Argentinians should stop being all sooky

The Argentinians are proving that they haven’t learned from history and that they are dumber than a sack of hammers:

Argentina has stepped up its sabre-rattling rhetoric over the Falkland Islands by accusing Britain of sending nuclear missiles to the South Atlantic.

The South American country’s foreign minister claimed that Trident nuclear missiles were being carried on board a submarine deployed to the region by the Royal Navy.

It comes as tensions continue to rise over the islands, which are claimed by the Argentinians as their territory.

The allegation was immediately rebuffed by a senior British diplomat, who also described claims by the Argentinians that military bases on the island could be used to launch attacks on South America as “absurd”.

Hector Timerman, the Argentinian foreign minister, accused the British of sending the nuclear submarine into a nuclear-free zone and lodged a formal protest at the United Nations.

He said Britain was “militarising the region” after the Royal Navy sent one of its most advanced warship to the islands, and as Prince William enters the second week of his six-week tour of duty there as an RAF search and rescue pilot.

If they are going to threaten the Falklands the Poms are going to put a lot of firepower in their way. Everyone knows the Argentinians are about as brave as the Italians and a nuclear armed sub is going to have them quivering with a mixture of outrage and fear, though mostly just fear.

The next best thing the Poms could do would be to dispatch a battalion of Ghurkas to the Falklands. There isn’t anything on earth more frightening than a Ghurka with a kukri out of its sheath.


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  • Hakimofphut

    Doesnt Argentina have a legitmate concern about a British colony on their territory. ?

    And this idea about self determination is given a cold shoulder if you swap the names from Falklands/Malvinas to Scotland

    • Thorn

      Nope, the Falkland Islanders voted in a referendum to stay as they are. The Scots get to vote in 2014 on their political future.

      • Hakimofphut

        As long as the English write the question, and run a campaign to scare older voters that Scotland  cant have what the Isle of Man all ready has.

    • Anonymous

      @d6df296d9f8286431ddef95a7b8c0b87:disqus “Doesnt Argentina have a legitmate concern about a British colony on their territory. ?”


  • ConwayCaptain

    In 1982 the UK Govt released a photo to the press in Chile, which of course found its way to Argentina, of a group of Ghurkas standing around a whet stone sharpening said kukhris.

    When an Argie battalion found that a batallion of nasty little yellow men waving curved v sharp knives were opposite them they [email protected] themselves.

    • Tom

      I was of the understanding that some argies actually surrendered when they found out the Ghurkas were involved..

  • ConwayCaptain

    at the school I went to prior to Conway I was taught by an ex Ghurka Lt Col.

    Tough bastard.  Had 3 holes in his head and his skull had been pushed down into his spine and he was blind in one eye.  He had escaped from a PoW camp in Italy and got through the German and Allied Lines.

    He was on a 90% disability pension and they had given him 3 years to live at the end of WW 2.

    He was still refeering soccer in the late 60’s and he could hurl a blackboard duster across a room with inherent accuracy.

    Need someone like him in the schools today.  A real character and the boys respected him.

  • Porteno

    And so, Argentinians are like the Italians ey? What about you macho kiwis, you have Indians pissing inside your tent and what are you doing about it ey? I would not be accjusing others of cowardice before you look inside your own den baby.

    • Guest

      Indians? ¿Estás seguro de que tiene que correcta

      • Porteno

        meant to say indigenous…thanks for that….”the so called indigenous pissing in your tent” should have read…

    • Thorn

      Insofar as both Argentina and Italy both loved Nazis, yes. As for those who incite aggression to the British in the Falklands, I say tu eres la venida que tu madre se olvido de tragar.

    • Speedy

       showing your true racist colours aye Portenito saco e gueas

      • ConwayCaptain

        Can we have a translation please????  Maybe Mrs WO could oblige

    • They used to be called the Maori battalion and they went through the best the dagos, wops, and various wog countries could throw at them like there was nothing there.

      They invented trench warfare and know a thing or two about dispatching the enemy, perhaps we might like to reconstitute them and run them through the argies.

  • Brian Smaller

    Whale – in the Falklands War the Argies actually fought quite bravely on the whole, especially seeing as they were mostly conscripts against professional soldiers, most of whom had been shot at before in NI so knew what the sound of a bullet was.  The Argie airforce attacks on the Royal navy were suicidally brave. Only the fact that they were dropping dumb bombs that were mostly crashing right through British frigates saved the RN from more serious losses than they had. I would hazard a guess that you wont find that many british veterans talking down the Argentine soldier.  The Argies worst fault was their high command – who were useless – politically and militarily.

  • Brian Smaller

    @Porteno – I jave no idea what you are referring to.

  • Guest

    Absolute nonsense from the Argentinians.

    Trident missiles have a range of 7000 nautical miles. That means the UK could in theory attack every part of Argentina with nuclear weapons from as far away as the English Channel. 

    The whole point of having nuclear missile submarines is that you can put them in a nice safe place where your enemies can’t touch them easily, and they can attack from anywhere without any hint of retaliation. It’s far more likely that UK Trident subs are sitting silently on the floor of the North Atlantic.

    The equation only changes when you need a surprise first strike capability, by having very stealthy subs creep up to the shores of an enemy nation, and can fire ballistic missiles on a depressed trajectory which is more inaccurate but can destroy capital cities (and the decision makers) without them having enough time to seek shelter or order reprisal attacks. 

