Best comment on Rudd

This comment by Ronnie Johns Chopper best sums up my feelings on Kevin Rudd’s bottled coup attempt:

By all accounts Kevin Rudd has bottled his coup attempt and appear to not have the numbers. Then again neither did Don Brash…twice.


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  • Whafe

    Can always rely on Chopper for good comment…… ;)

  • Cobolt

    Perfect comment but I think it reflects Gillards’ mistake of not setting him on back bench and starving him of media attention.
    Rudd is trying to do a Lazarus.

  • Cobolt

    So what is the correct term for Rudd at the moment? Political Zombie? Dead but refuses to lie down?

    • Grandstream

      Correct term – Winston Peters !

  • Hakim of phut

    Brash ,( on the second time) had his master conspirator working for him …. oops the national party   . Simon Lusk

  • Kiwidon

    Have no time for Rudd or Gillard and their ilk!
    However, I am looking forward to the blood letting over the next few days!