Botulism kills more birds than Rena

Remember all the fuss over the 1000 birds that died from the oil spill as a result of the MV Rena running aground?

Check out the liars at Greenpeace, they still claim that:

The Rena has left a real mark on our national consciousness. It also left a very real mark on the Bay of Plenty coast. The Bird Recovery Centre estimates that so far up to 20,000 birds have been killed by the Rena’s fuel oil. The death toll amongst other wildlife, like whales, seals and fish, will likely never be known. Fishing and dive tour operators have been hit hard by the accident – the Rena hit one of the Bay’s best diving spots.

Maritime New Zealand has the real numbers not the lies of Greenpeace:

A total of 2118 dead birds were found in the six weeks after the Rena grounded in October and spilt an estimated 350 tonnes of oil. Two thirds of these dead birds (about 1400) were oiled. Of these, nearly 1000 had oil over more than 50 percent of their bodies.

But things are way worse for the poor birds of New Zealand and it isn’t from oil from the MV Rena.

A suspected avian botulism outbreak in Christchurch’s wetlands has killed more than 4000 birds, taking the death toll to above that from the Rena oil spill.

Increased sewage levels in the Bromley oxidation ponds, the Avon-Heathcote Estuary and the eastern wetlands caused by the earthquake may be responsible for the outbreak, according to a conservation officer.

In an email obtained by The Press, council ornithologist Andrew Crossland told council staff and conservation organisations that more than 10 per cent of the area’s population had died due to the outbreak.

The email, which used figures from December 20 last year, said that 3877 dead birds had been collected in the area.

The worst-affected species were the paradise shelduck, which lost more than 85 per cent of its population (1415 birds), the mallard/grey duck (49 per cent, or 385 birds), and the grey teal duck (13 per cent, or 495 birds).

The deaths meant there would be a “substantial decrease in numbers” in Avon-Heathcote and Bromley, as well as at “source areas and migration/dispersal destinations”.

Several other significant species, including the scaup, shoveler and royal spoonbill, had also been suffered losses, “but not at levels that the population can’t recover from in one to three years”.

Perhaps Lucy Lawless and the rest of her lying Greenpeace cohorts might like to climb down off the ship they are currently illegally occupying and haul their arses to Christchurch to save Ducks from botulism.


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  • Boss Hogg

    When Lucy Lawless first tripped over some money in the 90’s she went and bought a new V12 6 litre Merc Coupe – very green indeed.  I think she now drives the second most polution producing machine – a Toyota Pious.

  • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

    Send Trevor down that way. 49% of mallards are hit.

  • dad4justice

    I don’t what’s dying faster the fish or the birds here in Cantabquakeville?
    Only a retard would eat the shit.

    • Guest

      Only thing dying faster in Christchurch is Labour.

  • motorizer

    why should greenpeace and the green partys be allowed to have this title “green”? it is the biggest con. why the hell should they be allowed to be named after a colour? you cant get away from “green”. to be quite honest it puts me off kemit the frog and makes me prefer red cabage.

    but seriously. any one who either votes green or suports greenpeace obviously is naive.

  • ConwayCaptain

    More oil comes into the environmemt from natutral leakage than from oil spills from drilling or vessels.

    The oil and marine industries have really cleaned up their act over the last 30-40 years.

    I am fed up with these STAR experts, Lucy Lawless, Keisha Castle Highes, Sean Penn coming out and spouting what the have been told by Greenpeace, WWF etc.  Not only them but the likes of Charlie Windsor who has been telling us the world will end in 10 years etc.

    At least ole Phil the Greek has said what hje thinks of Tree Huggers

  • ConwayCaptain

    What I would like to see is the vessel put to sea with LL and Co up the derrick and the vessel beam on to the swell.  They would be spewing their ring out within a few mins.

    Unfortunately this cant happen as the ship cannot legally sail with these people on board as they are stowaways.  When the ship got to the next port there would be all sorts of hoo haa with people with no passports, havent cleared customs and immigration at the departure port etc etc..

    • thor42

      Heh…. sounds good! 
      Do you miss being at sea, CC? Your love of the sea really comes across in your posts, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you missed it a bit.

      • ConwayCaptain


        When I was at sea you knew who your officers were as you had sailed with many before, you knew that they knew their job and you worked for a co that kept their ships well maintained.

