Blood and Guts, Ctd

The battle is on. Kevin Rudd has declared war and Gillard’s video leak has backfired. Most people have reacted quite differently from how Gillard’s team might have predicted it. His response wasn’t contrived or fake, it was real and resonates. Quite the contrast between Rudd and Mallard here.

Off the back of that he has declared the war is on and started the campaign to return as leader of the ALP and to the Prime Ministership.

THE Labor leadership challenge is now on.

The only question is whether there will be a formal ballot when parliament resumes in a week’s time or whether Labor limps into March with its leadership unresolved.

Kevin Rudd, in response to the damaging leak of an expletive-ridden video of him when he was prime minister, has publicly disclosed his intentions, with declarations of having learned from his mistakes and wanting to get the government’s message back on to the economy.

Giving what was literally a five minutes to midnight interview to Sky News, Rudd formalised and unveiled a campaign to return to the leadership that has been underway for months.

The release of the damning video and Rudd’s response gives his campaign even more momentum amid an atmosphere of dirty tricks, ministers desperately trying to frighten backbenchers about Rudd’s personality, and the possibility of an early election.

But too much of the Gillard camp’s response is coming too late, there has been too much denial about Rudd’s intentions, and a false confidence that Labor MPs and voters would not accept Rudd as prime minister again.

Rudd’s campaign has gathered huge momentum in the last two weeks and the belated tactics from the Gillard camp to shore up support or demand Rudd “put up or shut up” have failed.

The situation is now flipped and the incumbent prime minister is in the position of seeking support ahead of a ballot.

Rudd has effectively put up. This week promises to be all sorts of awesome politically and non of it will be playing here in New Zealand.


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  • coge

    Julia Gillard is an awful PM. She speaks in focus group determined catch phrases. How patronizing to the Australian public.

  • Chiefsfan73

    It’s game on.  They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t change leader.  So much fun watching Lefties turning their nastiness on themselves.  Both Rudd and Gillard have been typical leftie PM’s spending taxpayers money like it were their own.  I think the only reason Aussies want Rudd back, is they are still miffed that they were denied to the chance to vote his backside to the curb.

  • The only winner is Tony Abbott. Next Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia. Not a question of “if”, but a question of whether it will be before November 2013. 

  • TCrwdb

    The joke is that Julia Gillard’s leadership is no longer tenable, but Kevin Rudd’s credibility is shot to hell and he doesn’t have the numbers, and there is NO viable alternative for Labor, lol

  • Greg M

    I would still quite like to shag her, possibly up the wrong ‘un just to piss her off : )

  • AnonWgtn

    Bill Shorten is waiting – Rudd is a goner too, like Gillard.
    Needs a strong Union leader to take over – eh, like Bill