Another referral to Police by Electoral Commission

While all the fuss and bother was concentrating on MediaWorks it seems that TVNZ has also been referred to Police:

On 8 February 2012, the Electoral Commission referred the following matters to Police:

  • TVNZ OneNews coverage before 7pm on 26 November 2011.  It is the Electoral Commission’s view that the broadcast breached section 197(1)(g)(i) of the Electoral Act 1993 because it included statements that were likely to influence any elector as to the party for whom the elector should or should not vote.

The Police are going to have to start explaining themselves soon with all the complaints that are mounting in their in tray.


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  • Is there somewhere we (the public) can see exactly which statements broke the law? 

    • MB

      it is not about any statements that were made. the law in NZ says that a broadcaster has to make equal offers to each political party, so if you want to offer free ads for example, you need to make the same thing available to everyone. It is in place to prevent broadcasters unduly influncing people along their own political bias. So really the issue was that Radio Live (mediaworks) gave a free publicity hour to one party rather than all. They knew what they were doing was a breach and I would be surprised if anybody in broadcasting is surprised that they have been found in breach.

  • LesleyNZ

    Better add to the list the TV3 doco about Child Poverty in NZ screened a few days before the election. Such deliberate timing. Oh hang on – Electoral Commission has cleared it already.'cleared-of-law-breach' 
    Who are the faces behind the Electoral Commission? Suppose they have to justify their jobs!

  • Phar Lap

     Now we know why Liebour took the biggest electoral beating in their history,Yeah Right.Teeheehee.I think someone mentioned the “Helen Clark” word.After that it was curtains and a landslide for National.

  • Apolonia

    How come the police could act so quickly about a tape-recorder? It was the same election wasn’t  it?

  • Jimmie

    Whats the big deal about being referred to the Police? Seems like they might as well refer them to the local kindergarten the way cops tend to treat these complaints.

  • Onenine7

    Guilty .. Guilty…

    Guilty of picking a personality that could hold the publics attention for an hour

    Guilty of getting the ratings up

    Guilty of portraying the prime minister as a person

    Damn it they should burn in he’ll

    • Onenine7

      Sic…..That’s HELL people…my iPad Has an obvious Christian auto correct…..

      • Onenine7

        I though I was just being amusing… But my iPad won’t accept HELL as a correct word and auto corrects to he’ll…. Have the god botherers got hold of apple. What other subtle mind games are they playing with these fundamentalist auto corrects… Gotta go I feel a book and movie deal coming on