Brown: “We cannot tamper in the management of the Port”

Phil Twyford attempted to put some pressure on Len Brown today over the Ports of Auckland dispute. At the same time he confirmed that Labour is saying one thing out of one side of their mouth and doing another with their now overt support of their affiliate union. Twyford also confirmed that David Shearer was lending support to the union down at the picket line.

Unfortunately for Phil Twyford it seems Len Brown is better advised, not surprising given that the competent Conor Roberts and James Bews-Hair assist him. Len Brown has been schooled up on the relevant legislation affecting the Port compnay and explains it very well this morning on 95bFM and just so we are under no illusion as to what he means he also updated his Facebook with the link.


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  • Seems Twyford is just as inept as the rest of the said party he belongs to.

    For starters Tywford you are gunning for the wrong person over the 12% ROI – try Cllr Mike Lee and his “stripping” of POAL to get “special” dividends for his transport projects since 2005 and still going on now most likely to fund the CRL!!!

    Also nice way to attack one of your own on the way out with MUNZ support slipping?

    Dear oh dear Labour

    • kayaker


  • Steve (North Shore)

    What a load of crap Len. The Council and Ratepayers as owners can not tell the Managers what to do?

    Tell you what Len, the Ratepayers will be telling you and your cronies what to do come next Election. Let’s see you spin the reasons for your loss then.
    Married to the Union – Labour always will be

  • Phar Lap

    To think that the cotton picking useless Dormouse Shearer is aiding and abetting the wharfie economy destroyers.Seems he learnt nothing from past NZ industrial chaos.As a token of good faith to show he is genuine, he should give his taxpayer funded income of $250K per annum to the save the wharfies strike support fund.Fat chance.