commissioners and ombudmen should be dispensed with, they simply deal with issues that a House of Representatives of 80 members historically adequately dealt with. First to disappear though should definitely be De Bres.