Another stupid name suppression

Honestly where do we get these Judges from? …this one has given a veteran sholifter with a previous record name suppression because it might hurt her career. Well boo hoo.

A Hawke’s Bay early childhood teacher has won her bid for name suppression after admitting two counts of shoplifting.

The woman appeared in Hastings District Court yesterday and successfully avoided both a conviction and the publication of her name.

Two charges of shoplifting arose from separate incidents where she stole clothing from the same Havelock North fashion store in October last year.

Defence lawyer Bill Calver said his client suffered from a mental illness at the time of the offending and argued the theft had “bizarre overtones” and was “unlike most shoplifting offending”.

On October 29 the woman walked back to the store in question to re-offend wearing the very clothing item she stole from the business on October 1, he said.

He pushed for a discharge without conviction and said the publication of her name would be “highly disadvantageous”.

“Her career would be over,” Mr Calver said.

Last year she was given police diversion for further shoplifting after stealing four handbags.

Police senior prosecutor Andy Horne opposed suppression and claimed retailers had the right to know her identity.

She has a temporary mental illness that conveniently only reoccurs when she is stealing stuff? …it’s called kleptomania.


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  • Paddles83

    So did she have the same temporary mental illness at the time of the stealing the four handbags last year, and this piece of shit is teaching our children ???? What on how to shoplift 

    • Dr Wang

      Exactly! And thanks to her, all Hawkes Bay early childhood teachers are now suspected thieves.

  • Kthxbai

    Our judiciary are a joke.

    • Angry Croc

      So are some of our teachers apparently.

  • Petal

    How about a bit of compassion while this woman tries to get on top of a problem?  Where would most of us be without second, third and fourth chances?

    • Paddles83

      In Jail 

    • Thorn

      You would be onto your fifth, sixth, and seventh crime. The only place to find any sympathy for any recidivist is in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis.

  • Grandstream

    Is this a re-run of the Marion Hobbs story from a few years ago ?

    • BUda-Pesh

      I thnk you will find that was a story about a wine bottle stealing a cabbage…oh wait, I’ve got that aorund the wrong way – A cabbage stole a bottle of wine…… 

  • James Gray

    In practice, revealing her name would result in somebody who is a bit fucked in the head but marginally productive losing her job, ending up on the dole, and probably having nothing to do (and/or her mental condition worsening) resulting in more shoplifting.

    All over what probably amounts to less than $100 of groceries.

    I don’t like it, but you have to look at the practical side here.

    • Euan Rt

      To James and Petal. I’m all for compassion, but the job will be there for her or someone else who needs it. Justice must be seen to be done and name suppression is not necessary in this case. If you do the crime then you pay the consequences. It can be argued in court whether her ‘mental illness’ is valid  or not. But even if it is so, are not her local shop owners allowed to keep an eye out for potential problems. It is not their fault and yet they stand to be possibly targeted in the future. I say name and shame. It is the shaming that is largely the deterrent, I believe.

      • Orange

         I think someone was being sarcastic

    • Callum

      That’s fine James but she is working as an early childhood teacher, what a fine example for the kids. Some jobs require higher standards.

    • Bunswalla

      Also her employers and colleagues, as well as the parents of the children she cares for 5 days a week, are entitled to know who she is and what she does when slightly depressed. These are issues of trust. However I’m guessing that everyone in Havelock North knows very well who she is and can make their own minds up about her – for that reason alone the suppression order is completely redundant.

  • oneupsman

    This person should have thought of the consequences on her career BEFORE she stole.
    There is an awful lot of this “it’s not my fault” thing going on.
    There is this guy down in Chch, fourth violation of drunk driving, and he’s blaming it on the earthquake.
     Personal responsability is becoming a under utilised concept.

    • Bunswalla

      Not to one-up you, but the guy in Christchurch is Jon Gadsby who has been named and shamed, and it was actually the judge (gawd help us) who suggested that Gadsby’s behaviour may have been influenced by stresses he was under, including the earthquakes. To his credit Gadsby saw the doctor, accepted that he was an alcoholic, and admitted himself into a rehab clinic within 7 days of being caught. He hasn’t tried to blame anyone but himself.

      Unlike Little Miss Light-fingers in Havelock North, who appears not to have sought any treatment for her “illness” over the last year or more, other than wait for new season’s stock to come in before she goes about her unlawful business.

      • Tristanb

        One thing that pissed me off about Gadsby, is that he initally tried to get the charges dropped because “delay in processing” or something.

