But will she run for office?

Robyn Malcolm has the courage to get her kit off for a photo but it seems she is too chicken to stand for office, instead continuing to play the spokesperson from F.A.G.:

Outrageous Fortune star turned environmentalist Robyn Malcolm has bared all for a magazine spread on body image and has revealed she suffered from an eating disorder as a young woman.

The grinning and gorgeous Malcolm, better known as rough and ready Westie Cheryl West, is the cover girl on this month’s Next magazine.

Next surveyed 1500 Kiwi women on body image and used pictures of Malcolm, Shortland Street’s Amanda Billing and TV regular Sonia Gray to accompany the feature.

Malcolm, 46, tells the magazine that being comfortable naked has got easier with age, “because according to those people who make the rules I am apparently past my physical prime”.

She says growing older has been “liberating” and has allowed her to shrug off her body image concerns.

“There’s no longer the pressure to try to be ‘perfect’ because it’s clear that that’s just plain impossible.”

So has being on screen.

“Being on stage or screen and having to expose some ugly or raw part of yourself because the character in the story requires it is far more challenging than letting someone see a bit of cellulite or a nipple,” she told Next.


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  • Elaycee

    Fancy describing the dopey bint as a ‘star’ rather than the second rate actor she really is.

    Indeed, the use of the term ‘gorgeous’ suggests her own PR team penned this rather than someone interested in reporting fact. She is simply an aged, wrinkly, tired, huckery old hippie.

    I feel sympathy for ‘Next’ magazine – with Malcolm on the cover, sales will plummet to a nadir. 

    Malcolm should have remained as the centrefold for Turf  Digest. Just over the page from Bonecrusher and Cardigan Bay.   

    • Rockyr

      I think Comrade Jacinda has the turf digest all wrapped up.

  • phronesis

    Damn, will have to wear a blindfold to the supermarket now. Wonder if the Gov’t will pay for a seeing assistant for me…

  • Kthxbai6

    You’ve got to admire her choice of publicist though, and her willingness to do anything, no matter how embarrassing, to keep her name in the news.

  • Hank Dutton

    media whore is, media whore does.

  • excuse me

    Another vacuous “celebrity” holding a dumb populace in a trance. It make you wonder sometimes whether our kind of “civilised” society can concentrate for 10 minutes on anything of substance or importance. 

  • mps

    really this is pretty petty – I don’t agree, as in totally disagree, with her politics but she’s a good looking woman and its a womans magazine so no big deal

    • Greg M

       Good looking are you serious?
      Her arse is wider than a 1952 school bus.

  • Bob

    Have seen the issue, and thank god she doesn’t in fact bare all, only some. The other TV totty used was well worth a peek however.

  • Mandybee74

    Amanda had an affair with BenMitchell over a period of three years even whilst Ben’s girlfriend was pregnant with both of their baby girls. She is a lonely old homewrecker and he is an immature narcissist. They are actually a perfect suit. The girlfriend should have gone to the media about the two of them and probably would have if there were not children involved.