    This clearly doesn’t apply to Argentina. British attack subs (nuclear powered but not nuclear armed) would be loaded up with cruise missiles with runway destroying munitions, and/or port/anti-ship capabilities. They will be patrolling the South Atlantic, in the event the Argentinians should be so stupid as to try and re-take the Falklands.

    The Argies shouldn’t flatter themselves that they are worth Trident missile targeting anyway.

    • ChrisH4

      I was going to say exactly the same thing – they need to worry about a Tomahawk strike on their air bases by a Trafalgar class SSN (or the one new Astute – not sure its Tomahawk certified yet though?) much more that they do about a Trident strike from an SSBN!!

      • Guest

        Figure 3-4 Trafalgars could be on patrol if the Brits were worried about invasion. There’s an Astute class that’s just come on stream. Another in the middle of sea trials that could, if needed, be pressed into service.

        Four, maybe 5 Tomahawk capable subs. Each carrying 14-20 Tomahawks apiece. Say 70-100 Tomahawks that they would unleash on Argentinian Naval and Airforce targets if it looked like the Argies were mobilizing.

        If they timed it as well as the Israelis did the 6 Day war, then Argentina would lose planes on the ground (including the more fragile troop haulers), troop carrying ships in the harbor, and then would have to run the gauntlet of UK subs with spearfish torps on the 500nm trip to the Falklands.

        Any Argie aircraft that was mission capable would also have to run past the RN Dauntless (UK’s most advanced anti-air missile ship), and four Eurofighter Typhoons on base at the Falklands. Figure two fighters on BARCAP duties if the shit was hitting the fan, so that would be around 8 AMRAAM missiles that Argie aircraft would have to dodge, not to mention UK Anti-Air missile batteries at Stanley and surrounding areas.

        The UK would also be in a far superior logistical position than 1982, having built an airbase at St Helena Island recently, they could more easily ferry materiel, troops etc to the Falklands.

        The Argies, to be successful would need

        – Element of surprise (not likely)
        – Air force superiority (in numbers, yes, but not in quality. What worries me is that the Argies have 8 Su-29 aircraft, which could be devastating if not for the fact they are supposedly “aerobatic” aircraft)
        – Naval superiority (against the Royal Navy, who are they kidding? However, Brits won’t have carriers with planes this time)
        – technical superiority (not a chance)
        – logistical superiority (yes, unless the Brits knockout airbases and ports early on, which is a possibility)

        If it weren’t for the fact that the Royal Navy had submarines that can project power, the Brits would be in a bit of a pickle. That the RN do, and could wreck several South American navies at once, will help the Argies realize they could not invade the Falklands unless their domestic situation is worse than the consequences of war.

      • Guest

        Eek – my bad. Su-29 is an aerobatic aircraft. I confused this with the Su-27 Flanker, which is devastating.

    • ConwayCaptain

      I doubt the RN has a sub on the floor of the N Atlantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Parts are 12000’deep.

      Maybe at depths of 1000ft sitting and listening

      • Guest

        Pedant! UK subs tend to patrol the G-I-UK zone which is much shallower than the depths of the North Atlantic where the Titanic sunk.


      • ConwayCaptain

        Yes Guest but too deep for a Nuke to sit on the bottom

  • Paulus

    Oil has been known to be there for many years.
    Strategically, close to the Falklands is the only deep water passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific used by the world’s submarines. They all require deep water, theoretically not to be spotted.

  • put it away

    I always figured they’d wait til Maggie was dead or near enough to it before they started kidding themselves they’ve got the balls to have another go.

  • Greg M

    The Poms should stop fucking around. Pre emptive strike required, couple of tomahawks up Cristina Kirchner’s arsehole should make them think again.

    • Guest

      No need to fire Tomahawks in the first instance. The Brits will have Spanish speaking SAS soldiers or MI6 officers at work in Argentina already. If there are orders to start mobilizing troops, I just wonder if there might be an unexpected fire and catastrophic explosion at a Ports fuel bunker or Air Force transport aircraft that crashes unexpectedly.

      (1) “Uh General, we lost one of our air transport planes last night, and we suffered a catastrophic fire at Port Belgrano, losing a troop transport that cooked off a lot of ordinance.”

      (2) What’s our capability Colonel for Operation Rosario Part 2?

      (1) What capability, General? 

      Even if the Brits don’t use on the ground forces to sabotage Argie military forces, they only have to declare to the world:

      “We have intercepted several transmissions by Argentinian military forces that can only point towards mobilization for an invasion of the Falklands. We have therefore taken the step of declaring the inner harbors and surrounds of argentian naval bases as “hot zones” and we have mined them accordingly. Upon confirmation that the Argentinian forces are standing down from mobilization and returning to their barracks, we will provide a map of the mine locations to the Argentinian navy.”

      • ConwayCaptain

        In 1982 the Brits had 3 x nukes sitting off the coast listening to all the Argie communications and gave the Task Force notice about incoming aircraft before they arrived.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In today’s Daily Telegraph 180bn GBP of oil so far off the Falklands.

    No wonder the Botox Baby of Argentina is getting her knickers in a twist and her tits in a tangle.

  • Trouble is though, fellas is that they have littoral-combat capable diesel subs – one of which is actually pretty handy if handled alright. While the possibility that they might get a jump on an Astute class sub are small, the thing about littoral warfare is that it is a great equalizer as far as technology goes and the bloody Argies just need to sneak in one good shot to change the game plan.

    Course if they did manage to boll a nuke, chances are that they would only succeed in bringing “the wrath” upon themselves however who wants to go there???