As predicted

As predicted the Herald’s Labour Fan-girl, Claire Trevett, has swallowed Grant Robertsons breathless “release” of documents posted 3 months ago on lap-blog The Standard.

Labour is going back to the Electoral Commission about John Key’s pre-election RadioLive show, saying the Prime Minister was more involved in it than he let on.

Labour’s deputy leader, Grant Robertson, yesterday released emails showing Mr Key had chosen and approached his own guests and his office had changed a “brief” about the show and provided the wording for RadioLive to request advice from the Electoral Commission about it.

In the emails Mr Key’s communications manager, Willy Trolove, also wrote that Electoral Commission advice had not given a definitive go-ahead for the show, but made it clear the responsibility was on the broadcaster, “which is useful”.

Mr Robertson said the emails showed Mr Key’s office was clearly nervous about a possible rule breach.

No…what the emails show is that Labour’s leaders office is still very closely linked to The Standard and they are now running stories seeded first on The Standard then feeding them to a pliable and believing media fan-club.

Mike Smith also ran a follow up post on the re-heat last night.

Is David Shearer prepared to deny the link between their lap-bloggers The Standard and the leader’s office categorically? Is chief of staff Stuart Nash?


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  • Hakim of phut

    Revenge is a dish  best served cold

    • Super_Guest

      Socialism is a dish best served a bullet.