        When someone tries to use these devious lawyer loopholes to escape conviction, is shows his contrition after the event is completely feigned. He’s a smart man and an actor – he knows to go to clinic and repent – anything to escape help his cause.

        I doubt he actually gives a flying fuck about anyone but himself.

  • Anonymous

    She still has a job, at least in part because her employers are unaware of the offending. So why – at the very least – isn’t she being made to pay full reparations?? As it is, she’s off scot-free with the collusion of the judge, and the only one who faces any direct consequences is the shopkeeper. Doreen in yesterday’s video wanted to know who’d give her a new overcoat so she could do better at shoplifting – turns out she didn’t need one, all she needed was to appear before a NZ judge.  

  • Guest

    Name and shame her – she is responsible for shaping the minds of young people – make certain she is never employed in that role again.  She is not mentally ill, she is a common thief. and until she owns that she will never change.

  • Euan Rt

    Further to my last: I’d like to know if a judge can order in the place of a conviction, that she scrubs the floors of the premises she stole from for a month with a sin saying ‘Take care the floor is wet and I am cleaning it because I stole from this store’. Now that would be fair in lieu of a conviction and it would make anyone else who had thoughts of stealing think twice. A bit like the medieval stocks but more humane.

    • Euan Rt

      sorry, should read ‘sign’

    • Pharmachick

      Agree Euan Rt,
      Since this “restorative justice” thing is making a comeback (in the newspaper columns, anyway)… how about the Shopkeeper offers to trade the $$ amount of the stolen merchandise in “kind” by having the offender work it off cleaning the shop? Kind of a win-win.

      Of course when more stock goes missing … 

    • Jbsherriff

      how about cut off a hand…that’s medieval isn’t it?

      • Euan Rt

        no that’s middle eastern

  • spike

    You have to wonder about the process people go through here to become judges. Don’t these judges understand their role…to hand down a sentence that will prevent the said crime from recurring. As for the stereotype of the sympathetic judge, i think that is one unique to PC NZ at the moment. We have to feel sorry for the offender…WTF, how is a judge qualified to show sympathy, bloody marxist influence again…the petty criminal repeat offender should have rights but the rich industrialist chinese investor should have none.

    • Tristanb

      I have no idea about how the legal fraternity works, but I have been to university.

      Most people get their degree and get a job, but there’s some people who stay, accumulating degrees and becoming “academics”. Some of these people are bright, imaginative and inventive, some are in it for the easy job, easy money and the sex with 20 year-old girls.

      I always imagine the types of lawyers who become judges are the type who can’t survive in the real lawyer world. Normally a lawyer would aim to become a partner in a successful practice and make lots of money. I imagine there’s a group of lawyers who aren’t actually very good, so just climb the “academic” ranks, ultimately to become a judge.

      They’re not successful, they tend to be suckers, so rather than run great business they gain prestige from being in a great position.

      (This is all guessing, but I imagine it to be the case.)

      • phronesis

        Sounds about right.

  • ConwayCaptain

    45 years ago I joined a ship in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the agent picked me up and we had to go into the city to get my passport stamped.  Anyway he said we will leave your case with this shopkeeper who looked a bit of a rogue.

    I said is it safe.  Oh Yes anything gets pinced he gets whipped or has a hand cut off.

    Maybe a bit of the medieval stock treatment should work.

    • Pharmachick

      Conway Capt., I know for a fact that the Kingdom of Al Sau’ud still enforces that law in much the same way. It sounds well and good, but don’t look too close at some of their other laws (e.g. stoning rape victims to death, honour killings etc) 

  • jay cee

     honestly how many early childhood teachers are there in havelock north? surely it wouldn’t have been hard to pick the one who for a time had just about a different handbag for every day of the week?

  • Anonymous

    I suppose not having your name suppressed would hurt your career as a shoplifter.

  • Apolonia

    What does she teach the kids? Songs from Oliver Twist.”you’ve got to pick a pocket or two…..”

  • Anonymous

    Whata joke. This woman should be dealt with by he Teachers Council too…but they do next to nothing.

  • bb

    facts are facts. 2 counts of shoplifting. a professional teacher and name supression to protect her employment. sounds like name suppression gone overtly p.c.. hell if a person committed a crime convicted or not technically i sure as hell wouldn’t want them looking after my chold. a crim is a crim.

  • bb

    wow mental illness looking after kids in a professional capacity to boot – redic in n.z. standards.

  • Don

    “Early childhood teacher”

    Isn’t that just a euphemism for a snot wiper?