Busting Union lies

The Maritime Union has conducted themselves in an appalling fashion during their dispute with Ports of Auckland. They have basically lied from start to finish. It has only be through the efforts of bloggers than many of their lies have been revealed. Cactus Kate scotched the notion that they were poorly paid hard done by manual labourers, and the Ports of Auckland had the figures independently audited. It was Cactus Kate who also called them out for being sexist and racist.

The Maritime Union through their proxies in the Labour party and the CTU started an “information campaign a couple of weeks ago…now the Ports of Auckland has responded to the claims made in those documents and upped the ante on the Maritime Union by also filing “an application with the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) to rule on what it considers is a serious and calculated breach of good faith in the Maritime Union’s current publicity campaign.”

I wonder if Garry Parsloe and his union pals will now call off their all expenses paid trip to Sydney to attend the ERA sitting or will they cry off that until a time better suited to them?

Here is the POAL rebuttal document which arrived via my tipline a short while ago. As you will see the Union isn’t blessed with truthfulness.

POAL -Union-Misinformation 21 Feb


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep – typical Union (and Labour Party) throwing around all manner of misinformation and populist rhetoric – all only a brief shadow of some truthful aspects – kinda like the Labour Party’s “List of Facts” they released last election…

    Mind you NZ – what else can we expect when their exhalted previous leader – Comrad Clark led with such prime examples of leadership such as speedgate, paintergate, pledge cards, the list goes on… 

    MUNZ should be taken to the High Court and tried for Treason against NZ, Auckland business’s and their employers – as well as telling more deliberate lies and propaganda than the Syrian President!

    Do they have no shame at all??

    • jay cee

      speedgate = spiteful cow cockies missus making a mountain out of a mole hill. go to any other country in the world and the head of state can be seen travelling in a speeding motorcade.

      paintergate= trying to help a fundraiser one of hundreds she was approached about.
      had support from other “celebrities” who have done variations of the same thing e.g.
      going into a cookbook and writing up the first recipe you come across as your favourite.

      pledge cards = all good, nuff said.

      • Doug_S

        Labour Party voted out twice in a row, nuff said!!

  • joe bloggs

    Mission Control – T minus ten seconds before the Bobsey Twins – Rubber Cosh and Hoik’em Pttuiiii – come riding into town with misinformation, diversion, and disparaging comments at the ready…


    …eight… (Geez starting to sound like Phool now)…


  • Vlad

    This is a side-dish to the main meal here, but I have been astonished by the lazy and inept reporting of this important story by the Herald, other newspapers and both TV networks.  The blogs, particularly Cactus Kate and WO, have uncovered useful information that has been essential to rational discussion of this issue.  Doesn’t matter what side you are on either. 

    • joe bloggs

      so true – it’ll be a cold day in hell before the MSM are as effective at myth-busting as Cam and Cactus

  • Hakim of phut

    Just noted in my diary for tomorrow: after my carbon neutral brunch I will whip up  some sandwiches with bread made from ancient grains and hop in the Prius  and drop off for the boys on the MUNZ picket line

    • Euan Rt

      You do know smoking that stuff is not good for you eh phut?

    • joe bloggs

      you’re late…

    • Super_Guest

      Clearly your time is worthless then, phut. Shame you have nothing better to do than wag work with a bunch of union hacks.

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    It is very noticeable now that those who regularly rail on here against corporations, the National government and all things commercial are now falling silent on this.

  • Timandtim

    WO and cactus Kate have been awesome. Have you seen the work done byOWL too. This whole thing is a sham. I hope MUNZ loses and POAL gets sold…talk about destroying a good asset. Gary Parsloe you still need to front about your directorships. The rate payers have something up their sleeve. Word has it their is a high court injunction being considered by some ratepayers on the grounds that neither party are acting in the best interest and council arent either. Only rumor

  • Ratchet

    My theory is that POAL don’t want to end the strikes. If they can cover the work with contracted labour, all they need to do is poke MUNZ every now and then to provoke a strike, see the union members starve a little more until they start resigning or breaking from the union to take individual contracts. That way they can save themselves having to cough huge redundancy payouts by canning all the workers, they get workers under the agreement that works with the port, and the only people to blame for all the out of work unionists is MUNZ!

    I know this sounds a bit like a leftie conspiracy theory, but if it’s true it is really a stroke of genius on the part of the port – get they labour model they want without having to pay out the redundancies of the strikers! 

  • Guest

    Garry Parsloe has been advertising on ZB through the night for support.