Blood and Guts, Ctd

The awesome leadership struggle in the ALP is coming to a rather fast head:

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has announced his resignation at a press conference in Washington DC at 1.20am local time, 5.20pm AEDT.

Mr Rudd said he believed he no longer had the support of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and had no option but to resign.

“I cannot continue to serve as foreign minister if I do not have the Prime Minister’s support and so I have decided to do the honourable thing and the honourable thing is to resign.”

He said the reign of “faceless men” and their iron grip on the control of the Labor leadership must end.

He called the leadership brawl a “soap opera” and said he would not have “anything to do with it”.

Mr Rudd said the “ongoing saga” was damaging the business community and “my good friend Anna Bligh” who is contesting the Queensland election.

“I feel very uncomfortable doing this from Washington rather than in Australia but I don’t feel I have a choice,” Mr Rudd said.

He called a press conference for 1:30am in Washington…he has resigned so he can get on the next available plane and run the numbers over the weekend. If he had stayed away until Sunday as planned then that posed all sorts of trouble for Tuesday’s caucus.

There is blood in the water now.



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  • thor42

    Ahhh… Anna Bligh!  Not surprisingly, she’s a descendant of William Bligh, who as well as being the captain of the Bounty was the 4th Governor of New South Wales. 
    I think it’s **great** that such a famous name is being carried on today.   

  • Allan

    Australian Politics is a kindy garden soap opera at present.  To think that those involved are meant to be running one of the major countries of the Western world is rather scary actually.  Children in a sandpit behaviour springs to mind at this stage.  The mind boggles.

  • @BoJangles

    Mutiny within the ALP is not new …… but de rigeur . Cant wait to watch the blood letting next week. The Independants will be shitting themselves.

  • motorizer

    gee wow. never saw THIS coming…. (not).

    I’m just amazed that there’s a Labor politician with a back bone. (being K.Rudd)

  • Ratchet

    I read an Aussie forum, and the general consensus there seemed to be that Krudd resigned before Gillard had a chance to fire him so he could hold the high ground (high? where?) and sit back and plot on the back benches for a while. Seems that the target is firmly stapled on Gillard’s back, and Kev is selecting knives….

    • Argon

      At least Rudd is stabbing her in the front not the back.