Australia’s new Rifle

Australia has announced what the new Army rifle is going to be. Presumably it will flow thorough into our armories.

After a few failed attempts, the Australian Army has finally decided on their next-gen rifle. They will be upgrading their Austeyr F88 (Australia’s Steyr AUG variant) to make is more modular, ambidextrous, lighter and easier to accessorize. New ammunition (presumably a modern 5.56mm load), an underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher and electronic control system will be developed alongside the rifle. The upgrade will be done by Thales Australia.

image 001 tm tfb Australias next gen rifle, the  EF 88 photo
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  • George

    Pity it doesn’t come in 7.62mm

    • Cobolt

       Being an infantry weapon the smaller caliber is better. 7.62mms tend to kill their target too often. The best effect is to wound rather than kill that way you have more of his mates tied up looking after him and getting him out rather than fighting you.

      • UAVMan


      • Joes

        Actually UAVMan, Cobolt is right.

      • honcho

        No Cobalt and Joes, the reason 5.56 Nato is used, is because its significantly lighter then 7.62.
        A side effect of its size is the ability to carry more rounds of ammunition, both in magazine capacity and on the soldiers person.

        Soldiers shoot to kill.

        Geneva convention prevents shooting to injure, and duty of care would mean caring for surrendered enemy soldiers wounds.

      • Guest

         Haha, been playing too much COD by the looks of it. Soldiers want to stop the enemy attacking them, the best way is to KILL the enemy not annoy them or have them lay down with a leg wound.

      • UAVMan

        In an ambush in South Vietnam the guys that got hit by 5.56 still shot back.  The VC hit buy an 7.62 hit got lifted out of the sampan and into the river.  – Very clear info from one of my instructors.     Later on I saw that he was correct.  A guy we shot kept walking for hours.  SS109 version of 5.56 has the oomf of 7.62 for a small part of its trajectory but  If you are going to reach out and stop someone the bigger the better. Whats the point in carrying two first lines of 5.56 (200) when all you are going to do is bust caps boring holes in the sky.  100 round of 7.62 far more effective.  Whats more critical here is culture of aimed shots vs spray and pray.  From what I have seen US troops in particular have improved in their fire discipline and they would be far more potent as a fighting force at 7.62.
        Your statement that smaller the better shows you have no idea what the infantry actually need.

    • Thorn

      Battlefield lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan suggest the 5.56 lacks the legs and the necessary clout at middle distances. Beyond 200m, very little beats the 7.62 for cover-busting and goblin tickling. 

  • Billoby

    This will no doubt be as big a pile of poo as the original Steyrs. Goddam they were flimsy pieces of badly made crap. Never buy Aussie military gear. Ever. It’s kind of a smart rule to follow.

    • honcho

      Doubt we will be getting this one bill, Defence force is broke and cripple.

      Current trends in defence procurement point towards us inviting the opportunity to obtain australias surplus F88’s at far to high of a price (anything about recycling value)

    • mps

      Concur – I hope we don’t get sucked in again and its still got the Steyr non NATO standard magazine that don’t fit into anything else and bulky. f-off the australian crap go with the Canadians 

  • Duncan

    Does it have a fly swatter attachment?

  • Spiker

    Aussies will be hoping there’s room for a beer bottle opener on the rails..

  • thor42

    WO, I’d be interested to see your comments on this.
    If our army were to get new rifles, what do you think they should get? 

  • Damongos

    well I think the 5.56 comment is at best stupid… if you are shooting at someone… you are actually trying to kill them,… if the wounding thing worked we would fight with high powered nerf guns,… and the usa might have won veitnam.

  • Simo

    Wheres 7.62mm? ‘ucking awesome round – 5.56mm is a poodle shooter but deadly in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, pity sod all do in the military

    • honcho

      Is that so?

    • Pukakidon

       Your an expert are you Simo……..   I dont think so your talking out of your arse.

    • mps

      bet you’ve never carried any thing further than from the boot of your car to a nice flat rifle range 50m away on a sunny day – or maybe your expertise lies in playstation  

  • IF, and it is a big if we were going to replace the AUG’s it would make sense to get a mix of HK416 and HK417 rifles IMHO.

    416’s for the line grunts and 417’s as a DMR at the squad level.

  • Engineer

    no comments about the 40mm grenade?

  • Osiris

    The next upgrade is to put tracks on it and call it a tank .

  • Michael

    After 200m it largely comes down to the skill of the soldiers. We could debate Steyr’s compatibility with allies’ weapons systems but at the end of the day a firefight isn’t going to be lost because the Steyr ‘plastic’. It’s lighter, easy to maintain, and 5.56mm is light so you can carry more.

  • Boss Hogg

    I am just glad I did my training a long time ago and only ever had to look down the barrel through the sights and never ran the risk of been shot at!! 

    I am also glad that one of our weapons training NCO’s was an ex Army WO that transfered to the Air Force (BWO) as a soft landing before retirement.  You just wanted to call him “SIR” and he could spot that you needed a hair cut from 800 m away.

    Always enjoyed the old SLR 7.62mm and still have one.

  • Shaun McC

    The steyr aug is available in 7.62. I found the steyr to be a good reliable weapon in 5.56 but would prefer it in 7,62

    • honcho

      I found the current issue australian manufactured steyr to be a piece of shit.

      Has significant issues with double feeding and poorly ejecting spent casings. The magazines have so much flex that if it is filled to recommended max capacity then there is good chance it will not even fit the rifle.

      Not to mention design issues such as the tiny fixed 1.5X sight.

      • Shaun McC

        The austrian made rifle was prefered by competion shooters. I dont recall any problems with the mags when i served as long as the weapon was maintained properly. double feeds were common with blank ammo but that is not unusual and is good for your IA drills. Bad feeding with ball ammo was normally due to too much oil on the working parts, allthough there was a problem some batches of m193 all the ss109 that I used was extremely reliable. The scope is adaquate for shooting huns heads at 400m and is very quick to alline in close country.

  • Dolph

    As a member of the Swedish national guard and a regular user of 7.62 I must say I wouldn’t want to swap our AK4B for any 5.56 rifle (AK4B is an upgraded H&K G3: )

    I admit it’s heavy and a little slow when acquiring moving targets but the penetrating power of the heavier slug is a must in a forest or urban environment. Anything hiding behind a tree or a wall is guaranteed to get even worse wounds from shrapnel. 

    • Dolph

      Borrowed picture for reference…