        Now, the crews are from anywhere with so called ‘qualifications’ so you dont know what they are like.  The ships in many cases are run by ‘managers’ so you dont know who you work for.  There is so  much paperwork that the ship can be held up for a slip of the pen’.
        In many countries especially the US you arent allowed ashore and the ships are in and out so fast that there is hardly time anyway.

        The ships are all box boats or bulkers so there is n fun in working out the stowage plans and with GPS many of the so called deck officers wouldnt have a clue how to navigate using a sextant.

        No I dont miss it because of the above but if you knew who you were sailing with and there was the cameraderie that there was when working for a good company yes.

      • Greg M

         Very good comment Captain, and I agree.
        (CPO) Greg.

    • Euan Rt

      The police launch could pick them up 10 miles out.

      • mister nui

        Fuck off, that would require the use of more taxpayers money. Let greenpeace pick the cunts up.

        I do like the thought of them being stuck up the derrick with the vessel beam on in a big sea.

    • Greg M

       Captain, I fully agree, also I would suggest the crew has a fire drill at the same time, all pumps running,  and give the hippies a wash.

    • Pokerface

      A quick “wheelie” around the bay will do the trick for a bunch of landlubbers!

    • peterwn

      Some protesters climbed the Mt Kau Kau TV mast years ago. They took up wire cutters to try and cut antenna cables only to find they were much larger than a TV set aerial lead. The cops just waited and let the wind blow – it is pretty mean up there – they soon came down.

    • 3FingersMcGee

      I call strip search.

  • thor42

    I couldn’t give a toss about the oiled birds. They’re all of species that are as common as sparrows anyway. Complete waste of time and effort trying to save them.
    The same goes for those stupid pilot whales that beach themselves all the time. Shoot them as soon as they arrive on the beach.

    • Greg M

       Correct Thor, My contact says the clever birds / fish are doing very well off the rotting food, maggots etc washing overboard from Rena, while the stupid ones swim around in the oily water. Natural selection in progress.
      apparently row 5F had a few 20 foot reefers full of “Mrs Macs” maggot packs, it appears they lived up to their name.
      Leaving her there is probably not an option, several thousand tonnes of oxidizing steel will affect the ecosystem. Also it sends a message to operators that if they fuck it up, they are responsible for the cleanup.
      Has anyone tried lighting an oiled bird?
      It may be barbecued, feathered and skinned in one go at very little cost. Maybe Shearer could send them to Somalia and save another 50 million lives. Heh!

  • ChrisP

    You know, Greenpeace is disturbingly close to Scientology in its methods…..prowl, lie, manipulate, get “famous stars” on side, lie some more, act superior and then indoctrinate the young.

    Scary stuff. 

    • Peter Wilson

      Interesting comment. I’ve always thought the extremes of politics were very much akin to religious movements, where those that speak out against them are viewed as non-believers.

      Also, they are cowards of the worst kind, always sitting outside government, chipping in from the outside, knowing they can take credit for anything they get through, but not having to take the flak for unpopular decisions. That’s why I give credit to the Maori Party, being prepared to take the tough decisions as part of the government.

  • Mully

    Where’s Garetj Hughes whinging about this? Outrageous…

  • TJ

    I wonder if Lawless will be able to travel to the US after she is presumably charged with breaking and entering and resisting arrest…

    • ConwayCaptain

      Interesting Thought!!!!!

      • TJ

        Mmm, could be the end of an acting career…?

  • Mong

    Film Actors Guild – FAGs

    i crack a major boner for LL, but she is off the wank list now!

  • tspoon

    The management of the ship should merely install a cellphone jammer on the top of the mast. They’d starve of attention in mere hours. 

  • parorchestia

    In addition to the other meanings my ancient OED gives the following meanings of the word “green”:
       hoax, take in.  
    I guess this is as in the expression “You are green (=inexperienced or foolish) in believing that.  Seems apt?Also, radiation of the green wavelength is not able to be used by plants in photosynthesis – it useless.  In fact one theory holds that it is toxic to plants, which is why they are green – it is not absorbed. 

    So, the Greens are naive,  poisonous and useless.

    Some of them have nice tits, though.