Astonishing generosity

The family of the wee girl who was attacked in Turangi by a young thug has made an astonishing gesture of goodwill:

The European family of a 5-year-old girl raped in a Turangi campground plan to return to New Zealand – and have left a generous gesture to the community that rallied around them after the December attack.

The assault on the young girl as she was sleeping in a caravan at Club Habitat on December 21 provoked an outpouring of national shame and left her family inundated with gifts, offers of support and more than $62,000 in donations.

A 16-year-old Turangi youth has admitted raping the girl and will be sentenced in Rotorua District Court later this month.

This afternoon, the girl’s family announced they had donated $20,000 to go toward buying equipment for a new childrens’ playground in Turangi, paediatric surgical instruments and items for the Waikids Ward 26 at Waikato Hospital and support for ECPAT Child Alert NZ Ltd and Victim Support Hamilton.

“We were amazed at New Zealanders’ generosity. We in no way blame the Turangi community for what happened and so we wanted to give something tangible back,” the girls’ parents said in a statement released on their behalf by Waikato District Health Board.

“We understand they are fundraising for a new children’s playground and so we want $5000 spent on a piece of equipment that young people in Turangi can enjoy.”

The parents say it is now difficult to assess the incident’s future impact on their daughter’s life.

 Amazing forgiveness, and in stark contrast to the actions of the animal that attacked their daughter.

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  • Anonymous

    It is an amazing show of forgiveness and significantly reinstates that there is some good within mankind. May it be contagious and multiply at an alarming rate…

  • I’ve also blogged about this. I’d like the Herald article to be read to the rapist as he sits in his cell; to show him how futile his brutality was.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.
      This animal also needs to be named and shamed.

      • Anonymous

        roger that, trouble is nobody wants to get themselves in the shit breaching court suppression. Anyone breaching suppression would probably get a bigger sentence than that little cunt for rape.

        But then again, in this case I’m sure morals should override the law. Fuckin’ hate keeping secrets….

  • Anonymous

    A magnanimous gesture. Such acts describe the giant rift between educated and peaceful people and the breed of rats which seem to be more prevalent since Laybores last sojourn.


    • jay cee

      now you are falling into the trap of denying this scums responsibility for this crime.he chose to do it no one else made him.

  • Cadwallader

    Civilised decent humanity is attacked by tribalist filth but retains their dignity. Their goodwill ought be humbling to all Kiwis but it won’t be. The maori filth will not accept any responsibility but in all likelihood blame those colonising whiteys. It just goes on and on.


      Sadly it will continue until someone says enough,and a govt grows the balls to stop pandering to what can only be discribed as shit.There are bad apples in all races,but for some reason the percentage seems higher in this race.And it has nothing to do with pakeha,colonising,or whatever the lastest reason they have found to blame.Shit is shit.

      • Troy

        Would be even better if tribal leaders got off their asses and dealt to this trash kind of behaviour – not likely tho – it’s not really within that culture.  Gutless, cowardly and devoid of responsibility sums up some tribal leaders.

  • How much shit do you get in breaching name suppression if you’re not in New Zealand? Just askin? Theoretically like. I too blogged on this mostly about the length of time for the case to be processed – the one comment I got was some rubbish about due process. 

    • Anonymous

      good point Monique, give me an answer before I go to the gold coast next week!

    • Around a $1000 fine plus legal expenses….I know I coughed 8 of those

  • Anonymous

    It always amazes me how generous people can be.  I imagine most people in their position would have a very negative view of NZ considering what they have been through.  For them to do this and not to have tarred all of New Zealand with the same brush as the scumbag who hurt their daughter in such an abominable way (he is nothing but a savage animal who needs put down) shows that good people can far out way those who are evil.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys it took me all of 2 minutes to find out the scumbags name.  

    • Anonymous

      already know, but that’s beside the point. It’s one thing to actively seek and find out, but it’s another to publicise it.

      • Anonymous

         I know what mean but really in today’s world as it has been proved so many times, name suppression is a joke. The real point is if a person is determined to find out a name of some scumbag then it’s easily enough to find it out.  It is about time the courts realised this and in their deliberation regarding name suppression. they started taking into account how easily this information is available on the net and in reality it is already publicised.  The courts just need to catch up with the modern world


      has his family got name suppresion

      • Anonymous

        I would think the orders covered them too, anything related to his identification I’d assume, but don’t quote me on that.


        Guess they would have to hide the whole rotton lot of them.

      • Anonymous

        from what i have seen  online i think they they would have.  I believe the rapist’s father has a similar  if not the same name, but then again you can’t always believe what you read on the net

  • Roflcopter

    It’s a staggering gesture, but she SHOULD blame New Zealand.

    We, as a nation, have allowed left-wing ideology of “wasn’t my fault”, “being a bludger is ok” and sympathy for those that perpetuate crimes on the innocent, to pervade society to the point where all semblance of personal responsibility has all but disappeared.

    It is our fault we continue to bow to the whinings of so-called do-gooders, and we continue to slide into the abyss.

  • Anonymous

    Stark contrasts in the humanity shown by the victims in this case and the perpetrator.
    Time for some new precedents for our judiciary to operate by. The current ones they refer to are out of date, out of touch and have done nothing other than put society at continual risk.

  • Caleb

    what ever, should be a 20k bounty to take him out in prison..

    • Anonymous

      I think you’ll find that there are plenty who would gladly do it free of charge

    • Anonymous

       Agreed. I’m guessing that he will last approximately 10 seconds in prison before someone nails him.
      Probably with a chisel “conveniently” left in the open by a guard just before the scumbag arrives.


     They will do it for free if he ever gets to general population.Guess this scumbag will become super seg,and have no contact with others.

  • Tom

    I’m stunned. There aren’t enough people of that calibre in the world today IMO. *applauds*

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The person who knows the name of this shitbag is the JUDGE
    Shame on you for doing this Judge who can not be named?
    Fucking punch and judy show

    •  The Judge’s hands are tied Steve, until such time as the rapist is sentenced in the District Court. Name supression is automatic in Youth Court.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see the family of this POS suffer as well.
    They are the ones who bred this POS, and Turangi folks say that the family is a real ratbag family.
    Someone should take out the whole “nest”.  

    •  All will be revealed when the scrote gets sentenced Thor

    • Anonymous

      Indeed thor42, as I’ve learnt in the past when dealing wih rats, there’s no point in dealing to one of them, you need to eradicate the fuckin’ lot to make a difference.

  • EX Navy Greg

    It has taken me two hours to respond to this post.
    I have been completely gobsmacked, and humbled by the sheer quality of these tourists.

    One good family has stood up to absolute horror, and filth, and they have won.


      There would be not many in this world who would have done ,what they have done.And what a great place it would be if there were more.Guess we have had the bar set,and it is up to us all to raise up to meet it.

      • Anonymous

        we can only meet that bat when all the scumbags are eradicated.  I am not a believer in capital punishment but when you hear of cases like this one then that believe is sorely tested.

    • jay cee

      same here, i hope that this family can see the out pouring of support and good wishes and are buoyed by it through the rest of their lives, i’m truly humbled by their attitude.

  • Brian Smaller

    The trouble is, the guy who attacked that child DOES reflect on the Turangi community. It is a place riddled with gang life.  They have no respect for people or property and know nothing of human dignity and the real meaning of the word respect.. The parents of that wee girl are good people – if only we had more of them.